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What Channel Is Sundance On DirecTV

What Channel Is Sundance On DirecTV? – Updated Guide 2022

As a movie junkie, you’re probably dying to discover what channel is Sundance on DirecTV. But with streaming services everywhere, some people consider cable TV a bit too conventional. Cord-cutting has become the new norm. However, pay-TV service is still a charm for millions of people no matter how many streaming platforms emerge.

Besides, TV service providers like DirecTV have upped their game and revamped the features that come with their services. You will get the same level of convenience that’s often associated with streaming services.

Sundance offers extensive programming that covers various genres. It’s impossible to run out of movies and TV shows on the Sundance channel. It features documentaries, short films, comedy, drama, crime series, miniseries, and much more.

One look at Sundance TV

Sundance TV (formerly known as Sundance Channel) is a pay-TV channel owned by AMC Networks. This TV network was launched in 1996, and since then, it has secured a solid spot in the world of entertainment and cable TV carriage. It’s actually named after ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’, which is a Robert Redford’s character. While Sundance TV is really an extension of Redford’s Sundance Institute, it runs independently.

In 2013, the channel became fully ad-supported. The following year it underwent a major brand makeover. Initially, Sundance TV primarily aired documentaries, short films, independent feature films, and coverage of the yearly Sundance Film Festival developments. But it now showcases originals alongside its renowned acquired shows. This means you have plenty to watch on just one channel. That said, Sundance TV also has sister channels including AMC, WE TV, BBC American and IFC.

Sundance TV channel is accessible to approximately 60 million households with a television in the US. This is a notable figure, and it’s expected to keep going up.

What channel is Sundance on DirecTV?

Sundance TV offers extensive programming. This is due to the fact that it incorporated both original productions and acquired programming over time. Thus, there is more than enough to keep the subscribers entertained all day and every day. It gets even better when the Sundance channel comes with a DirecTV subscription. You will not only be able to save a great chunk of money but also receive a ton of incredible TV channels on the lineup.

The first thing is to find a DirecTV package that will work for you and also includes Sundance TV on the channel lineup. Once you’re all set, it would be time to catch one of those recently premiered thrillers. Before that, the next step is to find the channel number you can watch Sundance TV on DirecTV. Well, this should be a piece of cake with our help. Check below for the Sundance channel number on DirecTV.

Channel Name Channel Number
Sundance TV HD 239

Popular shows featured on Sundance TV

With Sundance TV, there is no way you can limit yourself to a specific genre. This channel basically has it all. We are talking about crime shows, reality shows, documentaries, miniseries, comedy series, and a lot more. Sundance will cultivate in you a diverse taste in entertainment. We will give a flavor of what’s on the Sundance TV programming.

A Discovery of Witches

This series is graced by the most amazing performers, namely Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer. It’s based on the All Souls Trilogy by none other than Deborah Harkness. This sensual series is basically about a witch and vampire who join forces to unravel some very dark secrets. Even if you are not one to watch supernatural shows, A Discovery of Witches is compelling and appealing enough to get your attention.


Cheat is an interesting show based on a precarious relationship between a professor and her student. While it starts on a predictable note, things quickly change, and unforeseen twists emerge. Academic deception quickly spirals out of control and brings devastating consequences that might change the lives of the people involved. Cheat is more of a suspenseful game of cat and mouse that makes it irresistible with every new episode.

The Little Drummer Girl

This spy thriller is based on a popular novel. It’s set in the 1970s and follows a young actress with a quickly budding career. Unfortunately, she finds herself entangled in an international plot that involves terrorism, assassins, and betrayal.

The Bureau

The Bureau is a captivating French thriller. It follows the lives and missions of the people working for Frances’s equivalent of the CIA. There are plenty of tense moments, elaborate schemes, and exciting missions to keep you coming back for more.

The Commons

This is an Australian series that’s set in the near future. It explores motherhood, hope, and, most important of all, climate change. Even as the world faces the destructive changes brought about by climate change, a neuropsychologist is desperately trying to conceive a child. The uncertain future doesn’t deter her from going for a lifelong dream. The Commons is quite well-acted and surely worth your time.


This is a British crime drama series. It centers on Alex, the son of a British mafia boss in London. While his father tries everything to escape the word of organized crime, Alex is drawn back in for revenge and survival. If I were you, I wouldn’t miss out on this show for anything.


Streaming platforms are everywhere and make it easy to stream movies and TV shows in an instant. That said, many people actually prefer traditional pay-tv services. Watch endless movies and incredible TV shows on Sundance TV with DirecTV.


What is the Sundance Now channel?

This is an affordable and convenient streaming service. It has lots of content ranging from blockbusters, documentaries, TV shows, reality shows, indie films, and so much more.

Is Sundance Now available on DirecTV?

Sundance Now is actually a streaming service. As such, it’s not on DirecTV. However, the Sundance Channel is available on DirecTV on channel 239.

How can I watch Sundance?

Sundance is carried by a majority of the satellite and cable TV providers. You can also watch it live without cable using streaming services like Sling TV, Philo, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV.

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