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how to return cox equipment

Cox Equipment Return – Avoid Fees – Updated Guide 2021

Most users want to know how they can go about COX equipment return process in 2021 The return may be due to a disconnect, upgrade, or downgrade of the service offered. The company has come up with a very simple process on returning the COX equipment. This article will take you through the process.

What Equipment do I need to Return to Cox

The following items should be returned to evade any charges:

  • Modems for Telephone
  • Modems for Internet
  • Power Supplies /Cords
  • Remote Controls
  • Digital Receivers
  • Netgear Router
  • Homelife Touchscreen

Reasons Why You May Need To Return

There are many reasons that may compel you to make a COX equipment return. these reasons include a disconnect, faulty equipment, need to upgrade, or downgrade of the service. However, considering the terms of the company, there are two key reasons why you may return your equipment. These reasons are:

  • Cancelling the subscription
  • Upgrading the service

Cancelling the subscription

This is the main reason that can cause COX equipment to return. To start the returning process, you are required to send back the equipment. This is according to the terms and conditions of the contract between you and the company when having a contract.

The company is in possession of the receivers and therefore you have to return the equipment when the subscription expires. It is clear to return the device because you had signed a contract agreeing to make payment for the receivers. Note that the equipment is the ownership of the company.

Further, if you default to return the receivers to the company, the company will penalize you for the average value of COX equipment. Hence, it is your responsibility to return the receivers to the company when terminating or ceasing the contract. This is as per the contract terms signed.

Upgrading the service

You may need to level-up the quality of service offered. Therefore, the equipment will need to be changed. This is bound to happen under the two scenarios:

Scenario 1 – from SD to HD – Suppose you want to move from SD (standard definition) to HD (high definition), you will return the SD receiver and be given the equipment for decoding HD satellite resolution

Scenario 2- from HD to 4K – You may as well need to change from HD to 4k. similarly, you will return the HD receiver to the company for 4k to obtain the equipment for 4k satellite resolution

COX equipment return process is easy. But it is necessary to follow the steps that the company has highlighted to avoid any inconvenience. Therefore, let us go through the steps to make the process smooth.

Cancel your COX equipment service first

You make a call to the customer service center explaining to them that you want your service to be terminated. You will be charged a cancellation fee of about $15 after confirming the cancellation of the service

The nature of the contract requires you pay for the subscription of the remaining months. Making prior payment before cancellation can be helpful; then quote the number for confirming the cancellation. Alternatively, you can do the cancellation request via the company’s website.

Sign in to COX equipment account

Step two is to log in to your account on the website of the company and enter your email and password to obtain your account details. Look for the option asking for recovery kit. In case you do not see the option, use the chat feature and ask for it.

Ask for recovery kit.

A recovery kit is a box that holds your device and instructions on how to return your equipment. You can also use the chat feature to request for it. The recovery kit contains instructions to help you know what you need to return and how you will return the equipment to the company via your nearest location.

Pack the COX equipment

The next step is packing the equipment properly. Use the original package to pack the equipment.

Ensure that you include all the accessories that you were given along with the equipment. You can seal the package using the bubble wrap to guarantee the safety of the equipment to the company.

Attach COX equipment shipping label

After you have received your recovery kit, place the package into the box. Then put the prepaid return shipping label on top of the box.

This step is important for you are assured that the package will be received by the company.

Drop the equipment at UPS or Cox Solution store near you

Now it is time to drop the equipment near the Cox Solution or post office

Retain the tracking receipt since you may use it for future follow up

Track shipment

The process of sending back the equipment is necessary for getting back your money when cancellation is done or automatic charge because of the nature of the contract

The receipt must be kept safely. It is good evidence in case of disagreement in future. Hence, following up the equipment until it reaches the destination is a noble thing.

Second Method of COX equipment Return (Fastest)

There is a possibility of not receiving the recovery kit, or the company may require you to send the device in person. Therefore, you will have to take the equipment to the nearest courier store to ship the equipment.

But this method is the quickest and simplest compared to the above method. This is because you do not have to wait for the recovery kit.

Consequences of Not Retuning the COX equipment

It is your duty to return the equipment upon cancellation or termination of service otherwise you will be charged and may have to pay an extra bill.

Remember you had agreed to the terms and conditions of the contract of the company. Failure to return the device may lead to penalty and more bills. Again, if your device is leased, it is crucial to return it to keep off from future problems.

However, the company may not want to have the device back. This may be so because of the age of the equipment or any major fault. Due to that reason you can put your equipment in any recycling centre near you.

Cox Solutions store or UPS store are certified for COX equipment return using this method. These companies will deliver your equipment safely and on time.

Follow these steps when using this method:

  • Find your Cox Solutions store or UPS store
  • Have your unpacked device to the store
  • Inform them that you need to return the device
  • Give them your 9-digit account number
  • Have your receipt immediately

Just follow those steps to return your device when you do not receive your recovery kit.

Keep the receipt and the shipping company will do the rest.

Timeline for COX equipment Return

After cancelling your service make sure that you return your equipment to the company immediately to avoid delay of the shipment which may attract additional bills.

After Receiving Your COX equipment

Upon receiving the equipment, the company conducts a check-up for any damage.

Suppose the company finds that everything is okay, the company will send you the fees in 2 months- time after receiving the device. Hence, keep in this timeline and effect your cancellation request as required

Where to Return the Equipment near Me

In case you want to send back the equipment to the company you, you can use cox solutions store or UPS store close to you. The named companies are given the mandate by COX equipment Company to receive your device and ship it to the company

No worry about the packing requirement for the companies take care of that. Use the following data to send back your device.

  • Cox solutions store: You can look for Cox solutions store on goggle and follow the steps to get the store to return your device. You can also use the provided link to get the store near you.
  • UPS store: Find the nearest UPS store by goggling the store. You can use the link given to ascertain the UPS store

How to Track Equipment Return

It is indeed important to track the return of the package sent to the company.

Use the receipt that you are given when dispatching the package. Courier website can also be used in tracking the equipment.

You are also assured that the equipment will be delivered to the company if you used the Cox Solutions store or UPS store. This is because is the company gets notified of the progress of the dispatched equipment by the Cox Solutions store or UPS store.

You can as well track the shipment of the equipment using their respective websites.

Remove out your receipt, open the site for the Courier and track your box. Alternatively, you can contact the company support staff so as to confirm the receipt of the equipment.


The process of the COX equipment return is not complicated as you may take it. The steps are precise and very open thereby ensuring that you get your device returned and receive the confirmation. I hope this article will be of great help to achieve COX equipment return.

In case you need additional information; you may contact or call COX equipment company to offer you the assistance you need.

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