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DirecTV Cable Review

DirecTV Review – Is It Still Worth It in 2022

Want to know if DirecTV is still good in 2022 then this review guide will help.

DirecTV is the crème de la crème of Paid TV subscriptions. Featuring some of the best channels you’ll ever come across, including NFL Sunday Ticket and Premium channels like HBO and Showtime, DirecTV will keep you glued to your screens all day long.

The exciting part is that it is available almost everywhere in the United States, so you can always enjoy their services, whether you live in remote areas or suburban cities.

From their fair pricing and packages to bundling options and channel lineups, we dug through everything we could find to give you all the information you’re looking for. Read on, and we will get to all of that in a bit.

DirecTV Pricing and Packages

DirecTV flat out delivers some of the best TV services you’ll ever come across. They have become a force to reckon with, even the likes of DISH and Sling TV are now playing catch up. With their basic plan starting at $59.99 a month to their premium package pegged at $134.99 per month, DirecTV will offer you a mouthwatering deal you’ll not refuse.

With DirecTV, you’ll be paying approximately $0.38-$0.40 per channel, and if you ask us, that’s a fair deal for the fantastic channel selections they offer.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as we would like to draw your attention to their annoying two-year contract. Signing this contract will mean agreeing to a price hike, which is effective after the first year.

While the price hike makes DirecTV more expensive than DISH, DirecTV still offers exciting sports channels and premium TV lineups you’ll not get with DISH. Here, take a look at their pricing and packages;

  • DirecTV Select package unlocks access to 155+ channels and costs $59.99 per month.
  • DirecTV Entertainment plan features 160+ channels and goes for $64.99 per month
  • DirecTV Choice package grants access to 185+ channels and costs $69.99 per month
  • DirecTV Xtra package unlocks access to 235+ channels and costs $79.99 per month.
  • DirecTV Ultimate package boasts of $250 channels and costs $84.99 per month
  • DirecTV Premier has 330+ channel lineups and costs $134.99 per month.

There is no doubt that DirecTV offers some of the best TV packages you’ll ever come across. That said, look through some of the packages we listed above and select one that works for you.

DirecTV Channel Lineups

One area that DirecTV shines is in their channel selection; you have got to give it to them. And whether you’re a sports lover, movie enthusiasts or a reality TV programs lover, DirecTV has you covered as they offer a fantastic array of channels you can’t resist. Their Premiere package grants you access to a variety of premium, sports, and local networks.

Even their smallest package still has a collection of your favorite channels, so you’ll never be left out of the fun.

DirecTV sports lineups

For Major sports lovers, DirecTV will have you plugged in, to some of your favorite sports channels. Compared to other TV service providers, DirecTV offers a robust sports package you’ll not say no to. And that includes the famous NFL Sunday Ticket, which is included free, starting from DirecTV’s Choice package and higher.

Besides their all amazing NFL Sunday Ticket, they also feature a variety of sports channels that are included for free or as add-ons. Here, take a look at some of them;

  • Fox Soccer Plus
  • MLB Extra Innings
  • DirecTV Sports Pack
  • NHL Centre Ice
  • NBA League Pass

DirecTV Bundles

A cool thing about using DirecTV is that you can bundle TV service with internet service from providers like AT&T and CenturyLink. While the price for your DirecTV remains the same, you’ll enjoy at least a $10 discount on your internet. This makes bundling perfect for people who want to cut costs while still enjoying amazing services.

We love AT&T internet service because they have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional services, plus they offer fair pricing.

DirecTV contract

Like many TV service providers, DirecTV requires its customers to sign a two-year contract. The annoying thing about their contract is that after the first year, your monthly rates increases. And should you decide to cancel before the 24 month expires, you’ll be required to pay an early termination fee.

Imagine paying a $15 deactivation fee, followed by a $20 fee for every month remaining on your contract, not cool right? We thought so too.

DirecTV installation

One of the perks that come with DirecTV is free installation. This makes them highly sought after by people who don’t want to go through the hassles of paying extra fees for installation.

Once you order your DirecTV satellite system, you’ll be quickly notified by the company when your satellite TV system is shipped so that you can book an appointment that is convenient for you. The technician should arrive at your place within 1-2 hours to have everything nicely installed and ready to roll.

With their free installation service, you don’t have to worry about setting up your own system or ensuring it works properly. Just leave everything to our highly trained technician.

DirecTV Genie DVR

The DirecTV Genie DVR is one of the best in this business. And considering that it features 200 hours of HD storage or 800 hours of SD, you’ll not agree any less. On top of that, it allows you to record up to 5 shows simultaneously while enjoying your favorite shows and movies in 4k resolution.

Did we forget to add that their Genie wireless review DVR is free? Oh yes, this makes them a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a good TV service provider that puts its customers first.

But even though their Genie DVR is free, don’t forget that you’ll pay an additional $7 a month if you decide to add a joey receiver to the mix.

DirecTV app

DirecTV features an excellent mobile app that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on the go. With their app, you can stream live TV, watch DVR recorded shows and on-demand contents. That’s not all; you can also schedule recordings using the DirecTV app.

What we don’t like

There is no denying the fact that DirecTV offers impressive services, but guess what, their price hikes coupled with their very annoying two-year contract, tends to put people off. Plus if you start adding receivers and premium channels, your billing will go off the roof quickly, which isn’t cool.

If DirecTV can do something about these complaints, we are sure they will win a lot of customers over.

Customer Satisfaction Index

Thanks to the impressive services they deliver, DirecTV has an excellent customer rating. According to reports, DirecTV was rated #3 by the American consumer service index in 2018. This brings them close to FiOS and U-verse who are first and second, respectively.

Not just that, DirecTV also got the highest J.D Power score for customer satisfaction in 2018.

Customer review

Since the company launched, DirecTV has been trying to consistently deliver the best TV service you’ll ever come across. Serving over 37 million customers and counting, DirecTV hasn’t relented in its bid to become the number TV service provider in the US and beyond. Here, see what other customers are saying about their services;

Frequently asked questions

Does DirecTV offer free installation?

That’s one of the advantages of choosing DirecTV. With DirecTV, you’ll enjoy free installation services. All you have to do is schedule an appointment, and a technician will be at your place to have everything installed.

Can I have DirecTV on my RV?

Because DirecTV is a satellite-based TV service, you can use it with your RV. With this, your favorite TV shows and programs can come everywhere you go.

Can I watch NFL Sunday Ticket?

This is one of the best offers you get with DirecTV. With NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV, there is no stopping you.

How to return Directv equipment

There may be fees associated with the early termination of your contract and equipment return costs may apply if the equipment is not returned in a timely manner. Here’s a full guide on how to return your direcTV equipment.


Though DirecTV can be more expensive than other TV service providers, they are still a fantastic choice for people looking to keep up with their favorite movies, TV shows and sporting events. Thanks to their super Genie DVR and other exciting perks, DirecTV has everything you’re looking for and more.

And despite their imminent price hike, DirecTV still remains a reliable and robust TV service provider.