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What Channel is HGTV On Directv

What Channel is HGTV On Directv – The Easy Guide

Directv and HGTV go together very well. With new packages for Directv coming out people are wondering will the channel be on Directv. HGTV is a very good channel is watch for people like to cook and also like How to’s. In this article, we tell you all about what channel HGTV is on Directv.

HGTV is an American pay television channel that is owned by Discovery, Inc. The network primarily broadcasts reality programming related to home improvement and real estate. In 2015, 95,628,000 American households received HGTV. In 2016 the company overtook CNN as the third most-watched cable channel in the United States behind Fox News and ESPN.

HGTV’s current programming primarily focuses on home-buying, renovation, and reality shows following the business of house flipping. HGTV has invested at least 400 million annually on original programming.

People really like HGTV because of its originality in the way that the company operates. With the companies originality, it will only take them forward in the future. HGTV is also an international launching in a variety of different countries and states.

Personally I like HGTv because of its infomercial and How To channels about cooking. In my family, we do not even really look in cookbooks. We just go on HGTV to see what we can cook out of the channel.

Best Directv packages for you

There are a number of Directv packages and here we are going to be looking at the best ones for you at the right price.

  1. Select Package – This package is the best option for a normal tv viewer who does not want to spend a lot on TV service. The select package comes with 155 channels. For the first three months, you will get try out premium channels like HBO, Showtime and Starz. This package is good for individuals who are alone in the house and want a simple DirecTV package and nothing else extra.
  2. Entertainment Package– For the entertainment package, Directv adds another five channels, including must-haves like ESPN, ESPN 2, and Fox Sports. This is the package is for small families who watch a little entertainment in their living rooms. I like this package and personally use it in my own house.
  3. Choice Package- The choice package comes with 185 channels which include the weather channel, IFC, Travel Channel and the cooking channel choice included for people who are seeking new channels from the entertainment package. This package are for people who like channels about cooking and other HowTo’s. They have a lot of infomercials on this package which are very good.
  4. Xtra Package – The Xtra package which is just like its name implies is a huge jump from the chosen package. This amazing package has an extra addition of 50 channels. These channels include NBA TV and MTV classic. If you are someone who loves sports or is a diehard college basketball fan than this package is certainly for you. Personally, this is one of my favorite packages because of its affordability and also because of all of the sports programs. With my old service, we did not have access to all of the different sports programs but with this package, you can watch all of your favorites
  5. Ultimate Package. This package is for all of the movie watchers out there. It is only $5 up from the Xtra Package. Some of the channels in this package include Starz Encore and the Movie Channel. This plan also works if you have a lot of people who live in your house.
  6. Premier all Included– This is Directv’s most expensive plan. This plan is great for large families who also want all of the tv channels. In this package alone they are more than 330+ channels. This package is if you have a lot of people in the house and want everything that comes with having DirecTV.

how to watch HGTV On Directv

What Channel Is HGTV On Directv

For Directv, HGTV is on channel 229. With now for everyone who watches Directv can enjoy HGTV coverage from any of the many plans that we covered on.

The Best Channels To Watch On Directv

If you are a real sports fan your favorite channels will be at 206, 207, and 209. Of course, HGTV is on the list too of being a great channel to watch. If you are into the news a great channel for you would be CNN 202 and Fox NEWS 3600. Directv, in general, has a lot of infomercial channels. When you get your DirecTV package to remember to watch one of those channels for your own enjoyment.

FAQs for HGTV and Directv

Why Should I Use Directv?

Directv is the perfect choice for home entertainment. Directv offers many advantages over cable TV and satellite TV from Dish. You should use DirecTV because of it also cheaper than other carriers. Now that is is with At&t it provides a very fast and reliable service also. With DirecTV, you have many benefits and packages from the channel that other providers may not have.

Is HGTV on Directv now?

HGTV is now on Direct Tvs coverage. A lot of Directv’s consumers will like this because HGTV is also a very popular channel. HGTV is included in all of the packages also which is very nice to hear for consumers. If you are a fan of HGTV there is no need to worry about it not being on Directv.

Does Directv provide a lot of movie channels?

Directv has a package with a lot of movie channels for families to enjoy. With Directv’s premier package it provides you with the best movies all in one. This package is especially good for individuals who like movie nights. I would recommend that package for people who love watching tv.


With all of this said Directv and HGTV go hand in hand together. With Directv’s affordable packages for moviegoers and people who just like to watch tv HGTv is in each one. Personally I would get this because of affordability. A lot of other providers would give you insane prices just for this.


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