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How To Program Dish Network Remote Step By Step Guidelines

How To Program Dish Network Remote? – Easy Guide Updated 2021

If you’re among those asking, how do I program my Dish Network remote, this write-up has the answers to your question.

This is because we’ve researched this, hence are in a better position to offer assistance.

Programming your Dish remote

To program your Dish remote, you can adopt two methods but that will depend on the model of remote you’re using.

But the process which we’re going to be discussing below can be used on models 40.0, 50.0, 52.0, 54.0, and the Dish voice remote.

These are the most common model. But that does not mean that the steps cannot work if you make use of the 20 or 21 series.

Steps to program new Dish remote

  1. On the remote, press the home button two times. For those using model 40.0, press the menu button because it does not have a menu button.
  2. From the on-screen menu, choose Settings >>> then remote control.
  3. From the screen, tap on the device you intend to pair.
  4. From the same menu, select the pairing wizard option. The importance of using the wizard is that you’ll be guided throughout the process.
  5. Carefully navigate the on-screen menu until you find the exact brand of the TV or another device you want to pair. Choosing the correct brand is very necessary because the pairing wizard guides you based on the pairing codes of the brand. As you know, the brands differ from one another.
  6. ​​​​​​​With the assistance of the pairing wizard, different codes of devices will be tested until a pair is found. At each stage, ensure you follow the instructions on the screen to test each code. For the majority of the devices, you simply need to press the power or the volume buttons on the Dish remote. Always check the reaction at each stage. Once the code works without any hitches, tap on the finish. But when it doesn’t, select try again and follow the steps to repeat the entire process.

Note: Endeavor to thoroughly test the remote. Even when the pairing didn’t experience any hitches, it’s possible that some functions will not work as you’ve expected.

This can be often seen in a situation where the remote has numerous specialized features.

This is why you need to properly test it so you won’t be disappointed especially in the middle of an interesting game

Steps to program older Dish Network remote

The procedure to follow is a bit different for those making use of an older remote control from the 20 or 21 series. It’s referred to as a power scan.

This procedure is unique because it continues to unleash codes until it finds the one that matches the model.

For the power scan, use the procedure below;

  1. Position your remote directly at the device you intend to pair.
  2. On the Dish remote, look for the button that matches the device you want to pair. When seen, press and hold the button (DVD, TV, or AUX). Be patient for about 10 seconds until all the four-mode buttons successfully light up. Release the button you’re holding down once you notice it has started blinking.
  3. On the Dish remote, press & immediately release the Power button. The mode button will stabilize and become solid. By implication, the remote is now ready to be programmed.
  4. Tap on the Up directional button. This will send the first code.
  5. Every few seconds, keep tapping the Up until the device finally turns off. If it turns off, it’s an indication the code you got is the right one.
  6. Press the pound symbol (not hashtag) button, so the code will be saved. At this point, the mode will blink several times.
  7. Now it’s time to test your Dish remote. Testing the remote control to ascertain all the functions are working as expected. It’s advisable to test it immediately to discover that there is a fault in the middle of your favorite show.

Reprograming a replacement remote

Video receiver (with monitor)

  1. To access the System Information menu, press the SYS INFO button on the remote. Alternatively, you can press the SYS INFO button seen on the front panel. If it’s present on the player.
  2. Next is to find out the ‘Remote Address’ on the System Information menu. You’ll get to know this because it’s a single-digit number).
  3. On the Dish, remote control, press and hold the SAT button. Be patient until TV, SAT, AUX, DVD which are the mode buttons illuminate.
  4. Tap on the corresponding number button on the player’s current Remote Address before pressing the # button.
  5. At this moment the remote is now programmed to regulate the player.

Audio receiver (without monitor)

  1. As the player is still ON, from the front panel, detach the smart card.
  2. Press & hold the SAT button seen on the remote pending when these buttons SAT, TV, DVD, AUX gets illuminated.
  3. Tap the RECORD button thrice. Every moment you tap on it, the SAT button will show a light.
  4. Put back the smart card into the front panel. The remote is now programmed and ready to control the player.

In Conclusion

When everything works as expected, then you followed the instructions as stated. The same procedure should be followed when you want to pair any device using your remote.

In a situation where you encountered a problem, repeat the procedure but this time with a different code.

There are always different codes to program your Dish remote depending on the model of your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I program my Dish remote to pair the receiver?

Follow the procedure below;

  1. Press SYSTEM INFO, which is seen on the receiver’s front panel. The button can be seen behind the door.
  2. Next, you’ll see SAT button on the remote, press it.
  3. Tap on the RECORD button.
  4. Tap on Done.

Can I reset my Dish remote control?

To do this, unplug your receiver’s power cord (it normally has a red tag) from all electrical sources. Be patient for at least 10 seconds before connecting it back again.

Allow the reset process to be completed. Normally it will last for about 5-10 minutes.

How can my Dish remote be paired to my Joey?

First turn on your Joey or Hopper and television ON, tap on the SYSTEM INFO seen close to the front panel. The System Info screen will pop up.

Press & immediately release PAIR directly from your remote. Be patient until you hear a tone. The remote will appear on the screen.


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