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Xfinity What Does RDK 03117 Mean

Xfinity What Does RDK 03117 Mean – How To Fix (Guide)

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Xfinity TV is the best family entertainment qualitative Cable TV service in the country, featuring high speeds and excellent quality. The monthly charges are also minimal, and there are no hidden fees to worry about. Additionally, you definitely don’t have to worry about any extra wiring or even cables. This is mainly because Xfinity offers entertainment services via the Internet through Xfinity Stream, via phone, and Cable TV. As an Xfinity customer, you have a chance to power as many TVs as you want for a premium experience.

That said, I have personally come across many people complaining that their set-top Boxes rarely work, and most of the time, it says RDK-03117. Customers also claim that after contacting Xfinity, the company usually sends a code that has never worked either. So what are some of the best ways to fix this error?

What is happening?

Before I guide you through the various steps of solving this issue, you have to understand better what is happening and what you can do. For the best level of quality, some smaller boxes are connected with each TV. Needless to say, how you can rely on Xfinity for your favorite TV shows, nothing works without flaws, and some of the common errors will definitely impact your experience. Xfinity understands that there are different issues and errors that your device can fall into. Consequently, there is an error log and a small screen that shows error codes to help you know where the problem is coming from. One common error, in this case, is the RDK 03117.

So what does this error code mean?

This error code means that the smaller boxes or the X1 cable Box are not getting any type of transmission. Before you think of solving this error, you need to understand the root cause and diagnose the issue. There are many reasons why you have transmission errors. Here are several reasons for the error and ways to troubleshoot the problem.

Reasons for RDK 03117 error

As indicated earlier, this issue can be caused by several reasons. Here is a list of some common reasons why you’re getting the RDK 03117 error code. Understanding the root cause is the first step in solving a problem.

  • Poor connection-The error code shows that one of the Boxes or the X1 Box has a poor connection to the Comcast Network. This is why the box cannot get the needed quality.
  • Something is preventing boxes from getting the quality-If something is preventing the box from receiving the needed signal quality; it will not work as needed, and definitely, more issues will arise from that.
  • Transmission issues from Xfinity-If you are getting this error code for a short period of time, it means there’s a transmission error from Xfinity and is likely to clear in a short whole. You can as well contact the company to inquire about the issue. That would make sure you are not trying to handle an issue out of your hands.

Troubleshooting the error code

As I stated above, the success in troubleshooting a problem highly relies on the quality of diagnoses. This means you should be able to detect the root cause and address the main concern from here. Before jumping into any step, you should be certain that you found the culprit that could be ranging the small connectors. With that information, head straight below for some viable methods of solving this issue.

Where is the error?

In the process of diagnosing the issue, you should be able to detect where the error is coming from. Is the error from the main Cable Box or the smaller Set-top Boxes?

Error on the Main Cable Box

In case the error is coming from the Main Cable Box, then it means there’s no connection. The cables could be tied loosely, or the main box is faulty. You will probably be unable to use the TV service in your home until you correct the issue at hand.

Error from Smaller Set-Top Boxes

In case the error is coming from the smaller set-Boxes, it means everything else in your area is working fine, but you still have to check several things. There might be issues with the cable that connects the smaller set-top boxes to the main box.

Common solutions

You were definitely able to rule out where the error is coming from. After that, utilize any of the below solutions to see if it will work for you.

Check the connectors

You need to thoroughly and keenly check the cables and make sure they are connected tightly and in working conditions in both instances. If the error is coming from the main Cable Box, check the cable for damages or bends. Try to disconnect the cables and connect back them again. If the problem is from the smaller top-boxes, check the cable that connects the smaller Boxes to the main box.

Restarting the top Boxes

In both instances, restarting the Boxes will seamlessly solve the issue. To restart the Boxes, unplug them from the power supply and wait for few minutes before you get the power on again. This should work for both main and smaller-Boxes.

Resetting the Box

If none of the above methods work, you have a chance to reset the top Boxes. To reset the main Cable Box, long-press the power button until the screen flashes. The box will also say Booting, give it enough time to Boot, and solve the problem.


How can I contact Xfinity Customer service?

If all the above methods don’t really do the trick, you can contact Xfinity, and the support will reset the gateway and guide you along. Use 1-800-XFINITY or contact the company here.

What does RDK 1000 mean?

This error means that your box communicates with the other Boxes, but it’s not enough for activation. It may also mean you haven’t activated the main box.

How do I fix my Comcast RDK 03004?

Make sure the cables are well connected, you can as well restart the Boxes, reset the box if the problem persists, or Call the customer support for help.

Final verdict

There are common errors you are likely to come across when using Xfinity Cable Box. One of them is RDK 03117. To solve most of these issues, understand the main cause, and know how to approach the problem using any of the methods mentioned earlier.

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