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Google Nest Reviews

Google Nest Reviews – Highest Performing Mesh Router

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Since its foundation, Google has been offering its customers amazing products. Their ability to be continuously innovative and improving their previous products is what has made them stand out in the market.

Through this innovation, we saw the introduction of Google nest as a brand that is used to market smart home products and was previously known as Google Home. This new brand has several unique features and is equipped with faster top speed with an additional feature called Google Assistant voice control allowing the user to use their voice for control.

How does google Nest Operate?

When using Google Nest, everything is controlled through the Google Home App. This means that one has to have a google account to be an eligible user. The app is simple, clean, and very easy to use. It is fitted with simple steps hence can guide you through the process of setting it up. Amazingly, you can connect or plugin everything, tell or issue a command to instruct it to connect to the router. You then scan the QR code at the bottom de of each point of one’s phone camera. The process is swift and within a few minutes, your mesh is up ready, and working.

Though the app does not offer many features such as a gaming router, you still get some unique or rather useful control over your network. Any device that is connected to your network is visible and you can be able to group them. More importantly, you can be able to pause the connection for any device that is connected as they are grouped with just a quick voice command.


Google Nest Devices

There are various google Nest products available in the market which can all be controlled using the google home app.

Google Nest Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi comes with a nest Wi-Fi router which is available in white color only and Nest access points. The access points are placed at different points in your house to ensure Wi-Fi is accessible in all areas.

They come in 3 colors; snow, mist, and sand and the user have the choice on how many they will be purchasing as they are differently priced. These access points also act as Google Assistants. They have a speaker at the bottom and a microphone at the top. From the access points, you can ask Google to perform any task such as test the Wi-Fi speed and limit Wi-Fi to some devices in the house.

Google Nest Thermostat

The google nest thermostat is set up at your preferred location in your home. It does not rotate but rather has a touch sensor on the side that is used to operate it. Despite being mirrored, the display is visible as it is colorful and bright.

Once it’s set up, you are supposed to set up your schedule, your away and in temperature as well as your sleep temperature. The thermostat allows you to do the setup either using the onside touch sensor or the google home app. The google thermostats are very efficient and most users have reported lower power bills since they started using them.

Google Nest Hub

It comes in form of a tablet that allows for touchscreen function. The smaller version of this is the google nest mini which lacks the touch function. Google nest hub max is the bigger version of the nest hub. The tab size of the nest hub means it is portable and can be placed anywhere in the house. It allows you to control smart devices in your home using voice google assistant.

Functions like playing music on the tab, powering smart devices and switching them off, regulating the temperature creating a shopping list, and making appointments can all be performed by the google nest hub. The greatest advantage of this product is that it allows you to watch news music videos and other shows as opposed to the other nest devices that only support the audio function. Although some users complain due to its lack of a camera, others are very happy with it as it allows privacy.

Google Nest Camera

Security cameras are important as they allow you to watch your house from wherever you are. Google Nest cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor and upon recording, both video and audio feed is stored in the google cloud for a certain period depending on your package. The indoor cameras are wireless and are powered through a cable. Due to their flexibility, there is no limit to the installation area.

The outdoor cameras which are powered on by cable to ensure the batteries never run out of power are weatherproof. They can differentiate between a person and a thing and sends an alert to your phone in case of any activity. They allow you to talk to the person on the other end even when you are not at home. The cameras also work well in the dark and have an option of back playing the video provided you have the app.

Google Nest Doorbell

Another product of the google nest is the doorbell. It is set up at the front door and alerts you when the bell is ringing. The quality of the video is good and can be set to send alerts both to your phone and google home app. The bell allows you to speak to the person on the other end can recognize faces. If you are looking for unlimited cloud storage of the feed, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription. Its downfall is that it has a small delay of about 3 seconds from when the bell is rung to when the alerts are sent. The delay is so small though because you can see who is there and also playback the feed in case you missed them.

How do you connect your Nest products to Google Home?

Google Home App is one of the most impressive innovations so far, the virtual home assistant makes tasks easier with scheduling and automation. By connecting the google nest products to the google home app you have full control of all your devices at the palm of your hands. The steps for this connection are as follows;

Step 1: Set up and install your Nest products

Before any connection, your hardware or google nest device you are looking to connect must be installed. The installation instructions are provided and are very easy to follow. Also, ensure the google home app is installed on your smart device.

Step 2: Open the Google Home APP to set up a connection

For a successful connection, keep the google nets device powered on. Upon opening the google home app, you will see a list of all your connected devices. On the top left corner, there is a plus sign which you should select to add your device to the Google Home app ecosystem.

Step 3: Add a nest Device in the App

Search for Nest on the search bar which will prompt you to log in to your nest account. Once you log in, nest will send you a verification code to confirm the setup. After entering the code, the app will display a list of all the features you can control from the Google Home speaker. Select “allow” for the nest device to connect with the google home. After connection, please check to see if the device appears on your Google App’s main screen.

Step 4: Test the connection

Once everything is connected test by performing the tasks by voice commands. If it works you are good to go. In case it does not work, repeat the process to check if you skipped a step.

Pros of Google Nest 

You can control the devices from anywhere

Once you link the google nest device with the google home app, you have the flexibility of controlling it remotely from any location without necessarily having to be home.

It is compatible with other google or nest products

This ensures that you only replace what you need as it is compatible with the previous version devices. This saves you the cost of having to repurchase all the devices in the house.

Saves energy

Users have reported a reduction in monthly bills after they started using the google nest devices. This is possible because the devices can sense when you are away and turn themselves down.


Having a peaceful mind at all times is of great importance to our lives. Lack of safety is one of the reasons people are constantly worried. The wide range of google nest products always ensures that we are safe. Ranging from the cameras that allow you to speak to the person on the other end, to visual recognizing doorbells to the smart locks, google nest has made it possible to be peaceful in your sleep and also when you are away from home.

Easy to use

Once connected to the google home app, google nest is very easy to use. You do not require any technical skills to operate it.

No limitation for users 

Once it’s set up, all it requires is your voice for operation. This acts as a good assistant for the visually impaired who are now able to perform all their tasks with ease. The very old people and the young kids who cannot type can enjoy the product as well.

Can identify different voices

This ensures that multiple people can get personalized results depending on their preferences.

Performs a massive range of tasks

With google nest, there is almost no limitation to the tasks it performs. These tasks include; your calendar to controlling your home, managing tasks, getting answers, playing fun games, watching and listening to media, control of home speakers, and getting things done. Under each category, several tasks are all performed by the goggle nest.

Cons of Google Nest

It is expensive

Google nest products are quite pricy when compared to their competitors who offer almost the same services. Those who are on a budget may not be able to afford these products and in the long run, they will only be used by those finically able.

Always need to be plugged in

Most of the google nest products are not rechargeable but require to be plugged in at all times. This means that in case of a power outage, these devices will not be beneficial to the user at all. In case you are planning to go away for some time and only rely on these products for security and you would like to leave the power shut down, this will not be possible.


How do I install the google nest products?

The installation instructions vary from one device to the other. Once you purchase the device, the installation instructions are provided. They are very simple steps that do not require you to have any technical skills or sought help from a technician.

Is Google Home compatible with nest?

Yes. They are compatible. Nest is a google product that easily pairs with the google home app both on Android and IOS devices like tablets and phones.

How long is the Google nest warranty?

Provided you purchase from an authorized dealer, most of the google nest products come with a one-year warranty with a few of them having a two-year warranty.


Most of us are already users of google products and services and having google nest in your home is another way of ensuring a seamless and speedy connected home while enjoying all the benefits each product has to offer. You will have to cough more in terms of the purchasing cost but when you analyze the benefits, it’s all worth it. Actually, in the long run, you will realize that the products pay for themselves. This is because although the purchasing price is high you get to save a higher amount that could have been spent in paying for the bills had you not purchased it.

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