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Verizon Equipment Return

Verizon Equipment Return – Guide For FiOS TV & Internet Modem

Following the Verizon Equipment return process is important if you don’t want to be billed for an extra $200 in fees and penalties. By following this short guide we help you get your equipment back safely with little chance of racking up additional fees.

Are you subscribed to Verizon’s internet, cable and FiOS services then you may have come to the time of cancelling your Verizon subscription to make room for a new service, or maybe your modem or TV box has recently failed to provide you with Verizon’s services, in which case you would be eligible to return the equipment as defective at no extra cost to you.

In this article, we are going to show you the list of ways on how you that can return your Verizon boxes so you don’t have to incur any additional late fees or charges.

return verizon internet modem

How to go about returning your FiOS Cable boxes back to Verizon

There are 2 different ways you can approach it that are known when you signed the Verizon contract, and if none of them below suit your needs then its best that you call Verizon’s customer support line to get more information on any alternative ways that can better serve you.

  • Return Equipment Via Mail – You may choose to return it via mail where you can request Verizon to send you a free return USP stamp where USP will take the equipment from you without leaving your home.
  • Go to a Verizon Store – Before you return your box then make sure it includes all the power cables, boxes, remote controls that initially was delivered to you upon signing up to Verizon’s services

What Happens When You Don’t Return Verizon Modems and Cable TV boxes?

When you initially signed up to Verizon’s services you signed a service agreement contract that includes a bunch of clauses referring to early termination, equipment return and more.

It is not advisable to ignore returning the equipment as it may affect your credit score with an unpaid bill, and it will also hinder you from re-subscribing to another Verizon company-owned service until the bill has been covered.

If you are in doubt of the consequences of voiding your contract with Verizon when it concerns not returning the rented equipment, then refer to the service contract that you signed or call customer service.

The Basics of Verizon Equipment Return

Before mailing or heading to any of the Verizon FiOS TV storefronts, check to make sure you’ve put all the additional equipment requested by the company into the bag.

What you should include on your Vierzon Return?

  • Power cords
  • Verizon labelled Routers
  • Digital adapters
  • Verizon Remote Controllers
  • Try to return them in the boxes they initially came in

The only major thing you are not expected to return is remote; Verizon allows its customers to keep it.

How Much Time To Return Your Verizon Equipment?

You have only 30 days to return you Box back to Verizon once you’ve initiated the cancellation process. If you don’t complete the process during this period then you may be required to pay an ‘unreturned equipment charge’.

Tip: Always keep the tracking number after you’ve shipped the equipment because this is the only point of reference you will have in case the package gets lost in transit, although not likely, you don’t want to be out $200 for the unreturned equipment costs.

How To Return Your Verizon Equipment Via UPS Mail

Upon unboxing your Verizon gear you may have seen a return mailing stamp in your kit and it’s likely the contractor who installed told you to keep the box with all the details neatly packed inside when you would ever need it.

Now it looks like the time you may need it to make your equipment return back to Verizon, however, if you are in a predicament where you can’t find these pieces, then a short call to Verizon’s customer support will help you rectify your situation.

When you installed your Verizon internet and/or cable boxes for your TV you were given a return kit. For this process, you need that return kit, because, in it, there is a prepaid shipping label which enables you to ship any returnable equipment back to Verizon for Free.

  1. First thing you would want to do is pack everything neatly in a box
  2. Apply the provided Verizon return label to the outside of the box
  3. Head to the nearest UPS store and ship it from there
  4. Keep the UPS tracking code in a safe place

If you don’t know where the nearest UPS store is to you, use the online store finder which is in the Verizon website.

How To Return Equipment To A Verizon FIOS Store

If you are not able to mail the equipment back via UPS then you you will be able to return to a FiOS TV storefronts directly.

The only problem is that not all of them accept returns. For now, only nine States has stores that accept return equipment packages so call the Verizon customer service rep to check which shop in your area accepts equipment returns.

how to return verizon Fios equipment

What are the Verizon Fios cancellation fees?

There is no cost to returning your equipment on time, however, if you are late to return the equipment there may be an ‘unreturned equipment fee’ that can be applied to your account if you do not meet the requirement of the 30-day return policy.

Verizon’s Early service cancellation fees are not related to the equipment return, and you may be charges and early termination fee which is buried within their initial contracts that you likely signed purchasing the service.

If you would like to dispute any of Verizon’s fee’s on your bill then it’s highly recommended you get in contact with the Verizon customer service line which can be found on your last month’s bill.


If you got this far then you may have worked out that it’s pretty easy to return your equipment using either free return mail via UPS or making the return at a brick and mortar store near you.

In the case that either of these 2 return methods won’t work for you then its advisable that you call Verizon customer service find out about one of their alternative methods of return.

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