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Optimum Error Codes – The Extended Guide 2024

If you’re searching for Optimum error codes and their meaning, you’ve come to the right article. Optimum is a top-rated Service provider serving the larger New York Tri-State area. With their services, you can watch live TV and videos whenever you want.

Optimum Error Codes

Though, this is only possible through the Optimum Altice One box and app. The most significant sale point for the Altice one Box is that you can use the phone as a remote control. You can also get other features like DVR, VOD, etc.

Users can as well cast movies and TV shows from the phone to the TV. Additionally, you can watch DVR recordings with a single click. Though, just like other streaming services, this set box has a variety of common errors.

Dealing with these errors can be frustrating. Verily, this is the last thing you want when you sit down to enjoy a movie or a TV show after a long day. Read below to understand what these errors mean and how to solve the problem.

What Are Cable Box Errors?

The cable box errors are the technical glitches that occur in the system while it is working. It is the way of the Cable box to communicate the type of errors occurring.

These errors may not affect the device’s overall performance, but they do cause inconvenience to users. For example, if there is an issue with the cable box and the cable line, the user will experience buffering issues. Restarting the device can solve the issue.

The most common types of errors include:

Error 200 – Physical Network Connection Failed

This is one of the most common errors that occur in the cable box. Error 200 can easily mean that the physical network has failed. If you observe this error, make sure that the cable box is connected to the right port on the router.

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Also, check whether there is any power outage in the house. This error also means that the cable Box is unable to detect the physical connection. The biggest culprit, in this case, is loosely connected cables. To solve the problem, you can reconnect the cables properly.

Look at the back of the modem. Check to make sure that all the cables are tightly and securely fitted.

If the problem is not solved, check the wall outlet connection and other cable sources.

Look for any damaged cables. You will be expected to purchase a new coaxial cable and try fixing it back in such a situation. If you try all this and the problem is not resolved, then contact Optimum Customer support.

OBV-005 – No Internet in Box

Here is another common error code, meaning that there’s no internet connection on the specific Box. When you see this code, you need to ensure that the cable box is plugged into the correct port on the router.

Ensure that the cable box has been turned off completely before plugging it in again.

The problem feels threatening but it can easily be solved. A WPS error can cause this problem and it might require you to do a few restarts on different boxes. One of the best solutions is to pair the boxes. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Check the WPS light on the modem.
  2. Make sure the light is on, and then hold the reset button down for 5 seconds. After this, release the button, and the device will reset.
  3. You might be forced to perform the same actions on other boxes that show the same WPS light.
  4. Hold down the Wi-Fi-protected setup Button on the main Box for about 5 seconds and eventually release it. After this, the Boxes will try to pair back.

Call Optimum customer care if the problem is not permanently resolved.

NW-1-19 – Device Not Connected to the Internet

This is error code is mainly experienced by Netflix users. It simply means that you don’t have an internet connection on the device. In most cases, you have to restart the Netflix app mainly because there are some minor buggy software errors.

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If the problem is not resolved after restarting the app, the remaining method is to try shutting down the Altice One Box and eventually powering it on again.

For people who use wireless networks, you have to ensure that the router is on when you connect the Altice One Device.

Remember that a faulty network connection might cause this problem. Try restarting the router and make sure the box shows up in the router’s settings.

Check whether you have internet service if the problem persists. You can test this by using your laptop or computer to visit a website on Google Chrome or any other browser.  

Optimum Err-23

These error codes might happen when the box is trying to receive signals from the mainline. There are many reasons why you can experience Optimum err-23. So, you are expected to try different solutions.

The first thing to do is to flip the device and check whether all the cables are connected well. The second thing to do is to make sure that none of the cables is loose or has come off.

Once you have ensured all the cables are connected well, the next thing is to check whether each cable is on the right port. Also, check all the other devices connected to the Optimum device.

In case you have tried all this and the error doesn’t disappear, then the error might be on the company’s blackhead.

Contact the customer service and they might be able to help you solve the problem. The support team has the capacity to check the root cause and try solving the issue from their end.

Error Code 106

This error is very hard to figure out mainly because it means several things. The server might be busy at the moment. It can as well mean that the internet is too slow. Waiting is the first approach. On the second occasion, you have to check whether the internet is really slow or there are other problems.

If the internet is slow, then try to contact your service provider or upgrade to a higher internet package. Check and reduce the number of devices connected to the router. This is one thing that can reduce the internet speed. 

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Check to remove all the signal interruptions. You also can choose to install a separate router in case there are walls blocking the signals. Set up a wired connection. This will provide a more stable speed without any interruptions.

Error Code OBV-55

This error is common with the people that are using routers from Altice with their optimum cable modems. It can mean that there’s no stable connection to the set network. You have to check if the box is getting a stable connection. If the internet is okay, then the thing to do is to check whether there’s anything wrong with the devices.

It’s also important to check the cables and make sure all of them are connected well. Make sure that the cables are connected to the right port. Note that if you have attached many devices to the Boxes, they can interrupt the connection.

Take all the wires or devices that you have plugged in that can cause the issue. You can as well choose to reboot the entire network. But make sure you switch off the device for a few minutes before you power it back. This will automatically refresh the network and fix the problem.


Why is my Altice Box not working?

The reason why the Altice boxes don’t work is that some of the settings are not configured correctly. It can be the device is not connected to the internet or the cables are not connected well. 

What is the WPS button on my Altice Box?

The WPS button is used to configure the wireless network. You will be prompted to input the password. After entering the password, it will allow you to connect to the network. 

What do error codes mean on Altice One?

You can face a couple of errors when using Altice One. They all mean differently. This guide has explained every error code and its solutions. 


Altice Boxes are easy to use and most importantly, reliable. They offer excellent speeds and are compatible with almost every type of internet connection. However, when something goes wrong, you need to know how to troubleshoot it.

There are different types of errors that can occur. To help you find the solution, we have provided this guide. We hope it helps you solve the problem.

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