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What is DirecTV Double Play?

What is DirecTV Double Play – Here’s What You Need To Know

As technology changes daily, new features are being introduced to reduce time wastage and improve functionality. The biggest Improvement in DirecTV is a DoublePlay feature that helps users easily toggle between two channels with ease. The Video recorder will be recording content from the two of them at the same time. DirecTV is a satellite TV service that gives users a chance to watch a couple of channels. The feature works through DirecTV receiver.

To Launch the DoublePlay, you just need to press the down arrow of the DirecTV remote. However, I have to admit that you cannot easily turn off or exit the Double Play feature. This means that pressing the ‘’Exit” button on the remote will probably not work. Luckily, it halts automatically if it’s not used in two hours. If you will not wait for two hours, there are a few methods to bypass the feature as explained in this brief.

How to use Double Play on DirecTV

To use the Double Play, you should have a Plus DVR or Plus HD DVR. If you already have any of these, then follow the steps below to start using Double Play feature on DirecTV.

Step 1: Press the ‘’Down” Button on the remote

The first step is to press the Down Button while watching your favorite content, a game or a TV show.

Step 2: Press the down Button again

The next step is to press the Down Button again as a method of activating the Double Play feature. After pressing the down Button, select a different channel and you’ll watch. After this, the DirecTV DVR will be commanded to record the two shows or games.

Step 3: User the down button to switch between the two channels

In case you want to switch from one channel to the other, it will be very easy because you are only needed to Press the Down Button. Users can as well choose ‘’Pause” or ‘’Rewind” while watching the two games.

How to Disable DoublePlay Feature

Power down the DVR

The easiest method to halt the DoublePlay Feature is powering down the DVR while ensuring the receiver is off for at least 5 minutes. This will automatically stop the DoublePlay session. Users can as well run a system test by simply pressing the remote’s menu Button and heading to Settings and Help. This can equally stop the DoublePlay feature.

Bypassing the DoublePlay feature

Instead of using the remote’s down arrow buttons, users can bypass the DoublePlay feature. This is easy if you change channels through a channel guide or by easily using the Channel Button on the remote. It’s important to note that you retain access to all subscribed channels during this feature. A newly selected channel replaces the previous channel in this feature.

Watch Two Programs at the same time with DirecTV

There are many other ways of watching two DirecTV programs. If you are an old fun of TV programs, you probably know it’s easy to switch between two channels. Most people think it’s hard with DirecTV. Now suppose you want to watch the ‘’Botched” and your wife wants to watch ‘’BBC”. The new DoublePlay feature makes it easy for you to watch the two programs without losing the buffer.

Older DirecTV HD DVRs

You probably have everything you need to be flipping back and forth between two programs if you already have HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23 and HR24 DVRs. To do this, turn the Channel on and press the Down arrow on the remote. A message will be displayed on the lower right. Repeat the same process again and press the down arrow. This way, the channel will change. Now depending on where you are, it might change to channel 2 or Channel 201. Now you can change to the channel that you want to watch.

After this, you can switch between the two channels, without losing either station. It’s also very easy to pause or rewind any of the programs. The DVRs will give you 90 minute buffers and if it needs to record anything, it will ask you.

DirecTV THR22 DVR (TiVo)

With this DVR, it’s very easy because the two Buffers are always going on. But remember with a TiVo, you will only get 30-minute buffers. Another thing, TiVo doesn’t give a warning message when it wants to start recording. This means that there’s a chance of losing a program.

DirecTV Genie DVR and Genie Client

With this DVR, you can use Double Play feature as explained above. But in this, you also have another option Picture-in-Picture which allows you a chance to watch the video from both programs at the same time and switch between them. You can actually have two programs side-by-side or choose to make one program big and the other one small on the screen. To use this feature, follow the steps below.

  • Press Info button on the DirecTV remote
  • Press the right arrow to highlight PiP feature
  • Select the PiP feature and choose where you want the PiP window to be.

It’s important to note that when changing the channels, the remote will directly be impacting the bigger picture. To impact or change the smaller one, you should step the down arrow and swap the images. The sound will also follow the bigger picture. With this feature, you can be switching between the bigger and smaller picture if you want to follow up with something.

How much does DirecTV cost?

DirecTV packages vary in prices and the features. The first-year prices are good but going to the second year, you won’t like what you get. Luckily, the provider includes lots of channels and a Genie DVR which seems as a good deal. I personally think that DirecTV can be an industry leader if they stopped the price hikes.

DirecTV has a two years contract that you have to sign to get the services. This is definitely the reason why the prices are probably hiking after the first year. Secondly, you might have to pay an Early Termination Fees in case you want to switch providers. The biggest bummer with the DirecTV packages is the price hikes after the first year. It’s clear that the prices might double if you don’t take any actions to bargain and get discounts.

Take for example the $69.99 per month package which will skyrocket to $115 during the second year. This is a premier package and one of the most subscribed packages on DirecTV but a price hike of almost double the price is the biggest scam.

As I’ve already explained, it will be a pain to get out of DirecTV’s contract early. The Early Termination fees can be as high as $20 for every remaining month. So, you have to be careful if you want DirecTV for the channels they offer or because it’s your only option. You have to factor in the facts that the prices will hike after the first year and you will pay a lot of money to terminate the contract.

Despite the fact that DirecTV gives you free installation and a DVR, there are few other fees that you will have to pay. You might have to pay for installation and Monthly equipment fees for additional receivers for your children or another occupant. The company also asks for a regional sports fee of $9.99 per month and additional installation fee of $99 for additional receivers. For additional receivers, you will pay $7 every month. But DVR service fee and the initial installation fees are included.

Additionally, DirecTV tosses a free subscription to HBO max for the first year. You will also get Free Subscription to Starz, Epix, Cinemax and Showtime for the first three months. However, you must remember to cancel the subscription after the year ends otherwise you will end up paying $57 per month.

Which DirecTV package should you pick?

There are several factors that play a great role in choosing the best DirecTV package for you. Firstly, what are your needs? Are you a sports fanatic or a movies fan that wants to have the best of these channels? Secondly, what is the budget and the amount you’re willing and able to pay for specific packages? After answering these two questions, you can choose DirecTV starter packages. This is the best for entertainment because you’ll have all the family’s favorite channels such as CNN, HGTV and Disney Channels. However, there are certain channels that you will miss out with this package which are TeenNick and TV Land. But you’ll get Lifetime Movie Network and ESPN in return.

The choice package on the other hand is the best for Sports-watching families. With this package, users get additional sports channels such as NFL network Sunday on DirecTV. The package also includes a nice bonus from the provider. You will actually get a free subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket for the contract time. This way, you will have access to all out of market NFL games.

The Ultimate Package adds channels for Movie lovers. You will have access to Encore Drama, Encore action and several other Movie channels. If you really like watching trending Drama series and action Movies, this is definitely the best Package for you. It’s the best for Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer funs. The package throws in some kid’s channels such as Boomerang and PBS kids.

Lastly, you can consider the Premier package if you want everything in the same page. The package is for movie lovers because it includes 45+ Premium channels like Starz, Showtime and Cinemax among many others.

DirecTV’s selling tip is their awesome packages and the fact that you don’t have to pay for the top-tier packages to get the channels you want. DirecTV gives you plenty of channels to choose from. Ach package includes a different list of channels but you will most probably get ABC Family, Animal Planet, CNN, HGTV, Lifetime Movie Network, Fox News, Food Network, ESPN, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, TNT, TBS, Turner Classic movies, Nickelodeon and several others with the DirecTV’s Entertainment package.

DirecTV choice only comes with 12 main channels including PBS, PBS Kids Sprout, Encore Action, Encore drama, Style Network, Boomerang, Sundance Channel, The Movie Channel and few others. DirecTV Premier Plan is the topmost package with some of the best channels. You will get HBO2, HBO family, Flix, Encore Love, Encore Family, ESPN Classic, Outdoor channel, Starz Cinema, Starz Edge, Showtime Showcase, Starz Comedy, Starz Kids and Family and few others.

Is DirecTV a good Satellite TV provider?

DirecTV is a little pricy but it includes some of the best Channel selections. I personally didn’t like the contract and the price hikes after the first year. This is a big bummer but still you will get a couple of benefits from DirecTV. Double Play feature is an important addition to the DirecTV packages giving users a chance to record more than one movie or TV shows. Beyond the price hikes and the contract, DirecTV is a good option for Sports fanatics, movie lovers and big families.


How do I get rid of Double Play on Directv?

There several ways to get rid of double play on DirecTV. However, the best method is to power down the DVR. You should leave the receiver off for about 10 minutes to cancel the double play. Other methods that can stop double Play are either by running a system test and pressing the remote’s Menu Button and heading to the settings.

Is DirecTV playback free?

DirecTV is very easy to use. Access to On-Demand titles is included on all the packages you pick from DirecTV. You can watch movies and TV shows at no extra charge.


The double Play feature from DirecTV is a sentimental addition to the DirecTV packages giving users a chance to watch and record two programs at the same time. This means that you don’t have to miss out on your two favourite programs. You can switch between the two easily. Furthermore, there are few other ways to watch two programs simultaneously on DirecTV as explained above.

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