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DirecTV Equipment Return

How to Return DirecTV Equipment – Updated Guide 2022

DirecTV is a popular brand from AT&T but at the end of the lease, you have to return it. The common reason for the returns is related to cancellation. You can take back the equipment once you have packaged it and followed the right step.

DirecTV Receiver

There are two types of accounts – a home package and a commercial TV service. When returning this receiver. When the lease period is over, all the domestic receivers have to be sent back to the company.

However, for offices and other commercial spaces, they buy the receiver at the point of service connection. Once the contract period ends, as a homeowner, should return the receiver to avoid being charged for the cost of the device.

Reasons to Return DirecTV


You may get to a point where you feel that you do not DirecTV anymore. You can get in touch with the customer support and notify them of the same. However, you must also take note of the lease that you signed between yourself and Direct TV.the terms require that you return the receivers.

Upgrading DirecTV Service

DirecTV allows you to change from service to the other one. Clients who have a standard definition (SD) can change to high definition (HD). If you have SD service then you have to return it and request for an HD receiver. You can also upgrade HD to 4K resolution. Equipment return is also done if you want to go back to a lower resolution service.

How do you return DirecTV Equipment?

Returning DirecTV receiver is easy but you must initiate the process. Here is a brief guide on how to go through this process.

Step 1 – Notify the Support team: You should start by calling the customer care desk and let them know that you wish to cancel the services. You will be guided on how to go about it and advised about the charges. For cancellation, you must pay $15 for facilitating the request.

You will also be asked if the contract period has expired. If you still have a few months to go, you will be charged the subscription fee because that’s what the lease states. It is advisable to cancel your services once the contract ends to avoid paying for a subscription that you will not use.

  • Step 2 – Send Request: You should send a written request by logging into your account. Once you get to the DirecTV page, you will see an option that will enable you to request a rescue kit. If you fail to find, write a message to the support team using the chat feature on the website.
  • Step 3 – Ask for Rescue Kit: DirecTV will send you a special package that you can use to the receiver back to the company. Make sure that you have indicated the right address. AT&T includes details on how to do it. They advise you about the items to send back and how to find a UPS store near you. You can also use courier services such as FedEx and they share the contacts for these companies.
  • Step 4 – Pack the equipment: Pack everything as requested and seal it securely using a tape. The receiver has to be wrapped in bubble wrapping paper so that it gets back to AT&T without breaking.
  • Stage 5 – Affix Shipping Sticker: The rescue kit comes with a shipping sticker that has already been paid for by AR & T. you do not have to pay any shipping fee and the sticker has the address of the company.
  • Step 6 – Drop off: You can now drop off the package at a UPS store or FedEx office. You can choose one that you can easily access. At the drop off point, you will be given a tracking number that should keep safely for future reference.
  • Step 7 – Tracking Shipment: You can sit back and wait for the equipment to reach the company. The tracking number keeps you update on the progress which you can access at the UPS Store or FedEx website. It depends on the courier you decided to use but they will show you to use the tracking number.

Fine for Failure to return

When the equipment lease expires, you should return the equipment immediately. The first step is to notify the support team and then they can initiate the return process. Failure to do so, the company will invoice you for the cost of the equipment besides non-compliance fines. If the equipment is in good condition, the company will pay you in eight weeks.

If you do not return the equipment on time you will have to pay fees starting from $45 depending on your TV service. For HD services the fines start from $135. AT&T advises that you return the equipment within seven days of canceling their services. To avoid these fines, be proactive in the return procedure to avoid complications that can land in law courts or arbitrations processes.

AT&T Receives Equipment

One the DirecTV receiver has been delivered to AT&T office, your tracker will notify you. The company will evaluate the equipment to see if it in good order. You should also call AT&T to confirm the same. The payment will be processed in two months.

Where to return Equipment

DirecTV has partnered with USP Store and FedEx. You can drop off the equipment at one of these stores that is near you and they will transport the package to the company’s office. These courier service companies will package the receiver for you and send it without charging you any fee.

You can find the nearest store online. Once you have delivered the equipment to one of these offices DirecTV becomes aware that you have sent back the equipment. This means that if you would initiate return within seven days of cancellation, then you are exempted from late returns fines.

How to Track Equipment

When you deliver the package to any USP Store or FedEx office, you will give a receipt and tracking number for future reference. They will also show your how to use the special number to keep track of your package until it is delivered to the company’s office.

FedEx or USP will notify AT&T that your equipment has been delivered and the transit process has begun. You can make a follow-up call to the company to confirm the delivery. The receipts issued by USP or FedEx should be kept safely to help you resolve any arising issues.

AT&T are very strict about equipment return. They expect you to meet the timelines and to be proactive during the return process. Luckily, FedEx and USP Store will make the process easy for you with technology. If you are unsure of the progress, you can log in to their websites and see how far your package has gone.


Returning DirecTV equipment has been simplified by the company to make it easy for the consumers. They have also established reliable partners who have many offices all around the country. FedEx and USP Store offices are found in the cities, highways, in the malls, and even residential areas.

If you are planning to return your equipment, now you know how it is done. Avoid situations that can make it hard such as failing to return the equipment within seven days of notifying the company of cancellation. The support team is always available to guide and let you know about any cancellation fees upfront.

As you plan to return the equipment, take note that the best time to cancel is at the end of the lease. If you must cancel before the lease period ends, then you should be open to paying the extra months that are remaining.

Read through the contract at the time of connection to be prepared for the equipment return terms.