dish flex package review

Dish Flex TV review – How Does It Compare To Other Cable Packages

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Comparing DISH TV Flex with other competitors, you would notice that DISH TV offers unique value for your money. However, there are some distant differences between DISH TV and other providers. These differences can make a huge difference when you are choosing a Satellite TV provider to suit your best interests.

The strong points for DISH is the superior Hopper 3DVR and its two years price lock. On the other hand, I have heard people complain about the smaller channel selections and fewer packages tier.

Regardless of the provider you choose, I believe we all don’t like paying for channels that we never watch. It would be a great thing if you had a unique chance to pay for the package with everything you dearly need. DISH as a Satellite TV provider understands clearly that most customers pay for channels that they end up abandoning completely for favorites.

To address this issue, DISH network has introduced a Flex Pack. The DISH Flex TV came to put smiles on the faces of satellite TV customers. Many people can now add or drop a channel if they specifically don’t like it. But what exactly is DISH Flex TV? What is the cost? What are the channel selections? Why is DISH Flex TV a good pick? All these questions are answered in this Brief.

DISH Flex Pack Overview

DISH Network introduced the DISH Flex TV pack to eliminate the need of paying for channels that you will probably never watch. The idea was to curate TV channels with shows that the individual subscribers really wants to watch. The DISH flex TV pack combines customization and traditional channels at a reasonable price. But you would specifically wonder whether DISH Flex TV offers the TV packages they promise and if the actual value is reasonable.

DISH Flex is actually a fully customizable TV plan from DISH Network allowing all types of TV fanatics enjoy their favorite channels. This pack seemingly looks similar to the Dish’s Sling TV. Both instances, the subscribers have an opportunity to pay for the theme-based program packs such as the ESPN sports channels, Movie Channels, Kids Channels and Local Broadcast channels. The main benefit of the DISH Flex pack is that it has premium channels such as HBO and Showtime for additional fees.

The DISH Flex Pack comes with a Standard DISH receiver. However, users can upgrade to Hopper 3 DVR which is the more advanced equipment. But be ready to pay an additional $10 every month. For new customers, they will have a chance to receive a two-year price lock and free installation. Though this is only applicable to people that will register through the eBill or AutoPay.

Dish Flex TV Pros and cons


  • Smart DVR is included
  • No monthly equipment fees
  • 2 years price lock
  • Pay per month


  • More costs upfront
  • No major savings

How does the Dish Flex TV pack work?

Besides sharing the details about the major pros and cons of choosing DISH TV Flex Pack, I should explain to you how it works and why it’s important to choose it. First of all, you will get a base pack with 50+ channels. This starter pack will contain the most popular DISH TV channels.

This is what is known as the Skinny Bundle which comes with channels such as National Geographic, The Food Channel, Comedy Central, E!, TCL, AMC, CNN, TBS, TNT, USA and FX among many other channels. It’s easy to notice that some channels that required subscriptions now come included with the base TV package. You can check on the website for all the channels included in the base package.

After subscription, all customers are now allowed to pick one additional themed pack of programming. The price for this is $39.99 per month for two years. The customer has the opportunity to pick channels that are right for the household needs.

This is exceptional given that DISH Network is a traditional provider that now let’s its viewers design a package of channels to fit their watching and entertainment needs. Here are the channel packs that users can add to their base package.

  • Variety: Lifetime Movies, Crime and Investigations, Investigations Discovery, Bravo, and BET.
  • Locals: CBS, Univision, FOX, NBC and ABC among many others.
  • News: Fox News, Weather, Fox Business, BBC World News, The Blaze, Bloomberg and MSNBC
  • Outdoor: Outside, Sportsman, World Fishing, Outdoor
  • Bonuses: The ESPN Deporters, Pasiones, Disney XD, Univision and BeLn Sports.
  • Heartland: Baby TV, PIXL, GSN, OWN, Uplifting, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Ride TV and FamilyNET.
  • National Action: Universal HD, TV games Network, ESPN, ESPN2, elocity, AXS TV, Fuse and FS1.
  • Baby Channels: Disney XD, Animal Planet, Nick Jr, Boomerang, Baby TV, Nicktoons and Disney.

To better understand how this works, remember that the FLEX Pack has all the base channels plus the one additional pack at the cost of $39.99 per month locked for two years. If any user wants more, then they are always free to add. The cost for additional Bundle ranges from $4 to $10.

The base channels is also enough to most of the families. If you think this is good and enough for your family, then you can leave it at that point and the bill will be reduced by almost $10.

Packages and Pricing

Dish Flex TV customers will get five TV packages from DISH Network. Among them, the cheapest of them gives customers the same 50 Channels and the option to add ‘’channel packs” that range from $4 to $12 each. The subscriber is given an opportunity to choose from channels categories such as Sports, news, outdoor, variety, kids and locals. Checking the remaining four packages, you would easily notice that they are more traditional options.

To start, I would recommend the American Top 120 package. The package features many of the top channels. So if you are a sports fanatic, you can upgrade to the Top 120 plus package for an additional $5. The channels includes the Big Ten Network, Pac- 12 Network, Regional sports and SEC networks.

The most popular package in this category is the Top 200 package. This package is comparatively costly but it features additional sports channels including the NBA Network, NHL Network and MLB Network. It also comes with popular channels such as Hallmark, Disney XD, Bravo, A&E and Sundance. For movie lovers, Top 250 package has everything from the best Movie and Series Channels to the most exceptional sports and entertainment channels.

With this package, you will get access to STARZ Encore, Turner Classic Movies and The Movie Channel among many others.

The price for the DISH TV flex Pack is $40 per month. After purchasing any of the packages, subscribers will have a chance to select from one of the eight theme-based program packs. Besides the Theme-Based programs, other channels are sold at prices ranging from $4 to $10 for outdoor pack and additional national sports and news channels respectively.

Surprisingly, users can as well forgo the included add-on pack and choose the 50-Channel package. This is available at a cost of $30 per month. Furthermore, you can leave it at that and your monthly bills will be lowered by $10 every month. This will bring your bills down to less than thirty dollars per month.

Packages Monthly Price Channels
Flex Pack $42.99/mo. 50+
America’s Top 120 $84.99/mo. 190
America’s Top 120+ $89.99/mo. 190+
America’s Top 200 $99.99/mo. 240+
America’s Top 250 $109.99/mo. 290+

Depending on the channels you will add on your channel list, the price can change significantly as shown above. However, I believe the Dish Flex TV pack brings some of the cheapest and most affordable options to all their existing and potential customers.

Can you combine your package with the Hopper3?

Yes, this is possible because DISH Network revealed one of the most advanced DVR in the Satellite TV history-The Hopper 3. To many people, this alone is good enough reason to consider DISH TV. This DVR holds about 2000 hours of recording and about 500 hours of recording in HD. The other advantage is that it can record up to 16 shows at the same time.

The Prime Time Anywhere feature gives the user additional abilities to watch live and record content on other devices anywhere. The Hopper 3 is a little old but still the best. It was unveiled four years ago at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show that was held in Vegas. The DVR solved most of the conflicts over who wants to watch what. This is definitely what makes it perfect for roommates, families with more than one TV fanatics and Households with Multiple TVs in different rooms and especially if the users are splitting the bills. The Hopper 3 DVR matches well for people that like watching multiple sports games on 4K TVs only. If you are sports die hard that wants to split attention between two matches, then this will work for you.

DISH Flex TV reviews

Different subscribers have different opinions on the price and the TV channels. But most of the reviewers all agree that the Kids pack which has a solid mix of 8 channels is a perfect match especially if you have kids that like kids shows and songs. The news pack is also ideal for people that wants to remain on the front page of occurrences in the country and across the world. Some of the channels are also good for investors and news junkies.

I like the fact that the channels on the Regional action will offer an exemplary platform to get the outdoor actions and college sports. If the user needs additional sports channels, National Action is a good selection. I haven’t personally come across any significant complaint about the price and the channels. Most reviewers confirm that this option gives them greater control over the channels they choose and the price to pay.

What’s not included in a New DISH TV package?

Before we conclude the review, its important to comment on all the fees and features that are not included on the New DISH TV packages that may impact your bills noticeably at the end of the month. The first thing is the fees and taxes. You should be ready to incur additional fees on Taxes and additional features. To upgrade to the Hopper 3 DVR, you also need to be pay another $5-$15. The price depends on the model you are going for. There’s also a cancellation fee in case you don’t want to stay with the provider any further.


Which channels are in Dish Network Flex Pack?

The Dish TV flex offers a base pack with 50+ TV channels which includes Discovery, FX, HGTV, TV Land, USA, CNN and many others. The users have a chance to choose additional channels depending on their unique entertainment needs.

How does Flex pack work on DISH?

The Flex pack gives users a chance to add their favorite channels to their watching list. This gets you the channels you want to watch at a cost you are willing and able to pay for such utilities. It gives you a base pack with 50+ channels and an opportunity to add your favorite channels for Sports, National sports, Kids, Movies and local entertainment.

Why should I choose Dish Flex TV?

Dish Flex TV is one of the best and the most flexible options for News fanatics, investors and entertainment junkies. It has a couple of advantages which includes the lower prices, more channels and most importantly a chance to add your favorite channels. This is unique and not easy with other Satellite TV providers.

Final verdict

DISH Flex TV pack is a perfect solution for people that don’t want to pay for channels that they will definitely never watch. I personally like the fact that DISH Flex TV users have an opportunity to select a flexible package for their different entertainment needs. I additionally think that this option is great especially if you’re loyal to a couple of shows and TV channels. Furthermore, the price is fair but it melts down to your TV needs and watching habits.


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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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