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how to return suddenlink equipment

Suddenlink Equipment Return – How To Avoid Additional Fees

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Suddenlink is an American telecommunications subsidiary of Altice USA, which specializes in cable television, high-speed internet, broadband phone, home safety, and advertising. Before its acquisition by Altice. The business enterprise was the seventh biggest cable operator. It had 1.4 million residential and 100,000 commercial enterprise subscribers.

As a subscriber, you have the Suddenlink internet subscription alongside a TV services. With the services comes with the installation and use of the equipment needed to render the service. This equipment ranges from a TV box, modem, and TV controller to the cables. The cancellation and return of the equipment is very straight forward and You can make return Suddenlink equipment through the following process:

  1. Prepare your shipment (Make a copy of your last Suddenlink bill, or write your name, street address, city, state, zip code and account number on a piece of paper and place it in the box.)
  2. Create and print a label by clicking here
  3. Attach the label to the box
  4. Drop off the box – At Walgreens, FedEx Office and any authorized FedEx location (Dont use the Fedex Dropbox)

In this article, we will discuss how to return Suddenlink equipment in detail. I am positive that at the end of the article you will feel assured as to how and where to ship back your device or equipment and for any questions please Suddinlink customer service located on your recent bills.

How to Return your Suddenlink Equipment

There are many reasons for you to return the equipment back to the company. Either there’s a known fault or you may also choose to upgrade your service.

Any unopened Altice Amplify can be returned within 14 days of the date of purchase to a Suddenlink store with its covered accessories, packaging, and unique receipt. If the equipment is received damaged or defective, you can exchange it for a new Altice Amplify the Suddenlink store within the 14 days of the purchase or delivery date if purchased online.

After 14 days, devices are no longer eligible for return or refund. Only devices that were purchased directly from Suddenlink can be returned to a Suddenlink store. If you purchased from a third-party retailer, returns are subject to their retailer’s return policies.

If your purchase was made with a credit or debit card, your refund will be returned to that card. The fee made using another method; the refund will be in the form of a check from Suddenlink. Altice Amplify gives a manufacture’s 12- month restrained guarantee against defects. All guarantee claims processed through a Suddenlink store.

Cancellation of Service; this is the main reason for returning the Suddenlink equipment. When you cancel your subscription, you must send back the equipment. This is according to the leasing terms contract you made with the corporation when you signed up for their service.

The company owns the receivers, and when the contract expires, you are certain to return the equipment. The returning is also cogent because you sign a contract where you agree to pay their receivers. That piece of equipment or gadget belongs to Altice Amplify. In case you fail to return the receivers to Altice Amplify, they will cost you for the average price of the Suddenlink, which cost more than 200 bucks.

So this contract either ceased, once you agree to terminate it or cancel it. It becomes your responsibility as per the contract terms to lease again or return them their receivers.

Contents You May Need To Return

Apple TV

Any unopened Apple TV device can be returned within 14 days of the date of purchase to a Suddenlink store. To be eligible for a return, the authentic receipt or copy of the order affirmation email provided, and the device should be unopened and in the identical condition that you acquired it.


Unused modem device can be returned within 14 days after purchase. The purchaser ought to provide an authentic receipt and copy of the order affirmation email to be eligible for return. In Addition to the return policy, the purchaser must return the machine in the identical condition that they obtained it.


Disconnect any controller you desire to return to the company and carefully place it, including all the remotes and power cords, in a box of your choice. Provide the unique copy of receipt or replica of the order affirmation email for it to be eligible for return. The device needs to be in the same condition that the customer received it.

Steps To Return the Equipment

Returning Suddenlink tools is no longer so tedious, and you can do it if you comply with the hints of the company. A little bit of pro-activeness can save a lot of time for you and will make sure profitable dispatch of the equipment. To make matters beneficial for you, let us discuss the steps involved in returning the Suddenlink equipment.

  1. Prepare your shipment: Disconnect the equipment you desire to return and cautiously place it, including all remotes and power cords, in a box of your choosing. Make a replica of your Suddenlink bill or virtually write your name, street address, city, state, zip code, and account number on a piece of paper and place it in the box.
  2. Create and print a label: Enter your information clicking here. On the affirmation page, click the box at the bottom that says “Get label” to print your pre-paid return label.
  3. Attach the label: Attach the one return label per box and be positive to get rid of or cover any old shipping labels.
  4. Drop off the box: Securely seal the box and bring to Walgreens, FedEx workplace, or any authorized FedEx location. Do not use a FedEx DropBox. Remember to ask for a receipt for your cargo as proof of mailing.

Consequences of Non-Return From Suddenlink

When you agreed to cancel the carrier of the company, you are sure to send back the leased device. It is as per the service contract that you made with the company. Nonrecurring of the device can lead to a fine and additional bill. Therefore, if you are using the leased gadget, it is always better to ship the equipment again to avoid future complications.

However, in some cases, the agency may also want to take the machine back. This might also be due to the age of the tools or any major defect. In that case, you can put your device in any local recycling center.

Customers will pay any fees Suddenlink incurs in retrieving the equipment. Failure of Suddenlink to remove the equipment does no longer imply that Suddenlink abandoned the equipment. Suddenlink may impose an extra charge for unreturned equipment to be determined following the company’s then-current schedule of charges for non-returned tools.

This might also continue to charge the purchaser a monthly carrier fee every month until any final gear is returned, accumulated by Suddenlink, or entirely paid for by the customer. Any cost for unreturned tools shall be due immediately.

Timeline for Suddenlink Return

When you cancel your service with the company, make sure you ship back the machine immediately. Delay in the shipment of the device can attract more bills. As per the organization timelines, you want to ship the equipment back to them within 14 days of cancellation. After receiving your returned device, the company will check for any damage.

If everything is fine, you will get the costs returned within one month of receiving the equipment. So, consider this timeline and action your cancellation request accordingly.

Where to Return Suddenlink Equipment near Me

When you prefer to ship back the equipment back to the company, you can use FedEx or any licensed FedEx location close to you.

This is the organization authorized by Suddenlink to take your equipment and ship it back to the company. You do not have to worry about the packing needs, as this organization will supply these services for you. To return any gadget near, you use the following data:

FedEx: FedEx has a special webpage dedicated to DirecTV return equipment. Just take the equipment to them, and they will take care of the rest. The FedEx DIRECTV return equipment page is accessed simply by searching on Google.

How to Track Suddenlink Equipment Return

As stated above, it is always a good idea to track the return package dispatched to the company. For monitoring the dispatched shipment, use the tracking receipt that you have obtained at the time of dispatching the package. Use the courier company website to track the delivery.

In case you have deposited the package to authorized FedEx store, you can guarantee since FedEx notifies the company of the progress of the cargo. To be sure, you can track the cargo on their respective website. Take out the receipt, open the Courier website online, and track your box. Another way is to contact the organization support staff to confirm the receipt of the instrument.


Suddenlink tools return no longer as hard as it seems. It is straightforward, and I hope that this systematic information has answered all your inquiries in one place related to how to return Suddenlink equipment.

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