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best internet speed for online gaming

Internet Speed For Gaming – Best Speed For Online Games?

Want to know what internet speed for gaming do you need? Then keep reading. A day cannot pass without bumping into your phone for an internet connection.

Either you want to read your WhatsApp messages, share your images; memes, videos or you want to get into online gaming platforms to pass time. Regardless of your intentions, we know how annoying the poor internet connection is.

When you are choosing to pass an hour or two with friends or family during this lockdown and ‘’Stay at Home’’ directive, you might want to have the strongest internet connection.

The fact remains that the strength of your internet connection directly affects your online gaming experience.

Are you now wondering which internet speed you want for the best gaming experiences?

If yes, then all your answers are here, read on. You will see many online game developers recommending at least 3mbps, but is that enough for the best online gaming experience?

What are the Types of Internet connections?

Before we head to the main discussion, let me shed light on the different types of internet connections that you can expect. The good news is that high-speed internet is everywhere but your service provider makes the biggest impact when accessing the internet.

The different types of internet connections include DSL, Coaxial cable, Fiber Optic and Satellite internet providers for gaming.

Is 100Mbps enough for gaming?

The game experience of different games differs depending on internet speed. This means that 3mbps would be enough for a certain game and fail to enable the best experience for some other online games. I bet you already know that different video games are embedded with different internet speed to help you win.

100mbps would be enough for most games. 100mbps is enough for almost all types of online video games. That is a very high-speed internet that you cannot find just anywhere.

What is the fastest internet speed for gaming

The internet speed you need for online games depends entirely on the type of game. Some online video games need a connection of as low as 3mbps and others take as high as 50Mbps.

This is an indication that the speed of the internet you need for online games varies greatly depending on the specific game.

However, the best internet speed for your gaming needs should be anywhere between 20mbps and 100mbps. Most online video games also specify the amount of internet speed you need to win the games.

How to boost the speed of your home internet?

Sometimes we have a high-speed internet connection tapped up by different things at home which makes it slow. To have the best gaming experience, you need to boost the internet speed and lower the ping rates. Here is how to go about it.

WIFI extender

For people that are accessing online video games on their tablet or phone, they need to upgrade their Wi-Fi extender, which boosts the signal range.

When the signal range is boosted, you will probably have a higher speed internet without potential dropouts and latency times.

Optimise Your Games Settings

Different games have different settings that can either reduce internet usage or reduce your FPS wit the help of adjusting your display and graphics. If you want to ensure your internet works for the type of game you are playing, then start by adjusting the game settings and making sure nothing is running in the background.

Shop For A Good Provider

This should be obvious, as I had indicated earlier, the internet provider you are about to go for can determine the speed of your internet. The provider should be reliable and affordable. If they charge lower fees for higher speeds, then it can be easier to upgrade your internet speed.

We all love online games but the types of games we choose can be limited by our internet speeds. However, the guide above helps you make a sound decision when selecting the best online video game to play and how to increase your internet speed at home.

Always opt for wired ethernet connection for faster speeds

The wired connection has few obstacles and hence it’s faster and will provide much better speeds than a wifi connection can offer.

With wired Ethernet, you get to plug into the true speed of the modem without any bottlenecks to deal with and for gamers, this is a well-known tactic for the best internet speed for gaming.

Because it’s important you set up your gaming console to PC to iron out all the bottlenecks as easy and clean as possible. Keep in mind of any background programs consumer CPU, graphics and internet so you can optimise for a better online gaming experience.

What is the optimal low-cost speed for gaming?

Not every game is made the same to play online, you gotta count in server lag, ping of other players, your own ping and how the game is running on your machine to get a smooth result.

The games with most functionality and those that are more appealing are very likely to need higher internet speed like Battlefield 5 or COD warzone. For that reason, we will expand further on the specific game types, their functionality and their internet speed requirement.

Gaming Speeds For Different Game Types

First-person shooter Games (FPS)

Shooter games are very popular online video games. Although you can come across many such games offline, they have different features when the game is played online.

The game is linked to another user and you have to compete to win. For you to have the best gaming experience, you need a stable internet connection. A stable internet connection, in this case, means an internet speed of 30Mbps download speed but 1Mbps upload speed.

Rubber Banding mid-play or lag is perhaps the FPS gamers nightmare so be sure your internet connection is capable to assist your needs.

Role-Playing games

These are the games where the player is in the fantasy world with a fictional character. The game also has different levels that should be completed with time.

If you want to play this game online, you can agree with me that the internet speed is a considerable factor. The player needs at least 1.5Mbps download speed and up to 1Mbps upload speed.

Real-time strategy games

I know you have come across such games where one fighter chases the other. This type of game seems like a movie game that has a specific target. For such games that are time-based and where you are facing competition from another person, you need internet speed of up to 3Mbps download speed and at least 0.5Mbps upload speed.

Massively multiplayer online MMO Games

Just like the role games, the player is in the fantasy world with a fictional character. The game involves millions of users across the world with different PCs like WOW or Runescape being one of the top internet games of this period.

The game also has no limit and you have to win the current level to move to the next. For the best gaming experience, you need at least 3mbps download speed and 0.5mbps upload speed.

Fast internet speed is crucial to be able to keep up with the game so there is no mid-game battle rubber banding or else you’re WOW raids are going to leave you behind as the weakest link.


Working with getting a good gaming speed can be a challenge if you don’t have a solid foundation of fast internet, fast gaming system that’s clean from viruses and programs in the background, right to the way you have your computer or console using their internet via WIFI or ethernet.

We have gone over all the possible scenarios in this post to hopefully give you some idea’s on where you can optimise your online playing experience so you can slay Pawning Noobz with ease and have a fun time doing it.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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