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How to fix internet stutter

Internet Stuttering -11 Ways To Fix Guide 2022

In the world today, the internet remains the most form of information sharing and communication. It is a wide network that gives access to other smaller networks which enables them to communicate with each other. Every network comprises a certain number of devices such as servers, computers, routers, Wi-Fi extenders and data centers. All of these work simultaneously to enable these devices to have a direct link to the in order to freely access information within the World Wide Web.

With recreational users, gamers, students, and not forgetting the remote workers’ total dependency on the home internet connection, experiencing a constant delay is essential. This is the major reason why people get irritated when their internet stutters and interrupts their experience. This write-up will outline what internet stuttering is, its causes, and ways to get it fixed.

What is Internet Stutter?

In our various modern household, it’s a norm to have an internet connection. In many countries, the penetration of the internet has significantly increased, all thanks to the effort of different internet providers in advancing their service. For instance, Frontiers Communication covers many rural areas and offers its Internet Suite for a fast and protected internet experience. Each year, these providers compete to outperform their competitors; this, in turn, has really made provision for cheap internet options to consumers.

On the other hand, the faster the speed of your internet, the more likely internet stutter will be an irritation to you. Internet stuttering simply means the intermittent freezing of your internet speeds within a few minutes, then returning back to normal. Then, with a twinkle of an eye, the stutter repeats again. This can be rigorously troublesome for evident reasons. It brings to end your suave experience as you use the internet. And this can really be upsetting when you’re at the verge of getting things done.

What Are The Symptoms?

Any activity that requires stable internet access gets affected by internet stutter. For instance, if you’re in the process of streaming some videos, stuttering will affect the video causing it to stop and buffer for some seconds.

This experience really has the tendency to wear down on a sane person’s mood “why isn’t my internet working properly?!”, especially when you’re on the verge of accomplishing something important, either its an upload or download or an essay.

Of course, it’s not just the video streaming or videos that suffers this. Many students would want to take their lectures online, download research papers, and even upload their tests and assignments. All these above-listed activities will get to suffer activities will suffer because of stuttering internet connection.

Furthermore, remote workers, particularly during the recent COVID-19, require an unwavering internet connection for their work. But, the internet stutter gets to affect uploads, video calls, downloads, and instant messages.

Very much alike, Professional gamers despise internet stutter because they tend to play 7 to 14 hours of competitive games daily. These games are live-streamed for endorsements, views, and ads, which entirely earn them money. Also, packet loss and high ping can really terminate an online gaming experience. Now you can envisage why they would dislike internet stutter.

What Causes Internet To Stutter

If you’ve faced internet stutter, you’ll agree with me that it can be quite frustrating. To you, everything should be just perfect. But at some point, you’ll begin to regret why you even choose a particular service provider. But, internet stutter is as a result of certain factors which include;

  • Limited bandwidth for your home internet needs.
  • Unreliable internet connection.
  • It’s been long since you actually rebooted your modem.
  • Bad positioning of your Wi-Fi router device.
  • Internet speed being eaten up by background applications.
  • Network quality being interfered with certain devices such as microwave ovens.
  • Cheap or an older router is restraining your network.

In addition to all the factors outlined above, malware may have also affected your computer. But, if you cannot relate to any of these factors, it then means the problem is from your service provider. For instance, you can experience internet stutter as a result of abnormal weather. High latency (transfer of information from a sender to a receiver), can also be attributed to this. But, there are ways to solve this problem so it might not be necessary to start checking out for a service provider.

Top 11 Solutions to Stop Internet Stutter

It might surprise you that, sometimes as little as pressing the power button on your router to reboot it can easily fix this problem, but in most cases, the problem will be beyond normal. Below is some list of things to try to get your network back to normal and get rid of internet stutter:

  1. Replace your DNS server to a different one.
  2. Ensure your router covers a good portion of your home.
  3. Make use of internet speeds monitor to test your network’s actual speed.
  4. Go for an internet package with more bandwidth.
  5. Make use of a troubleshooter on your modem or Wi-Fi router.
  6. Always fine-tune your router’s antennas for improved signal coverage.
  7. Run a malware scan on your devices.
  8. Reduce other traffic on your network.
  9. Check if some background applications on your device are hogging bandwidth.
  10. Change your router’s settings to prioritize your devices.
  11. You can turn off firewalls when your service is slow.

In Conclusion

Internet access is certainly an essential part of our digital lives, and you cannot allow glitches, lagging, or stuttering to interrupt your activities. We all want to surf the internet, listen to our favorite songs, or play video games online without any stutters or lags. Hence, to assist you to overcome these issues, we’ve stated all the effective methods you in this write-up. These simple tricks are very helpful in reducing lags and latency.


What causes video stuttering?

Slow Internet connections, browser settings, or even corrupt video software can also cause video streaming to stutter. But in some cases, the problem might be as a result of the bandwidth cap from your service providers and not necessarily related to your device.

What Causes Latency?

Like bandwidth, latency hinge on more than just your broadband connection. It’s affected by the remote server’s location, your network hardware, and even the router. The movement of data packets from one source to another does not often follow a direct route – they pass through diverse points along the route. The lengthier the route and the more stops they’ve to make, which in turn delays it.

Why does internet stuttering happen?

Malware and other factors can slow down the internet speed and cause internet stutter or lag to happen. If the issue is not from your side, most probably the ISP has technical difficulties. Another factor is the latency that is closely related to the bandwidth. When there is high latency, then the lags or the delays will likely be high.