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cheap internet plans for gamers

Best Internet For Gamers – The Top 5 Providers & Discounts

Gamers cannot go a day without an internet connection. If you have just moved and looking for the best internet that will not slow down at any point, you have a wide variety to select from. The first thing to consider is the speed of the internet; gaming requires fast and reliable internet.

Internet providers also have varying prices, which makes it possible to find an affordable plan and enjoy your gaming. But, check the contract features and their conditions to avoid any problems in case you want to cancel their service. Here are a few services that offer the best internet for gamers.

Why Should Internet Speed Important For Online Gamers


The best internet for gaming should be fast enough to load the game and allow you to play without slowing down. The download, upload and ping speed should is what determines the quality of the gaming experience. Go for a provider who has a proven history of offering high speed. Here is a brief definition of how important speed is:


This refers to how fast your game gets into your phone or computer. It also determines how long an online game will load and the time it will take when downloading a patch.

Upload speed

This is the speed for live streaming and heavy interaction games including VR. It refers to how fast information will get into your PC or console.


Ping measures latency, which refers to the time it takes for an action to take place. For example in a racing car, how long it takes when you accelerate your car.

Online gaming is all about speed and so, you must get the internet that will provide exactly that. Here are some of the best internet providers for gamers. But they are in no order.

Best Gaming Internet Plans & Providers


Cox is a high-speed internet service that offers gaming smoothly without any hiccups. It is for DSL internet where we are guaranteed speed and comes with four plans that all define quality speed.

  • The $19.99 per month offers 10Mbps speed, and it’s their Starter Package.
  • The $29.99 per month is dubbed Essential Internet and offers a speed of 30Mbps.
  • The $49.99 per month is known as Preferred Internet with a speed of 150Mbps
  • The Ultimate Internet has a speed of 300Mbps for $69.99 per month.

Cox strives to meet the needs of surfers, and their packages are designed for various needs. For heavy internet users, Cox has special packages for them so that you can talk to them for more options. This cable internet available nationwide, and you can access it regardless of your location in the US. Besides, the prices are affordable, and they give you a one year only contract.

AT&T Fiber

AT & T Fiber offers fiber connection, and it’s a holy grail for online gamers. It is perfect if you like to live streaming. In addition to amazing speed, this internet provider is reliable, and your game will not drop out before you are done. It is available in the following plans:

  • $49.99 per month for AT&T internet up to 100Mbps at 100Mbps speed.
  • $50 per month for Internet 300 at 300Mbps.
  • $49.99 per month for Internet 1000 at 940 Mbps.

Fiber internet comes in handy for online gamers who are streamers. The speed of uploading and downloading is excellent, and AT&T Fiber is one of them.

Verizon FiOS

Online gaming requires a high speed, and you cannot compromise on this requirement. Verizon FiOS is a fiber connection internet, which makes it robust and efficient for all gamers. It comes with three plans that include:

  • $39.99 per month plan is known as FiOS Internet 100/100 with 100Mbps speed.
  • $59.99 per month plan is known as FiOS Internet 300/300 with 300Mbps rate.
  • $79.99 per month for a plan known as FiOS Gigabit connection with 940Mbps speed.

Verizon FiOS is one of the reliable internet connections you will find as an online gamer. It has high upload and download speed, which defines the happiness of players.

Frontier FiOS

Frontier is available in most parts of the country where you cannot access Verizon FiOS or AT$T home internets. It allows you to stream live your games and comes with reasonable monthly plans. They include:

  • Simply FiOS 50/50 with a speed of 50Mbps at $29.99 per month.
  • Simply FiOS 500/500 for $39.99 per month and available at 500Mbps
  • Simply FiOS Gig Service at $74 per month with a speed of 100Mbps.

All the plans are unlimited, and the prices are enticing. It is the most excellent internet for gaming because it is widely available and fast enough for all gaming needs. It is an ideal option for anyone looking for fiber connection and suitable for a house with several gamers and therefore needs a lot of Mbps.


Xfinity is a smart choice that comes with various plans that make it easy to find one for your needs and budget. Their plans include:

  • $29.99 for the Performance Starter with 15Mbps speed.
  • $39.99 per month for a no-contract Performance Starter internet connection with a speed of 15Mbps.
  • $39.99 per month for Performance Plus at 60Mbps rate.
  • $49.99 per month for Performance Plus without a contract with 60Mbps.
  • $69.99 per month for Blas Pro with 250Mbps speed.
  • $79.99 per month for Blast Pro plan without a contract with 250Mbps speed.
  • $70 per month for Gigabit at 1000 Mbps speed
  • $299.95 for the Giga Pro plan at 2000Mbps rate.

The speed is unlimited, and prices vary depending on your location. Though te no contract policy may appear a little expensive, it’s the smartest way to go when signing up for Xfinity internet services.


Spectrum has a remarkable high speed. It is one of the few internet connection providers with great deals for online gamers. Their plans come with friendly prices and high speed. They include:

  • $44.99 per month for Spectrum Standard connection with 100Mbps speed.
  • .99 per month for Spectrum Internet Ultra at 400 Mbps speed.
  • $104.99 per month for Spectrum Internet GIG at 940 Mbps.

Spectrum is known to offer high-speed internet. The cable-based internet connection allows you to go unlimited and enjoy your gaming activities without any hindrances. Even their cheapest plan has a reliable speed of 100 Mbps. Above all, Spectrum has no contract, which means fewer problems when you want to cancel.

Google Fiber

Google is one of the best internets for gaming and is highly rated due to its speed. It comes to a score of 99.36 for weighted speed and average latency is about 66.2ms. the main drawback is that Google Fiber is limited and not available in most parts across the US. It is available in 18 cities but still makes it to the top list of the best internet recommendations that any gamer should have. If it’s within your city, it’s worth considering. Their plans include:

  • $70 per month at a speed of 1,000 Mbps in Fiber 1000 plan.
  • $60 per month at a speed of between 100 and 1000 Mbps for Webpass plan. The speed you get depends on your location.

The best thing about Google Fiber is that it’s tested and performance proved to be excellent. It offers reliable download and upload speeds, especially with fiber connection.


RCN provides both cable and fiber internet connections, but fiber is what they mostly offer. Their plans range from 25 Mbps up to gigabit high speeds. Their plans are affordable and they include:

  • $34.99 per month at a speed of 50 Mbps for a 50 Mbps Internet plan.
  • $44.99 per month at a speed of 250 Mbps for 250 Mbps Internet plan.
  • $54.99 per month at a speed of 500 Mbps for 500 Mbps Internet plan.
  • $59.99 per month at a speed of 1000 Mbps for Gig Internet plan.

RCN has friendly introductory rates. Its weighted speed score is 67.48 and average latency is 61.7 ms. The internet’s ping is average and it’s a reliable internet connection.

Tips For Choosing Gaming Internet

  • Start by checking for the availability of the specific internet connection you want. Some not available in all parts of the country. The download and upload speeds determine reliability, latency and internet type especially if you are an online gamer. With slow internet, you will never enjoy gaming.
  • Check the number of Mbps to determine how fast your connection will be. Most consoles can download at speed of 3 Mbps and upload at 1 Mbps speed. But, this is the minimum speed you need and not recommended because your game will halt from time to time. Most households have at least 25 Mbps downloading speed and uploading speed of 3 Mbps. While this is the recommended general speel by the Federal Communications Commission, it is not enough for an online gamer. Find a speed that fits the needs of your household and uninterrupted online gaming for you.
  • Think about ping and latency as it comes handy for the latest or fast-paced games. When shooting in your game, you will get killed fast if you have slow latency. Mostly, your ping is affected by how far you are from the network hub, your provider’s network and your network equipment. You have no control over latency and the only thing you can do is choose a provider with fiber, cable or 5G internet connection. They tend to have less latency compared to satellite and DSL internet connections.

How Does Internet Connection Affect Your Gaming?

The above top internet service providers are either cable or satellite internet. They are the best types for online gamers and offer reliable internet services. Fiber connection is much better than cable, but the later is also a great option.

Other options include DSL internet and can be used with online gaming too. But the highest speed is 100 Mbps. It is good for gaming though not excellent and cannot be replied to offer top speed. It cannot match the efficiency of fiber and cable connections.

While you can game on Wi-Fi, the signals are less reliable and don’t carry the same speeds as plugging in.

Our verdict

If you live in a city with Google Fiber, get it. It averaged the best performances across 2.4 million internet speed tests, and its high speeds paired with low ping rates will pave the way for you to pwn your enemies.

If Google Fiber isn’t available in your area, look for local fiber internet providers, Verizon Fios, or any of our other ISP recommendations.

When looking for the best internet for gaming, you must find a reliable connection. It is not hard because internet providers are increasing at a high rate, and each is promising high speed at a reasonable price. The competition has led to a better experience for gamers as each company is trying to win customers with great deals.

These services vary and are available depending on your location; before you decide which provider to buy from, research, and understand their products. Unlimited offers come in handy as gaming requires a lot of Mbps, and anything that will slow down at one point is not ideal. Check the plans and select the most adequate one, with reasonable speed and low price.