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AT&T Fiber Internet Review

AT&T Fiber Internet Review – Is It Worth The Money?

The current technological advancement where almost everything is done online via computers, the reliability of internet connection in terms of speed, availability and reliability and cost are key. The outbreak of the novel covid-19 early his year that has forced many people to shift to working from home has further created the need for secure and affordable internet services.

Reliable and affordable internet means that less time and resources are used in performing a given task, allowing time to concentrate on other issues that require your attention as well. An affordable internet connection means that resources are saved for other essential needs. For one to identify an efficient internet connection, one has to consider the various parameters of the numerous internet providers and compare to peers in the market. Today, we will discuss one of the giants in the Internet Industry, AT&T fiber internet.

What is AT&T fiber?

It’s a telecommunications company founded and based in the US that specialize in provision of broadband and home phones to its 100 million customers across the united states. The company is a market leader in terms of provision of both DSL and fiber optic internet services, it was ranked position one in both best internet service providers of 2020 and best DSL internet providers 2020. The ratings were informed by the findings of the Federal communications commission that 80% of its customers approving its reliability and 99% reliability at peak usage times. The company also emerged second in the customer satisfaction index in the United States.

AT&T Fiber plans

AT&T offers three fiber network plans to its customers, the three options give customers the opportunity to choose from a wide variety the option that best suits them in terms of speed and prices. The reliability of the fiber connection is lower compared to those using DSL internet connections. AT&T offers the following internet plans for its customers:

Internet 100 Starting at 50$ 80 to 100 mbps 80 to 100 mbps 1TB 12months
Internet 300 Starting at 50$ 150 to 300 mbps 150 to 300 mbps 1TB 12 months
Internet 1000 Starting at 70$ 500 to 940 mbps 500 to 940 mbps NO CAP 12 months

The internet 100 and internet 300 plans have a cap of one terabyte while the internet 1000 does not have any data cap, if one hits the cap limit, 10$ is charged for every 50GB of data used . The maximum overage charge charged is 100$ a month for AT&T fiber internet services. Additional charges incurred include installation fees, equipment rental fees and activation fees.

AT&T fiber internet recommendations

The basic use plans are Internet 100 plan that allows you to browse at speeds of 100mbps, the data plan is ideal for households with only 1 -2 users and is effective for basic surfing, email and web browsing. The available multiple device plan is the internet 300 that is also ideal for basic internet use, email, social media and light streaming. The plan supports more than two users at a time but is not ideal for highly digitized households that perform more data demanding activities.

The high-end internet plan available is the internet 1000 which allows for high data consuming activities such as gaming, working from home and simultaneous high data activities. The plan supports up to 14 devices at once performing activities such as HD video streaming. The internet 1000 plan does not have a data cap.

Fiber internet speed

AT&Ts fastest internet plan is the internet 1000 that has the capacity to upload a four-minute HD video in one second and download a 1 GB file in less than one minute. The second and third fastest plan by AT&T is the internet 300 and 100 respectively. Despite the two being ten times slower than the 1000 plan, it can support average households with multiple devices.

Why is AT&T ideal for you?

Compared to DSL, fiber optic is superior in terms of technology which is a step up from the dial-up. Given the two options, most users will go for fiber except those that hardly use the internet hence wound use DSL at a lower price. Despite this, the fiber pricing offered by AT&T is worth the cost.

AT&T fiber is ideal for online gamers and home-based owners and bundling services. AT&T fiber is not ideal for those who dislike contracts and budget-conscious. Generally, AT&T is the best option when it comes to internet service provision having emerged second in the year 2020 best internet providers scores. The network provider also toped in terms of overall internet performance and strong customer service. It’s true to say that AT&T fiber has m for every user.

How to get onboard the AT&T fiber internet

To get connected to the network, the network provider or its sub-contractors puts several parameters into consideration:

  • Check for the availability of AT&T internet services in your area by checking on their website by feeding your location details. NB: the internet services are available in 21 states in the United States.
  • After accessing the availability of the service in your area, one is required to decide which plan best suits them based on cost and required speeds. The customer is also expected to make a decision on the nature of devices they intend to use. The company can assist a customer to identify the ideal internet speeds for their usage after analysis of the household.
  • Finally, the customer will be required to schedule for the installation. For the case of fiber connection, a technician will be expected to visit the household and install the cables and the various equipment and devices.

What is needed for AT&T fiber?

To ensure that the internet is readily available for the end-user, the following devices are necessary:

  • Wi-Fi router: this device creates a Wi-Fi network in your home so that your laptop, mobile devices and smart home devices can easily get online.
  • Modem: This device connects your home to the internet service provider. For the case of fiber internet, a special modem called the optimal network terminal[ONT] is used.

Renting, buying and installation

AT&T gives its customers the option of either renting its equipment or purchasing the equipment using their own third-party modem and router.

Customer service

The network provider is ranked among the best by the American customer service satisfaction index despite the fact that generally telecommunications companies perform poorly in terms of customer services. The customer service agents can be reached via the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and via email, text message and by voice calls.

The legal procedure of cancelling AT&T fiber contract

A typical AT&T fiber internet contract lasts between one and two years. If a customer needs to disconnect from the internet services of the company’s fiber network, the customer follows the following procedures to actualize the whole process:

  • Notification of the customer service agents of your intention to cancel the contract-this is usually via calls, text messages, social media platforms or email.
  • Return the equipment-this involves returning the various equipment rented from the company. According to the companies terms and conditions, the equipment and devices should be sent back within 21 days from the date of contract cancellation.
  • Pay termination fees –in case a customer was subscribed via promotional program and exits before the agreed duration, the customer incurs some charges. The termination fees are charged at the rate of 15$ per month for the remaining duration of the contract.

Downtime troubleshooting procedures for AT&T fiber.

At times the internet services are down due to connection errors that are restricted within the home. There are times when the services are down due to a situation beyond the control of the customer. The following procedure is followed to troubleshoot:

  1. The first step to undertake immediately a customer experiences a downtime is to check on the company’s website for outages, this can be checked from the company’s website or contact a customer service agent.
  2. Reboot your equipment and devices; this involves restarting modems and routers.
  3. Check equipment connection, the customer should check and ensure that the various equipment is well connected to the fiber network.

If the above steps fail to solve the problem, the customer is supposed to contact the customer service desk for guidance through how to carry out the various troubleshooting procedures.

The last resort if all the guided troubleshooting procedures fail is usually to schedule for a visit by a technician to rectify the situation..

How to assess whether AT&T internet services are slow.

There are times when the internet speeds from the network provider are slower than normal. When a customer notices this, they must carry out some quick analysis to determine the possible cause and possible solutions to the slow speed.

  • Check the nature of activities you are carrying out with the internet-if they are performing high data consuming activities at ago e.g. gaming and live streaming, this will most likely lead to slow internet speeds.
  • Parallel applications running at ago-if an internet user allows for several computer applications and programs to run simultaneously, the end effect will be low internet speeds.
  • The user can also run a speed test to determine the performance of the service in terms of speed if the performance is below the set levels, the customer can try resetting the various equipment to ensure optimal performance. The presence of obstacles to the routers for instances my prevent the device from performing well hence directly lead to slow internet speeds, usually due to signal blockage.
  • The customer can also try restarting the company’s devices to regain back the optimal speeds. Customers can restart modems and routers.

If none of the above solutions improves your internet speeds; the customer is advised to contact the service provider through its customer service desk and get assisted. In such situations most likely the customer is likely to have chosen a plan that is not ideal for the kind of activities they intend to carry out with the internet.


Where is AT&T available?

The fiber internet services of AT&T are available close to half the states of the united states (21 states), the network service provider is found in the following states in the united states: Florida, Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, north Carolina, Nevada, Missouri, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, California and many more.

What is the best internet plan from AT&T fiber?

The best internet plan from AT&T is its internet 1000 plan usually available in fiber. The plan offers 1000mbps adequate for most high data consuming activities such as gaming and HD video streaming. The package is sold at 50$ per month, not including fees, taxes and surcharges.

How do we pay for AT&T service bills?

The various bills can be paid via various means such as Online-this involves the use of credit and debit cards to pay for bills. By phone- this is usually done by the use of mobile apps such as myAT&T app, by mobile service or by calling AT&T. Payment via billing services- this involves paying your internet bills directly from your bank or credit union.

The payments can also be done via mail but followed different steps depending on the specific service one is paying for.

The payments can also bed one in person usually at AT&T authorized payment locations, the payee is expected to provide their details to the staff at the authorized office.

Final verdict

AT&T is one of the biggest Internet service provider offering the best speeds at the most affordable prices. AT&T fiber internet is fast and reliable but the prices seem relatively higher. The coverage of AT&T is also limited but if you are lucky enough to live in areas where this service is available, opt to any of the three AT&T fiber internet plans. Users can as well bundle AT&T fiber with cable TV and Phone services.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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