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fubotv review

FuboTV Review – Is It Worth It in 2021

Kissing goodbye to cable subscription doesn’t mean you’ll no longer be able to watch prime-time shows or live sporting events. Oh yes, thanks to video streaming services like fuboTV, you can keep up with your favorite TV shows, movies, and sporting event if you decide to cut the cords.

FuboTV is ahead of the pack when it comes to delivering exceptional entertainment content. Not just that, they also offer users’ exclusive access to over 100 sports channels while delivering outstanding performance.

Where fuboTV shines is that they cover major sports and leagues at all level (local, national international), making them the number one destination for sports enthusiasts who want to stay up to date with their favorite sporting events.

Some of fuboTV’s biggest letdowns remain the fact that their services are on the high side, plus they only offer 720p streams for a majority of their live content. More so, they are missing popular channels like regional Fox sports and ESPN. That said, fuboTV remains a solid choice for cord-cutters who want to stream a variety of sporting contents.

FuboTV Summery

One of the reasons fuboTV has become the number one choice for live TV lovers is the fact that they boast of an impressive sports lineup. With fuboTV Standard plan, you’ll get exclusive access to national sports programming from top channels like Fox, NBC, CBS, TBS, NFL Networks, NBA TV, TNT, and the Golf Channel.

And if you love international sports channels, rest assured that fuboTV has you covered as they offer a vast array of top international sports channels like GOL TV, beIN Sports, TUDN, and Fox Deportes. And depending on where you live, you may be able to get access to top regional sports networks in that area.

For people who have no idea, regional sports networks are uniquely set up to serve specific locations with sporting contents exclusive to that area. The likes of MSG, YES, New York City, and SNY are all RSNs

Like cable TV services, FuboTV is subject to the same restrictions and blackouts; what this means is that individual sports leagues have a say on what is aired in each local market. The implication here is that customers won’t be able to stream local networks outside of their own. However, national sports broadcasts are not subject to these restrictions, so you can stream regardless of your location.

While we are impressed with fuboTV’s channel lineup, we are not particularly happy that they are missing ESPN. As a matter of fact, none of their plans or unique add-ons includes ESPN programming. For us, this is a deal-breaker that could push sports lovers to consider other streaming services.

For those who think this isn’t a big deal, we are happy to inform you that fuboTV has earned the exclusive rights to air live sporting events, and that includes Monday Night Football.

How does FuboTV compare with other live TV services?

One of the live TV streaming services that come close to fuboTV is Hulu with live TV. Thanks to Hulu with Live TV, you’ll get exclusive access to top ESPN channels, including ESPN News, ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN 2, ESPN Bases Loaded, and ESPN College Extra.

But despite Hulu’s generous offering of ESPN channels, they are missing some of fuboTV’s NFL Networks, including international sports channels.

With YouTube, you’ll enjoy access to MLB Networks and four ESPN channels. And just like Hulu with Live TV, YouTube is missing NFL networks and all international sporting channels offered by fuboTV.

When it comes to sports coverage, AT&T TV Now’s basic package is a tad disappointing. Although they offer exclusive access to ESPN and ESPN 2, important sports channels like Fox Sports 2, CBS Sports Network, NBA TV, MLB Network and RSNs, are restricted to their higher price tiers, which doesn’t make it suitable for people on a budget.

The likes of Sling TV are still playing catchup as both of their combined plans are missing important sports channel. To come close to what you’ll get with other Live TV streaming services, you’ll need to combine Sling TV plans with their Sports Extras add-on, which will no doubt significantly increase your billing.

Where fuboTV is lacking

While you can’t take it away from fuboTV that they are doing an impressive job, fuboTV no longer offers regional Fox Sports Networks. This can be a hard nut to crack for sports fans as these channels are the only way they can stream NBA, MLB NHL, and NFL teams.

Thankfully, Hulu and AT&T TV Now aren’t turning their backs against sports lovers as they still offer access to regional Fox sports networks. So if you want to keep up with your favorite NBA, MLB, and NFL teams, you’ll want to consider either Hulu with Live TV or AT&T TV Now.

To beef up its sports lineup; fuboTV offers exciting bundle plans that include fantastic entertainment and news programming. With channels like Turner Network, Discovery and Viacom available on fuboTV channel list, we doubt you’ll ever run out of what to watch. Other impressive channels you’ll find on fuboTV include;

  • Animal planet
  • HGTV
  • Food Network
  • AMC
  • Syfy
  • Weather Channel
  • Discovery Channel
  • National Geographic
  • FX
  • USA
  • Travel Channel

Even kids are not left out of the fun as fuboTV features amazing collections of kids’ programming. Although fuboTV is missing Disney Channels, your kids will have a swell time watching great channels like Cartoon Network, Universal Kids, Nick Jr., and Nickelodeon.

Again, fuboTV isn’t doing too badly with its news lineup. With a good selection of news channels like CBSN, Fox News, BBC America, NBC, and MSNBC, you can now easily keep up with happenings around the world. On top of that, FuboTV offers you exclusive access to financial news via top channels like Fox Business, CNBC, and Cheddar Business.

When it comes to local broadcast channels, fuboTV also has a decent selection of local broadcast affiliates like Fox, NBC, and CBS. And while it is missing ABC, Disney, and ESPN, the reason could be because Disney exclusively owns these channels.

FuboTV Pricing and Platforms

FuboTV offers lots of exciting plans you can explore. Read on to find all the packages offered by fuboTV along with their pricing.

Standard plan

With fuboTV, there is a plan for everyone. The fubo Standard plan, which is their basic plan costs $54.99 per month. With this plan, you’ll enjoy over 100 channels, plus some extra perks to sweeten the deal.

Family plan

Their Family plan, which costs $59.99 per month, offers the same channels you’ll get with their standard package, but the difference here is that this package comes with their cloud DVR with increased storage from 30 to 500 hours. That’s not all; fuboTV family plan also offers Family Share extra, which increases the simultaneous stream from 2 to 3 devices. If you were to include these add-ons separately, you’d have to pay $5.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively.

For people interested in Showtime channels along with exciting features from fuboTV, you can explore their $69.99 plan.

Fubo Ultra plan

FuboTV Ultra plan comes with a lot of perks you don’t want to miss. With price pegged at $79.99 a month, Fubo Ultra plan expands on its family plan with Showtime option by including fubo Extra and Sports Plus add-ons to the mix.

On its own, the fubo extra plan costs $5.99 a month and offers access to top channels like Cooking Channel, BBC World News, TeenNick, DIY Network, and SCI. Similarly, their Sports Plus package, which starts at $8.99 per month, unlocks access to NBA TV, NFL RedZone, Tennis Channels, and Stadium.

With over 170 channels up for watch, fuboTV’s Ultra plan will make a fantastic choice.

Futbo Quarterly plan

For avid sports lovers, the Futbol Quarterly plan from fuboTV has you covered. With 30 sports channels including beIN Sports, GOL TV Spanish, CNN en Español, Unimas, TUDN, Nat Geo Mundo, and others making it to their channel list, you’re in for a fantastic time. And guess what, this package only cost $24.99, which we think is a decent plan to jump on.

Not impressed with their standard package and want to take things up a notch? Well, you can take advantage of fuboTV’s add-ons. Here is a list of their add-on plans along with pricing.

  • Fubo Cycling ($11.99)
  • Adventure Plus ($4.99)
  • NBA League Pass ($28.99

You can also try their Latino plus package if you’re interested in international content. With channels like Discovery Familia, Fox Deportes, Cine CNN Español, Sony, and others making it to this package, you can kiss goodbye to boring days.

In addition to international content, fuboTV also offers an add-on it calls Portugués Plus. Starting at $14.99 per month, this package includes three innovative channels, including Benfica TV, Gol TV Spanish, and RTP Internacional.

How fuboTV pricing compares to other video streaming services

FuboTV’s pricing is on the high side, especially if you compare it with other live streaming services. Streaming platforms like YouTube TV costs $49.99 and offers access to over 70 channels depending on your location. The likes of Hulu with Live TV go toe to toe with fuboTV’s $54.99 a month package. More so, Hulu with Live TV features around 70 channels, which is close to what you get with fuboTV.

Sling TV is reasonably priced and costs $45 a month; however, they are way behind fuboTV and offer around 50 channels.

For people who want to watch live TV but don’t want to go overboard with their budget, there are tons of options waiting for you. With the likes of ESPN+ that costs $4.99, you’ll enjoy a good selection of live sporting events. Although you’ll be missing core ESPN programming and the famous Monday Night Football, you’ll still enjoy quality sports content for less.

For Boxing, MMA, and soccer fans, you can keep up with your favorite sporting content with Dazn. While it is pricier and starts at $19.99 per month, you’ll enjoy live coverage of your favorite sports. Philo falls below the pecking order as they don’t offer sports programming or local channels. That said, their trove of entertainment lineups is all yours for $20 a month.

FuboTV compatible devices

Fubo TV is highly compatible and can be streamed on tons of devices. From web to Android to iOS, you can now stream fuboTV on the go. Not just that, fuboTV also works seamlessly on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku devices, Apple TV, and Chromecast. While game consoles aren’t currently supported, we hope they consider including it in future updates.

If you’d like to get a sneak-peek of their services, feel free to sign up for their free seven days trial. Similar to other streaming services, fuboTV supports streaming on two devices simultaneously.

FuboTV web interface

FuboTV features a clean and compact web interface. And to keep things decent and straightforward, their website uses a combo of gray, white, orange, and black colors for emphasis.

Their top menu is segmented into five sections: Movies, series, Guide, Sports, and recording. Thanks to these five menu options, you can easily navigate the platform to find content that interest you.

To access Help Centre and account settings, simply navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and you’ll be able to tweak these critical options. What we particularly love about the fuboTV web interface is its default home page that lists contents across several categories. From Featured to Live Now to Popular Movies and other hubs for sports content, their default home page is simple and pretty decent.

They also have a dedicated Sports tab that shows users a blend of feature events via a top-level slider. The juicy part is that they also let you record your favorite sporting events using DVR. This way, you can record a show now and stream later.

All your favorite sports categories appear at the top, and you can filter it based on different leagues. Besides that, fuboTV showcases a robust list of sports events for the day. Thanks to this option, you can now quickly launch a live event or schedule a recording session by hitting the DVR button.

What we like about fuboTV and one you’ll hardly find on other streaming platforms is that users on fuboTV are allowed to explore up to 72 hours backward every day to view look-back content or fast-forward up to 10 days for future recordings.

To make things easy for their users, fuboTV stylishly divides their entertainment content into two categories; Movies and Show. In addition to this, fuboTV now lets you browse content based on what is currently broadcasting, what is popular, or by genre. Plus, the type of movies or shows you see displayed on fuboTV depends on the streaming channels included in your plan.

FuboTV guide section is uniquely segmented to two columns; there is a column for channel lists and another column for programming details. You can use these cool options to check out what is scheduled for the next five days. What we particularly don’t appreciate about their web interface is that there is no option to navigate backward to explore look-back content.

Once you’re on their homepage, you can either select one of their thumbnails to launch a live stream or select the record option to add it to your DVR library. More so, fuboTV includes a header it calls Networks. Thanks to this header, you can now choose and view content from specific channels.

The fuboTV recording section has large thumbnails and helps organize content to make things easy for you. And like other streaming platforms, fuboTV has a unique search bar that allows you to search for content based on titles, channels, league, and date. In their recent update, fuboTV listened to the complaints of their users and added different sections for sports, Movies, and Show recordings.

One thing that makes their web interface standout is that the overlay of the video playing screen isn’t too disturbing and disappears quickly, ensuring there isn’t any interruption while streaming your favorite movies or TV shows.

FuboTV on mobile

Downloading, installing, and signing in to the fuboTV mobile app is a hassle-free experience. While you have to give the app permission to access your location, which is a common practice, by the way, we like the fact that the app works smoothly. That said, the fuboTV app boasts of a dark theme with a unique orange highlight.

The main home page of the fuboTV app features sporting events with large, beautiful thumbnail, scheduled for the week. Not just that, there is also a section for Live and Up Next contents, followed by Replays of sporting events. To make navigation smooth and pain-free; fuboTV included a category that highlights the different types of sports content they offer.

And if you navigate to the bottom of their home page, you’ll find options to switch between sports section, Movies, Shows, Guide, and My Fubo. And just like their sports section, their Movie and Show sections are organized the same way. Here, check out a breakdown of fuboTV app offerings.

The My Fubo section of the app is where you’ll find recorded sessions and scheduled recordings. Also, this section has the Continue watching option, which showcases live and on-demand programing you recently streamed.

There is a profile icon that navigates you to a page where you can connect your Google or Facebook account. This section also lets you opt-out of forwarding your info to Nielsen.

The app is lacking a lot of vital features; for instance, it has no option to manage subscriptions or add-ons directly on the mobile app. More so, their guide section isn’t any different from what you’ll find on their web interface.

If you’re looking to control preferences for video quality or closed captions, we are sorry to disappoint you, but the fuboTV app doesn’t let you tweak this via the app. We hope they fix this in future updates.

FuboTV DVR option

FuboTV’s DVR may not be the best option on the market, but there is no denying that their DVR works perfectly. In terms of storage, the fuboTV DVR doesn’t come close to some of the best in this niche. With the fuboTV DVR, you can record up to 30 hours of content, and guess what, you can keep your recordings for as long as you want.

More so, you can upgrade to their Cloud DVR Plus add-on, which increases your recording threshold to 500 hours for an additional $9.99 per month. The unique thing about their DVR is that it lets you record a complete show, regardless of when you started watching, this you’ll not get with other competitors.

Pros and cons


  • Features tons of live sports and on-demand content
  • Streaming is hassle-free
  • Decent web and mobile apps


  • A tad pricy
  • No access to regional Fox Sports channels and ESPN
  • Limited live stream quality

Frequently asked questions

Does fuboTV consume a lot of data?

Based on their stream quality, fuboTV uses a lot of data. An hour stream of full-resolution quality can use up to 3G. Similarly, an hour stream of DVD quality will consume up to 1GB of data.

Does fuboTV lets you skip commercials?

Skipping commercials on fuboTV isn’t easy; however, you can easily skip ads on recorded shows. Simply forward a bit, and you’re good to go.

Is fuboTV best for sport?

When it comes to sports content, you have to give it to fuboTV as they boast of a fantastic array of sporting content you’ll like.

Can you cancel your subscription at any time?

FuboTV lets you cancel your subscription any time you like. And the best part is that your subscription will continue to the end of your billing cycle.


For avid sports lovers, fuboTV is a fantastic choice as it features tons of sporting content that will keep you entertained. More so, its entertainment and news content will also appeal to a general audience. Although it is a little pricy, their blends of quality programming will impress you.

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