how to connect Wifi In The Closet

Wifi In The Closet – Take Note Of These 5 Factors (Guide)

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You might question the reason why anybody will want to put WiFi in the closet of all places in your home. Maybe you want a place to hide the blinking lights and wires.

Many people have been asking if putting their wifi router in their closet and you may be thinking about trying this out. Usually putting a WIFI will decrease the signal into other areas of your home, but it depends on where your closet is in your home, and if it’s going to be a hindrance to your wifi signal strength.

There are 5 factors you might want to consider if you want to put your Wi-Fi in a closet.

5 Factors to Consider before you put your WIFI in the closet

  1. Possible Speed – A router should always be placed away from any form of an object due to interference with the signal. When you decide to put your router in a closet, you’re merely reducing the speed potential of your internet connection.
  2. Reduction in Coverage Area – Your coverage area will be reduced depending on your homes floor plan. For the best coverage, the router should be in an open area with no walls or any interference to make sure it receives sends and receives packet data without obstruction.
  3. Availability for an Electrical socket – Except if a built-in electrical socket is situated inside your closet, it won’t make much sense to plug-in your router in the bounds of a closet. But if you still want to go ahead with this, you might need to bore a hole right inside your closet and use an extension. Alternatively, you may decide to allow the cables to hang, if you do decide to do this then it’s important to consult a qualified electrician.
  4. Ethernet Connection Cables – In case you do not know, the majority of routers require an Ethernet connection which comprises of wires to effectively function. Even if you succeeded in putting an electrical socket in the closest, the Ethernet port might be a challenge.
  5. Wi-Fi Safety – This seems to be the only advantage when you place your Wi-Fi into a closet because it will be hidden from your kids and pets who are known to tinker and tamper with these things. The Other alternative is to place your router in a high place where dogs, cats and children can’t reach.

How to get Good Wifi Access In A cupboard?

There are several ways to see this through. In a situation where there is no built-in power outlet in your cupboard, you could opt for a powerline Ethernet adapter.

Simply connect one to the power outlet in the cupboard while the other should be connected elsewhere around the house. With this, your wired network will be extended without necessarily needing to run a new cable through the wall or under the floor. This is especially suitable in areas where it is difficult to run a cable and whose wireless range is obstructed by the structure of building around. There are powerline Ethernet adaptors that comprise a Wi-Fi access point.

Using wireless repeater is also another option. This can be placed around your home at a strategic point where it will be easy to receive a wireless signal from the cupboard. It will relay it further along to other parts of your home but It’s important to also check your router’s settings. Some routers can dial down the wireless signal power due to a small, yet little know power-saving feature, So double checking with your router’s settings to ascertain this is important before you encounter the headaches it creates with many people before you.

Ask yourself if there are any external antennae on your router? some routers have it, others don’t. By moving the wifi antennas around and tweaking the channels manually by trial and error, you might get a better signal.


To effectively use Wi-Fi from your router, it’s strongly recommended your router should be placed in an open room with thinner walls especially since the Wi-Fi signals will be interrupted by the walls particularly in a closet. Else, you can use repeaters to connect through powerline network or Ethernet. Ensure you position it in a room without bad connections. But if this is for wired connections via LAN, it’s perhaps fine as long as you the closet is kept circulated so your router or modem won’t overheat.


Is it possible to place a wireless router in a closet?

You can make better the signal by ensuring the direct surroundings of the modem or router are flawless, particularly in the directions you will prefer the signal to extend to. This means that the router should not be left in a closet, or put it between a wall or a big TV.

Can my Wi-Fi be placed in a cupboard?

Some powerline Ethernet adaptors comprise a wireless access point. This can be placed at a strategic position where it can easily receive wireless from the cupboard. Also, remember to check the router’s settings.

Is it bad to put a router in a cabinet?

The fact is that drawer box, pretty box, or a basket can inhibit hot air from flowing out of the router. This, in turn, increases the device temperature. Eventually, it could lead to overheating of your router. Even if your router doesn’t overheat, when it is tucked away, there is a tendency your connection will be slowed down.

Can I put a router outside?

Signals are sent to all directions from your router. So even if it is sent from a corner of your home, a major percentage of your wireless coverage is being directed outside your home. Preferably, let the router be in a central location to optimize the signal.

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