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Eero Mesh 6 review

Eero Mesh 6 Review – Is It Worth It?

Eero was actually the first company to popularize mesh networking for homes. This groundbreaking technology has fixed wifi issues for millions of people. Over time, the eero mesh network has earned a reputation for a simple setup and reliable broadcasting of wifi connections throughout your home. The eero 6 mesh wifi has plenty of impressive features for the users. Let’s start with one of the recent developments from the world of mesh routers.

We are talking about wifi 6 which is the latest, fastest and most advanced version of wifi that’s available in the market today. That said, is eero mesh a good enough upgrade for you or should you look for other options?

Eero 6 overview

Eero 6 is the second new version of the eero mesh router after Amazon acquired the company back in 2019. As mentioned earlier, it comprises of full support for the wifi 6. The good thing is the prices remain reasonable and affordable for most. The cost of a three-piece setup is $279 while the two-piece setup comprising of an eero 6 router and a single range-extending satellite is at $199. The truth is the wifi 6 functionality and all the merits of mesh networking make this quite a good option. But there are also some caveats to keep in mind.

Although Amazon claims their eero 6 mesh router can reach top speeds of about 900Mbps, the speeds tend to be limited. For instance, this particular mesh network is mainly recommended for the homes with internet connections going up to 500Mbps.

This may not work well for some people especially those looking for gigabit speeds. The top speeds of 500Mbps are actually way beneath the capability of the wifi 6. This means that if you are paying for internet speeds more than that, you might want to look for another option. The eero 6 mesh router is not designed to fully take advantage of gigabit speeds or even anything above 600Mbps.

In that case, there are other mesh router brands that are tri-band. A tri-band router has the 2.4 and 5GHz bands, together with a second 5GHz band solely dedicated to transferring data between the router and satellites. Unfortunately, the eero 6 mesh is dual-band and it lacks this key feature that’s required to get the most out of your wifi 6. This mesh network comes at a reasonable price which is good for most people but it falls short of the expectations in some ways. The performance it offers may not be what you’re looking for in a mesh network system.

Design and specs

The eero 6 three pack comes in a small, tidy box in which you will find all the devices required to setup the mesh system. The devices look identical but one is meant to serve as the main mesh router. It consists of the USB-C power port and two gigabit Ethernet jacks. The other devices are the range-extending satellites and these don’t include any Ethernet jacks.

Since one of the Ethernet jacks on the main router will be used to wire the modem, you only have a single Ethernet jack for your hardwired connection. This won’t work for the people with lots of streaming devices, smart home hubs and gaming consoles all of which require a wired connection. Furthermore, it will not be possible to wire the range extenders back to the router for faster internet connections.

Looking at the specs, the eero 6 router is basically an AX1800 device. It runs on a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with a 512MB of RAM and 4GB flash storage. In addition, it supports 2×2 MU-MIMO connections, meaning you can use two antennas to split the connection between two separate devices at a time. We can all agree it’s an impressive feature. Aside from this, the eero 6 router also includes a zigbee radio. This allows you connect smart devices like the smart locks and smart lights with Alexa without necessarily getting an extra zigbee hub.

Performance and speeds

In terms of performance and speeds, the eero 6 mesh network seems to be lagging behind. As a matter of fact, among all the mesh routers tested, eero has recorded slower average speeds. The biggest issue with this particular mesh router is poor band steering. With eero 6, there is a single network which automatically steers you from one band to the next. This is unlike other routers that usually split the 2.4 and 5GHz bands into two networks. You’re left with the choice to pick either of the two separate networks.

Now the problem with the eero 6 mesh is in the system’s band steering feature. At first, it steers you correctly and the speeds are fast enough. However, as you move about from one part of the house to another, it malfunctions and still leaves you on the much slower band. This means the speeds might plummet when you move farther away from the router.

Installation and setup process

There isn’t much involved in the setup process. Most of the mesh networks are pretty easy to setup and it would only take a few minutes. All you have to do is plug the eero router into your modem and then into a power outlet. Afterward, follow the onboarding instructions on the app through your Android or iOS device. You’ll be required to name the network, pick a password and eventually add your satellites.

Many of the mesh routers have an app that allows easy setup without any hitches. The eero app is well-designed and actually easy to navigate. It’s really uncomplicated and you won’t have trouble with knowing what to do. But keep in mind, a simple app also means there are less advanced features. For instance, you can’t use the app to prioritize traffic to particular devices.

Final word

At the price, the eero 6 mesh system offers great value for our money. Besides, the system does quite a decent job at maintaining steady internet connections. However, the poor band steering could potentially bring down your average speeds.

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