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Randomly Disconnecting From League Of Legends – 10 Fixes (Guide)

League of Legends is among the popular video games worldwide. Riot Games developed the game. It is a team-based competitive game centered on outplaying your opponents.

In other words, it is a strategy video game where teams face each other with the sole aim of destroying the base of the opponent. Typically, you’ll have to choose from top champions to make an impressive play, secure good kills, and also pull down towers as you combat your way to triumph.

Why Good Internet Is Required?

League of Legends is an intricate video game that encompasses both sophisticated strategy and fast-paced video gameplay. Individual Players collaborate with their team to disrupt the enemy Link before the enemy team ends up breaking theirs. Skilled players know the ins and outs of beating their opponent hands down before them, while in the same process maintaining the macro- elements to strengthen their team to achieve victory.

How To Fix League Of Legends Disconnecting, But the Internet is Fine?

When it time to play League of Legends, an unstable internet connection can result in an upsetting lagging issue. The impact on the game is that it won’t be able to fully act within those milliseconds the lag took place. When it comes to LOL, many players lay so much complain, especially about the rate of connection issues one experiences while playing the game.

The worst is that this disconnection occurs even when you tend to have a stable internet connection which is more frustrating and annoying. Whatever your own case might be, in this write-up we’ll outline some quick and easy troubleshooting solutions which will enable you to fix these connection issues. These solutions will make a great impact on prohibiting the game from constantly disconnecting, which in turn will guarantee smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

1. Try and restart Your Router or Modem. 

Sometimes all it takes is to restart your router or modem device, especially it has not been turned off for a while. This helps to cool it down. To do this, just tap the power button and wait for a minimum of 30 seconds before you start it again. After that, put it back on again. The indicator light will enable you to know when the process is fully complete. Now you can turn on your game to check if the connection issue has been resolved.

2. Disconnection as a result of excessive Load

Whenever you start to experience a weak connection, make sure you disconnect other devices connected to the network. This is because when multiple devices are connected to the same network, the bandwidth is shared evenly, thereby slowing down the network speed.

3. Make use of a different connection to play the game.

You might need to use a different secured Wi-Fi network in a different location if you’ve avoided other interference that may affect your signal. You can do this by switching your Wi-Fi to Ethernet connection or better still you can purchase Ethernet power line Adapter.

4. Enabling Firewall

The connection will be affected if you forgot to enable the league of legends game files from your firewall settings. So check and make sure the game is enabled.

5. Deactivate your Antivirus during your gameplay. 

Some Antivirus features can end up blocking the connections which in affect the game. Therefore, before you begin to play, ensure the antivirus software is temporarily disabled. This alone can fix this connection issue.

6. Purchase an updated Network Adapter

The more updated your network adapter is, the less likely you’re to experience any disconnection. So you need to normalize updating your network adapter often as they become obsolete.

7. Put Off any Proxy and VPN. 

The importance of proxies and VPN cannot be overemphasized as far as online privacy is concerned, but simultaneously, these tools have a way of causing your game to disconnect. Therefore, before launching your league of legends, disable any VPN and Proxies. Follow these steps;

  • Click on Start/windows logo, select Settings, and navigate to Network & Internet > Proxy.
  • Change the option automatically detect settings to ON.
  • Change the option Use a proxy server to OFF.

8. Check the state of the LMHT Server.

It’s no news that League of Legends has numerous active players around the globe. Hence, to accommodate all these active players at the same time, there is a need for servers. At any point these servers are down, your connection will also be affected. You can check at the league of legends homepage for any information. Alternatively, you can just log out and reenter.

9. Configure your network settings to make use of Google Public DNS

To make use of Google Public DNS, you need to clearly change your operating system’s DNS settings to use the Google Public DNS IP addresses. This, to an extent, contributes to your security online.

10. Reboot your computer

You can simply reboot your computer and re-launch the game to see if the problem has been fixed.


If you’re experiencing more crashes than usual in League of Legends, I would suggest again you carefully go over this guide here as it covers all issues and solutions to things that would cause that issue you’re having.


Why is League of Legends so popular?

League of Legends is a popular game because it was the first comer to this “league”. Also, it’s a ranked game that made it gain its popularity super-fast because the majority of people like to play ranked games to achieve a higher rank.

Can I delete League of Legends logs?

Once in a while, it’s important to delete your game logs to clear space. This can be found here: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs folder. It’s safe to eliminate the whole thing within the Logs file together with all the folders. The client and game will create new folders and log files over time.

Why do I keep getting BugSplat?

Bugsplat is the bug informing system used by League of Legends to notify us of developing issues. Bugsplat issues are normally triggered by either your PC’s Hardware or the graphic settings you’ve applied within League of Legends.