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Xfinity Stream APP Not Working

Xfinity Stream APP Not Working – How To Fix (Guide)

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Is your Xfinity Stream APP not working properly then follow this short troubleshooting guide to get a fix today.

This is an application by Comcast that gives access to subscribers that make use of Xfinity cable to use their device and watch television. Both Android and Apple users can make use of this application on their devices. With it, you can watch live sports, different news channels, movies, including various on-demand TV shows, using any mobile device of your choice at your convenience.

As much as this app can be used to watch different channels, including TV shows, it has some issues. In some cases, the app will stop showing some channels. Apart from this, sometimes, you might notice that the DVR recording will suddenly refuse to play. In fact, once there is an issue with the app, you definitely cannot use it for anything. In this write-up, the primary causes of this problem will be explained, and specific solutions will also be proffered to resolve it.

Causes of Xfinity Stream App Not Working

Some of the reasons why you may encounter this problem include the following:

  • When the app is not updated.
  • When there is no active network on your device.
  • When there is a corrupted program on your device.

Xfinity Stream app problems and how to fix them.

Listed below are some common problems with the Xfinity Stream app and what to do to fix them.

A program you downloaded won’t play

After downloading a program and you discover it’s not playing or that it might have been corrupted, follow the steps below:

  • First, you need to uninstall the program and download it again.
  • When downloading, make sure that your in-home Xfinity network is connected before you start downloading.
  • As you are downloading, ensure your internet connection remains intact. If you lose the connection, there is every tendency that the downloading file will get corrupted again.

Inability to stream with the Xfinity App away from home.

If you can’t stream anything with your Xfinity app, especially when you’re away from home, do the following:

  • If you’re currently on the X1 package with cloud-based DVR, make use of the cloud to record movies and TV shows.
  • Once you’re not close to your in-home Xfinity network, use chrome on your smartphone to access the Stream app or Xfinity Stream portal.
  • You can use your tablet or mobile device to stream any completed recordings.

Alternatively, while connected to any wireless network, you can use that opportunity to download any available recordings. You can also manage your scheduled recording with your streaming app even you’re away from your in-home Xfinity network.

Incapable of casting the Xfinity Stream app.

If you can’t cast the Xfinity app from your phone to a Television, follow the steps below;

  • Make use of Roku to stream the content.
  • Use a Chromecast to connect a PC to your TV.
  • Make use of HDMI cable.

Note: You must understand that Comcast, the leading company behind the services of Xfinity, does not support casting any matter the form. So to watch any content using an app, you must have a compatible device.

Xfinity Stream app is not functioning on Roku

There are several reasons why the Xfinity Stream app seems to have issues with Roku. For instance, when there is no reliable network connection, you can get an error message. To fix it, do the following;

  • You can use your Roku’s remote and then click on OK.
  • From the current lineup, which you’ve, reselect all the channels.
  • Then resume streaming

In a situation where your app refuses to work as a result of an error message “saying you’ve reached the streaming limit,” then at this point, you must end the current streaming section on your first device.

Still, on Roku, other things you can do include:

  • Whenever you’re finding it difficult to watch any content, you need to log out & log back into the beta channel.
  • Recheck your network connection to ensure you’ve reliable internet access.
  • You can also reset the username and password of your Roku account.

Note: You still need to ensure the app you’re using on your Roku is compatible.

Continuous freezing of Xfinity Stream app

Whenever you notice your application freezes frequently, you can do the following;

  • You need to Power-cycle the device.
  • Try and close the app and re-try again to open it.
  • Logout of the app and login again.
  • You need the latest version. Uninstall the former application and reinstall it again.

The steps listed above can also be applied when the app is working on your Smart TV.

Xfinity Stream app not functioning on Fire Stick

The app needs to be compatible with your device before you can use it. So once you’re finding it difficult to use the app on your fire stick, there is every tendency the app is not compatible. You should use a different fire device like Fire HD 10, Fire Phone, Fire HD 8, etc.


Once you notice that the Xfinity Stream app is not working on the device you’re using; you can start with troubleshooting the problem to ascertain the primary cause. One of the simple fixes you can apply is to uninstall the program with a corrupted file or power-cycle your device. Also, your app must be compatible with the device before it can function. Often, just by following the recommended solutions in most cases is enough to solve the problem. However, peradventure, it still didn’t work out, reach out to the customer support department.


Is it possible to set my favorite channels using the Xfinity Stream App?

Yes, you can set up your favorite channel via the “All Channels tab.” Just press the star icon that is located very close to the channel logs and numbers.

Is it possible to stream through devices wirelessly connected to my business Wi-Fi network?

Yes. When you’re connected to your Comcast Business Wi-Fi network, Stream TV will definitely work.

When using a VPN, Can I still use the Stream app at home?

No. The Stream app only functions around your business environs while connected to your Comcast network.

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