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how to return frontier modem tv box

How to Return Frontier Equipment – How To Avoid Additional Fees

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Frontier is an internet provider company in the US. It is one of the most reliable internet connection services and comes with many advantages. They include high speed and reliable internet, which is excellent for various businesses and people who love gaming or streaming movies online.

If you are using Frontier services, you might need to return their equipment for one reason or another. For instance, if you wish to upgrade or change your services, you are required to send back the old equipment for another set of devices. They have simplified the process by partnering with courier service providers that have offices countrywide.

What Are You Required To Return From Your Frontier Equipment?

Frontier requires you to return equipment within a month from the date notifying Frontier of the return. The customer support team will brief you on the particular items that you should return. If you make returns after this period, you will have to pay an extra late return fee. Here are is the list of devices that you will be required to return.

  • Quantum
  • Vantage TV
  • QIP
  • Broadband Routers

Reasons to return Frontier Equipment


You can return your equipment if you wish to cancel Frontier services. This is the only reason because if your internet is slow, you can upgrade the rough through settings. Also if you are moving to new location, Frontier will move with you. You can still install your new equipment to the new location.

However, if you do not need frontier services any more, the company requires you to send back specific devices. They are others that you have to keep.

Change Service

You may wish to change the subscription package and this might require different equipment’s. You should call the customer service team to let them know. The team will ask you about the equipment that you already have. Once they evaluate your devices, they advise you on which ones to return so that you are given new equipment for the upgrade. They will send you branded boxes that you can use to email the equipment without paying a fee.

How to Return Frontier Equipment

When you decide to cancel or upgrade your frontier services, then you have to return some equipment to the company. Frontier has made the process simple by establishing many offices around the country. There is always a close by drop-off point no matter where you live. Here is an outline of the equipment return process.

Notify the Support team

You can call the support team through 1.800.921.8101 and inform them that you wish to cancel or upgrade the services. Once you provide your account number, they advise you on the equipment that you will return.

Identify the Devices

You should switch off the Frontier services and pick the devices that you are supposed to send back to the company. These items must be in good condition. Some of the times you should return include the quantum and vantage TV.

Receive Mailing Box

Frontier services will send you a branded box. These boxes have the correct address of the company and a sticker that you affix once you have packed the equipment. Every returned equipment must be delivered in this special mailing box to make sure that the mailing details are correct. The mailing box will be delivered to you within a week.

If you do not receive the requested mailing boxes within this period, you can follow up with Frontier. You might also receive fewer or damaged boxes. You should get in touch with the customer care representatives to have the issues sorted out fast. They will take note of the problem, but they will also advise you to place another order through the Frontier website.

Pack Up

Make sure that you pack everything as instructed. You may also receive a list of item that the company expects you to return. Affix the stickers on the box, use bubble wrapper to keep the devices safe and secure the contents with a strong tape that cannot fall apart.


If there is a frontier office near you, just send it using mail. The office support team will receive the package and send you a receipt acknowledging the same. If you are using UPS Store, you will get a tracking number once you drop the equipment to their office. The receipt or tracking number must be kept safely for future reference.

Unreturned Equipment

Frontier advises that you must return the equipment once you have stated that you wish to so. The process has to be initiated by and the company takes note of the changes. They will send you the mailing box and expect to receive the equipment within 30 days.

If you miss the timelines, Frontier services will bill you for delayed equipment return. If you delay a DVR, the fee is $200; set-top box and router are $100 each. You can avoid this by being proactive from the beginning. Frontier process is very smooth if you follow their instruction and watch the deadlines.

Frontier Equipment Return

Frontier Receives the Equipment

Once Frontier receives the equipment, your tracking number will let you know through the USP Store or FedEx website. You can also call to follow up and confirm the same. The company will evaluate the state of the equipment’s to see if the device is still functioning.

If you have cancelled before the lease period is over, you will pay a pre-term cancellation fee. According to the terms of the agreement, once you commit for a given period you will pay for the full fees. Consumers are advised to cancel at the end of the quoted period. If the equipment is broken, or something is missing, Frontier will bill you.

Where to Return Frontier Equipment

Frontier has partnered with USP Store so that their clients can drop the well-packed equipment to USP. Frontier has made it clear that you should not drop off the equipment at the company’s office. You can easily find the USP Store near you by searching online. Once you receive the branded mailing box from Frontier, pack everything and secure the box with tape before taking to USP office. Once they receive the equipment, they will give you a tracking number which you can use to see the progress of the equipment return until it gets to the Frontier office.

Tracking returned Equipment

You can use the tracking number provided by USP Store to make sure that the equipment has be returned. If you had requested for upgrading equipment after returning the old equipment, you can track your new order through the Frontier website. Frontier will give you an order number that you can use to follow the order progress.

If you get stuck, you can call the Frontier support team for further guidance, or use the live chat on the website.


Frontier has made the equipment return easy, but you must follow the instructions provided. You must also be proactive to meet the timelines provided. Avoid late return fees by sending the package on time.

Frontier is known as a great service provider and you might need to sign up with them again. It is also good to keep promotional subscriptions in case you need their services. They are always running equipment offers or sales deals that you cannot find elsewhere.

If you are billed for a damaged device, it would be good to pay in time because Frontier would be forced to charge your account. If the equipment is still in your premises, agents will visit you to collect the fee. Frontier is always willing to take back their equipment so if you are moving or getting a new service subscriber, you do not have to keep all these devices.

The steps for returning the equipment are simple and short. Frontier clients can always access USP Stores and drop the equipment, which is shipped back to the company free of charge. Frontier provides prepaid mailing boxes.

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