AT&T Modem Return and Avoid Equipment Fees

AT&T Equipment Return – How To Avoid Additional Fees

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If you are looking for the best way to return AT&T equipment to avoid additional fees or charges then you have come to the right place.

At AT&T you are allowed to return equipment under certain reasons and circumstances. Its important you follow their procedures to the T and under any lock-in contract, its important you are aware of the terms and conditions of those fees and termination of the contract with AT&T companies. You can return any device that has malfunctioned for replacement within the provided period after days of purchase.

The Return Package

AT&T has a wide variety of products, and these devices are sold alongside many other pieces that are used for set up. However, you must note that not all equipment can be taken back to the seller.

AT&T Items you Need To Return

  • The remote control can be returned if it is faulty
  • Power cords that are malfunctioning
  • TV receivers that were purchased less than two weeks ago
  • Routers

Non-Returnable items

  • WiFi extenders, Ethernet cables among other things that you can use without AT&T services
  • The satellite dish and related pieces
  • Battery back up
  • Any other product that you have had for than 14 days since the day of purchase.

AT&T will send you a letter confirming you on the items you should return and the ones that you can keep.

Reasons to return AT&T Equipment

Customers are allowed to return their equipment within 14 days of purchase for clear reasons. You should be aware of the terms so that you can go through the return process smoothly. Here are some top reasons to send devices back to AT & T.

Faulty Device

This is not a formal reason and it is not included in the terms and conditions for returning a product. However, if a device fails to function as it should, you can return it. Some conditions apply on such a return and you will be advised accordingly by the support team.

Warranty Claims

Every product you buy from AT&T has a warranty from the date of sale. The wireless devices carry a one year warranty but the certified restored devices run up to 3 months. You can call up the company and ask to send the product back. You will be guided with the right paperwork.

AT&T Cancellation and Termination Fees

If you wish to discontinue AT&T services, you can call up the company and they will take the equipment back. There are some detailed conditions but the process is smooth. You can ask the support team to let you know of any fee, or charges that may occur in the process.

Requirements for returning equipment

  • You should start by notifying AT&T before 14 days are gone after the date of purchase. You can call the support team and they will advise you in case you have any queries.
  • You should then follow the steps for returning the package as advised by the support tea.
  • The equipment must in new-like condition and all the accessories required to be returned including manuals.
  • For any missing device or part that is not returned, you will be charged a fee. AT&T can send a technician to uninstall the equipment at no cost
  • You must note that for some of the installations, AT&T expects you to send a technician so you have to remove the equipment at your own cost.

Steps to return the AT&T Equipment

  • Step 1: You should notify the support team that you want to bring back the equipment. They will advise you and initiate the return process, you should cancel your AT&T service and stop using the equipment.
  • Step 2: AT&T has a no-cost option. The UPS Store will facilitate the process by packaging the equipment and send it back without charging you. You will be given a tracking number. You can trace the nearest UPS Store near you, online. At the Ups Store, ensure that your AT&T account number is written clearly.
  • Step 3: You can also drop the package yourself to a UPS Store close by. You have to pack the equipment, label it, and take it to the company’s office. You can use the box that brings replacement equipment to pack your old ones. You can also find another box that is not branded. You must label the pack as a pre-paid return label which comes with the original equipment.
  • Step 4: Confirm that the address is correct so that the package is delivered to the right store. Remove any other sticker that may have misguiding information.
  • Step 5: Once you have fitted the equipment in the box, make sure that you have sealed with adhesive tape to keep it secure. You should also remove barcode stickers and stick the UPS return label that comes in the replacement box. Now the box is ready for drop off at any UPS location. Once you have delivered it, keep the tracking number for future reference.
  • Step 6: You will get feedback from AT&T after they have accessed what you have sent them. It takes up to eight weeks to hear from them. If there the return approved, you will receive a paycheck.
  • Step 7: The AT&T will send their technicians to uninstall the equipment once the period you had paid for is over. After this, the payment process begins. They will also advise you on the devices that you have to uninstall at your own cost.

Why you should return AT&T equipment

AT&T is efficient and will deliver the requested equipment as soon as you request and will be ready to install immediately. If you delay the setup process or miss the installation date, then AT&T will annul you’re a count. This means that you must return the equipment within two weeks.

As a result, you will be charged a fee and any bills that accumulate because you are still holding the equipment. If you are returning the equipment later than 14 days, you and pay $720 ETF fee for the equipment. If you have used the equipment for several months, you will be AT&T will deduct $30 for each month you have used their services.

Processing Returned Equipment

Once you have returned the equipment and everything is in good condition, AT&T will approve a refund within eight weeks. However, if something is missing or broken, you will be charged.

Where to Return Equipment

AT&T advises their clients to drop the equipment to the closest UPS Store near them. If you cannot take the equipment there, you can call a courier service to help you. The package must be well labelled and you must keep the tracking number provided.

How to Track your Returned Equipment

You can use the tracking number to see if your package has arrived at the AT&T office. You can also call customer support if you require more guidance. You should not expect changes in equipment prices to affect your payout.

The return process of AT&T Modems, Controllers and TV Boxes

The AT&T Return Policy may not reflect the policies of AT&T authorized dealers or retailers. We have no bearing on how long your credit card company may hold the refund before its release to your account. If your device goes on sale or changes prices after your purchase, AT&T will not issue a refund for the change in price. Closeout items aren’t eligible for return or exchange.


There is also bank process where AT&T does not influence the pace at which they will payout. Some banks may take a longer time than others. The refund process takes up two months. Once AT&T has approved for refunds, you must get the payments. AT&T holds closeout sales from time to time and you can get great discounts for various items on sale. However, you are not allowed to return these products and they cannot be approved for a refund.

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