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How To Watch Netflix With Friends

How To Watch Netflix With Friends – 4 Step Watch Party Guide 2021

Netflix is a prevalent video streaming service among movie fanatics. But wouldn’t it be better if you could know how to watch Netflix with friends in 2021?

Most Netflix competitors including Hulu officially support functionalities that help movie fanatics watch their favorite show with friends and family. In that regard, Netflix Watch Party has come to counter the competition.

Watching Netflix with your friends is simple. With this new feature, all you have to do is add friends to a party, start watching movies on your favorite streaming service and the system will automatically detect when others are watching the same title in their own house or room.

Though, I’ve to clarify that Netflix doesn’t support a single app that facilitates this functionality. In this post, we’ll discuss alternative methods of watching Netflix with Friends. Let’s find out whether Netflix Party is the best method of watching movies and TV shows with friends and family.

Netflix Watch Party Overview

This is a Netflix Party extension that synchronizes video playback and adds group chats to the favorite movie that you are watching as a group. It is actually a popular way of watching Netflix TV shows with friends regardless of where they are in real-time. What’s best is that you don’t have to wait for other members to start the movie. As soon as one member starts, it’ll be added to your queue and all others will get notified through the notifications on their app.

But there are certain hitches and limits that come with this extension. The first one is the fact that you only have an upper ceiling of 5 people. Also, you cannot add friends who are not on your list of contacts. Currently, this feature is only available in the Netflix app. But it’ll come to other devices soon enough.

How Netflix Watch Party works

Step 1: Install Netflix Watch Party

The first step is to install Netflix Watch Party. Hit the Install Netflix Party icon. Immediately after clicking this icon, you will be redirected to a Browser preferably Chrome Web Store. After this, click on Add to Chrome and Finish the installations.

Step 2: Open any Movie/TV show on Netflix

Proceed to the Netflix Home page and choose a video that you want to co-watch with your friends. Open the video by clicking on the Play Button.

Step 3: Creating the Watch Party

There’s an “NP” icon that you will easily find next to the address bar. Just click on this icon to create a watch Party. After this, press the “Start Party” icon and start the party. A special URL will be created that you can use to invite people to the watch party.

Step 4: Join the Party

Your friends will be expected to click on the URL shared to join the party. Your friends will be automatically invited to the watch party after clicking on the link. Your friends should now click on the NP button in the address bar and be part of your watching crew.

The Netflix Party makes it easier for you to create Netflix Parties in seconds and enjoy some Netflix Originals and added movies and TV shows with friends. You can sync Netflix shows in HD and customize the Netflix Party to suit your friend’s interests by sharing emojis, GIFs and Uploading Screenshots. You can as well choose a fun user icon or a nickname.

Alternative ways of watching Netflix with friends

Though the Netflix Watch Party is becoming more famous, it’s not the only way of watching movies or other shows with friends. If you have been wondering how to watch Netflix with friends online today, then here are alternative methods. There are many other ways to watch Netflix with Friends by using these applications, which you can run on your PC, iPad, Laptops and other devices. Read on about the alternative methods of watching Netflix with friends.


You are expected to share the link with your friends through emails, Skype, MSN Messenger, or any other messenger. All you need to do is invite friends over email or chat rooms before watching Netflix together. You can watch videos in HD quality just like Watch Party.


This other extension is very famous among YouTube video fanatics. The main advantage is that this app has its own player and can let you access videos on Sound Cloud, Twitch and Vimeo among many others. Netflix is not compatible with this app but there’s a way you can go around it.


This app is another great way of watching movies with friends. Your friends don’t need to install any app because you can watch videos by simply sharing the video link. The video quality is not HD but your friends will still be able to enjoy great sound and images quality.


Here is another great app to watch movies with friends. It works with chat rooms which makes it very easy to use. Simply create a chat room and add your friends to it before pressing the ‘’Start Event” button from PartyPals Dashboard. Now you can start a movie or TV show on Netflix in any browser and ask everybody in the chat room to immediately sync to it.


How do I Install Watch Party Extension?

One of the best ways to get this extension is to install it from the Google Chrome store. Just click on Add to Chrome and Finish the installation process.

What OSs are supported by Watch Party?

The OSs supported include Linux, macOS, Android and Windows.

How do I get started with Watch Party?

Click on NP on your Netflix account and follow the instructions to get started.


Netflix Watch Party is the latest way of watching Netflix with friends. With this new extension, you can easily create your own party to watch Netflix together with friends and family members. There are other elegant methods that work just like Watch Party but most of them don’t work on Linux or macOS, so I would advise you to use the Netflix Watch Party for now. It’s easy to set up and use, just go ahead and create your own party to enjoy Netflix with friends by sharing comments on the screen as you watch together.


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