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LG TV WiFi Won't Turn On 3 Simple Steps To Fix It

LG TV WiFi Won’t Turn On – 3 Simple Steps To Fix It – Guide

If your LG TV WiFi won’t turn On, this write-up will help suggest a possible way to fix it. Read the full guide to troubleshoot it now.

LG is one of the brands that has maintained relevance up till today. In short, they’ve indeed earned their name when it comes to quality technology.

From the dawn of smart TVs, LG has been there from the start. Their repute is built on supplying quality products that are not just reliable but affordable.

This is the reason when one thinks about Smart TV, LG comes to mind. This has made them remain popular in the manufacture of TVs that are user friendly.

Despite their quality products, everything won’t work perfectly all the time because no tech product is guaranteed to deliver 100% without failure.

In as much as LG has continued to improve their products, when things wrong it can be frustrating. The LG TV with its interesting features is indeed built to last for a long time, but issues tend to arise as you use it.

Though the issues won’t be fatal, one of the likely issues with LG TVs is the difficulty of connecting to the internet.

LG TV Wi-Fi won’t turn ON

You can fit issues related to Wi-Fi connection on your LG TV whether you’re tech-oriented or not. The suggested solutions below have an excellent track record of solving this issue because it has helped a lot of users without damaging anything. Follow the guideline below;

1. Reset your router and TV

This is the first thing to do when you encounter any Wi-Fi-related issues and it works most of the time. It’s simple, you just need to restart all the devices before even seeking help.

The importance of resetting your device cannot be over-emphasized because it will allow the device to refresh in other to perform better.

For instance, when you consistently use your phone without restarting it at some point, it will begin to slow down. So, the principle of restarting it is still the same.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, reset the TV by unplugging it out from the wall.
  2. Be patient for it to cool off appropriately at least for one minute.

Most times, this will fix the issue for you, and that what you just need to do. If it didn’t work, try the solutions below.

2. Perform a factory reset on the TV

Performing a factory reset on a device might look like a severe measure but it’s not. Though you get to lose all that you’ve saved on your TV but if it will resolve the problem, then it’s actually worth giving a try.

The worst that you can expect when it comes to factory reset is data loss and nothing more. It’s something you can do even at home.

Let’s give this a try:

  1. From your remote control, select ‘Home’.
  2. Navigate to the Settings.
  3. From the options select ‘General Menu.’
  4. Then, tap on ‘reset to initial settings’.

All LG Smart TVs have the same sequence of factory reset. This is the most common layout everybody can relate to.

Even if it’s not like this, the difference won’t be much. But you can check your TV manual if you’re further faced with any other challenge.

This will fix the problem but you can still try the last solution below if the problem persists.

3. Enable Wi-Fi Connection on your LG Smart TV

If your TV still finds it difficult to connect to your Wi-Fi system, there is every tendency it was blocked from having access to the internet.

Rectifying this won’t take that long but it may or may not work. Go to the settings and confirm if the Wi-Fi connection on your WebOS is enabled.

If you’ve no idea how to do this, follow the steps below to get it done;

  1. Switch on your TV.
  2. Hold THE ‘Settings’ button until you see a rectangular prompt on your screen.
  3. Hit the ‘0’ button four times at once. Then tap the OK button.
  4. Scroll to the signage settings >>> baud rate settings.
  5. Remove every number you see and substitute them with 115200
  6. Switch off the TV and be patient for at least two minutes before switching it ON again.

That’s all the steps you need to know. Everything should be working appropriately now.

In Conclusion

Smart TVs are nothing without an internet connection. It’s more like an ornate version of a PC without it.

You’ll indeed miss a lot of functions and features if you’re unable to access the internet on your LG Smart TV. Any of the suggested tips and hacks will get it working again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t my Wi-Fi function on LG Smart TV?

If you notice this, you should try unplugging your TV from the wall socket. Be patient for at least 60 seconds before plugging it back again. This process will reset it and get it working again.

My Wi-Fi just stopped turning ON?

Once your Android device stopped turning ON, check to confirm if your device’s Airplane mode is not mistakenly enabled.

Navigate to the setting >>> Network & Internet >>> Advanced >>> toggle off Airplane mode. Even if it’s disabled, you should enable it, wait for few seconds before disabling it.

What can I do when my Wi-Fi won’t turn on?

The best thing is to power cycle your device. Normally, this is the first step when it comes to troubleshooting any Android smartphone.

This simple process can rectify any pending software-related issues that frequently occur.

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