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Roku Netflix Error Easy Tricks To Fix

Roku Netflix Error – Easy Tricks To Fix Guide

For subscribers currently struggling with Roku Netflix Error, read on to find out how to fix it.

Most of the time, subscribers will discover that their Netflix App is no longer functioning with their Roku device. It doesn’t just happen; some factors trigger it.

Hence, in this write-up, we’ll try and summarize some of these factors and also recommend different methods of how you can easily fix them.

Why Netflix stops working on Roku?

Some of the issues that trigger this problem sometimes are from Netflix while the Roku device is also responsible for some.

For instance, you might discover that your Netflix App is no longer working when there is an update going on or when their server is completely down. In addition, if your internet connection is not reliable, it will affect the Netflix App in a great way.

How to fix Roku Netflix Error?

Let’s commence with some common ways to fix this before other drastic measures. Hardware issues can give rise to this Error especially when Roku offers an opportunity to upgrade and you don’t.

Check your Network Settings

When you’re not connected to the internet, there is no way Netflix will work on your device. Most times, the disconnection might happen accidentally without you being aware of it. If this is your situation, follow the guild line below to rectify it.

  1. Navigate to the home screen, then scroll to the Settings.
  2. Click on the Network section. This will enable you to check the status of your Roku connection.
  3. When it signifies, you’re properly connected, then you should check the connection button. This will help you test the strength.

After these, if you discover that your Roku device is humming along, then there is every tendency the router is the next point of call.

You need to reboot your connection in few minutes to fix it. Try Ethernet cable connection. Sometimes, it works well but when there is no headway, check the Roku home page for more information.

Restart your Roku

Most times the simplest thing to do ends up becoming the right one. Here, you need to switch off your Roku and turn it back again but you need to be patient for 1-2 minutes.

This little exercise will allow your Roku to do a soft reset, clear your RAM of bugs and also quit all your apps. After this, you can now plug it back in. This should solve the problem with the Netflix App.

Check for possible updates

If the App needs to be updated, then it can prevent it from working. This is not only peculiar to the Netflix App; some App will just start misbehaving whenever they need to be updated.

Normally, Roku checks for possible updates once you turn it on but that does not mean you can’t check for manual updates regularly.

Here are the guidelines to adhere to for manual update:

  1. From your home screen go to Settings Menu.
  2. Find and enter the System Option, next tab the software update selection.
  3. Lastly, click the Check Now button. It will automatically commerce update check on the Netflix App together with the Roku system.

Cross-check your Netflix account

When this happens, it may have nothing to do with your device. There is every tendency something might be wrong with your account.

Maybe you changed a payment method recently, your account might be restricted to support only a few streams, etc. Some things can go wrong. In case you’re not aware, Netflix bills you more money if you want to use different devices to stream. So, as you’re adding your friends, Netflix can limit your account.

Uninstall and redownload the Netflix App

You might also need to uninstall the Netflix App. This is just like turning the App off and turning it back again. The procedure varies based on the version of Roku you’re using. However, the two ways to remove the App are;

Through channel lineup

  • From the remote, press the home button.
  • Go towards the right until you get to the Netflix channel.
  • On the remote, tap on the Star button. This opens the options menu.
  • Tab on the Remove channel option, then confirm.

Through Roku Channel Store

  • Press the home button on your remote.
  • Click on the ‘Streaming button’ to open the store.
  • Search for Netflix, press the OK.
  • Select the ‘Remove channel option’, then confirm.

In Conclusion

That’s it! These are some of the ways you can adopt to correct your Netflix App whenever it refuses to work on your Roku device.

If none of the suggested solutions solved the Error, you might need to purchase another device but first, reach out to Roku for other options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Netflix App not functioning on my Roku device?

You need to check your network settings. the Netflix App does not work without a reliable internet connection. Therefore, proceed to the network section and confirm what the status is. If it’s actually connected, crosscheck the strength.

I keep receiving Netflix Errors. Why?

It shows there is a network connection problem that hinders your device from accessing the Netflix server. You can follow the steps already started on this article to resolve it.

How do I rectify the Netflix App Error on my Roku?

  1. Start over your Roku again
  2. Unplug the device from any power source, be patient for at least 10 seconds
  3. Plug the Roku device back in
  4. Press any remote button to turn it on
  5. Wait for 60 seconds
  6. Try Netflix again

Does disconnecting a Roku device reset it?

Roku won’t lose anything when you unplug it rather you’ve to wait for few minutes for it to boot. The loss of information or channels can only happen when you factory reset it.


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