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How To Stop A Recording In Progress On Dish Network Guide

How To Stop A Recording In Progress On Dish Network (Guide)

How to stop a recording in progress on dish network is among the reoccurring questions being asked by dish subscribers. The Dish DVR feature is one of the most cherished benefits of the dish network because recording any show on any television channel is made easy.

This is appreciated more by NFL sports enthusiasts who want to watch an event in a different time zone or movie lovers who intend to follow an entire series. The process of dish recording is actually simple that involves few steps to execute the task.

The procedure of dish recordings.

The dish recording is similar to the DVR recorder. The vital device in all this process is the remote control because it is customized to work particularly with the dish box. All the recordings are configured by first locating a desired show on the guide before selecting “record” on the DVR.

There is also a prompt to record a specific series without actually selecting each show. With this, it will automatically record any new episode as it appears. As for series, deleting any show individually is also possible but putting a stop to any recording to prevent future shows from storing on the device is important most importantly when the series in question no longer interests you. Ultimately, these recordings make it easy to watch any recorded show at your convenience. Another advantage is the ability to fast forward past any commercials.

How to stop a recording in progress on Dish network?

As stated earlier, it is not difficult to set your Dish to record a show in other to watch it at your convenience, but some subscribers have reported certain challenges they usually face. For instance, a subscriber might decide to record a particular show but later changes his/her mind because of lack of interest, or they might decide to wait for it to be aired. In this situation, remember the timer has been set already to record the show. Meaning the DVR will automatically start recording.

As the show is being recorded and you intend to cancel it from recording, press the stop button. But this is for recording a show manually. For instance, if you’ve decided to manually record a show but later decided not to, pressing the stop button puts an end to it, and the program won’t be recorded. But in a situation where the program is set to record automatically by the DVR, the stop button won’t end it due to the present timer. In a case like this, the timer needs to be deleted. This can be done by

  • Navigating to the menu>>>>then timer.
  • Go to hi-lite prog to stop the recording.
  • Here, press delete >>>press yes from the option, press yes again.
  • The timer will be deleted, and the recording will also stop.

Alternatively, you can;

Navigate to a channel you’re not recording>>>open PIP>>>SWAP PIP>>>change channel. You’ll get a prompt, and the recording will stop. Next is to return to the live mode.

Deleting a Recorded Show.

When you want to delete any recording,

  • Press the DVR button
  • Navigate to recording on the stored screen
  • Highlight the particular show, then press the delete button (blue button). This will remove the individual recording. If it’s a series, you’ll receive a prompt to either delete a single show or the entire series.

Another option is to put an end to a future recording of any series. This is important because it will help put a stop from accumulating undesirable episodes in the storage system. To do this;

  • Navigate to the guide; here, you need to locate any future recording present in the series.
  • Tab on shows and the option the recording will pop up.
  • Select to stop recording the entire series. That will prevent the series from logging the DVR.

It only requires just a minute or two, the recording or any settings made will take effect. The remote control is an essential tool you need to effectively control the settings.

In Conclusion

By carefully following the listed steps above, the issue with recording will be solved. However, if you discover that you’re still unable to stop the recording, you need to reach out to customer support and formally complain about the issue. They’ll further proffer a solution on how to solve this issue. It’s important to know that the procedure required to stop a manual recording will differ from recording an automatic timer-based recording.

Frequently asked questions

What is the preferred method to stop a particular recording on dish network?

First, go to the guide, locate a future recording among the series. Click on the show, and a prompt to stop the recording will pop up. Choose to stop the entire show and not just an episode; then, it will no longer be stored inside your DVR.

On dish TV, where do I turn on recording?

On the remote, insert a pen drive to the STB, press the REC button on the remote control. You might be asked to activate the recording, then send the code where given. That’s all.

My Dish DVR delete shows. Why does this happen?

In most cases, virus infection in the external hard drive is the cause of this. When you can no longer see the videos from the external HD, you can actually recover them with a recovery tool. You can use a safe tool, Stellar Photo Recovery software. This is preferable because it supports all dish multimedia files.

I need my DVR to stop recording a specific series?

To stop any series from recording automatically,

  • On your remote control, press the DVR button>>>>select Scheduled.
  • Select any upcoming episode of the series>>>>press OK.
  • Select “Get More Info.”
  • Select “View Series Info.”
  • Select “Cancel Recording.” Then confirm on the next screen.
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