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Create An Optimum ID From Your Home Network Step By Step Guidelines

Create An Optimum ID From Your Home Network (Guide)

Have you wondered how to create an Optimum ID? Well, you can only do that from your home network. If you want to learn how to do that, stick with us and continue to read this write-up.

Optimum is among the popular ISPs in the United States. It operates perfectly in any part of the country, providing reliable internet.

The distinguishing feature why many users prefer Optimum for internet services is because of the additional feature it offers such as watching TV online.

There is also an Optimum mobile app but it requires you to have an Optimum ID before you can log in.

The details on how to log in with the Optimum ID will be elucidated below.

You Can Only Create an Optimum ID From Your Home Network

How to create an Optimum ID?

Creating the ID is not difficult, however, it’s important to be on your home network when creating the Optimum ID.

This is because the ID is what guarantees you access to all features Optimum offers to its subscribers.

The Optimum ID is needed for the Optimum TV, mobile app including paying bills online. The importance of making use of the Optimum ID especially on your home network is to secure your privacy.

Normally, the username name is Optimum ID which will be your access to other features.

After successfully creating the ID with the help of your home network, the Optimum app can be used even outside your home.

While using the Optimum hotspot finder app, it’s advisable to password it after adding your ID.

The procedure is as follows;

  1. Navigate to Optimum internet home page.
  2. Tap on the option to commence the process of creating an optimum ID through your home network.
  3. Next, is to verify important personal information such as mobile number, account number, first & last name.
  4. If you’ve forgotten your account number, check the following places: your installation receipt, Optimum bills, packing slip.
  5. Add your email address, secured security questions, and optimum ID. With the security question, you’ll be able to recover your Optimum ID including username and password.
  6. Next will be to set a unique password. You can go ahead to create your optimum ID.

Include additional IDs

After creating your primary Optimum ID, it’s now possible to manage up to 14 additional Optimum IDs.

With this, it will be easy for members of your household to access, manage, pay online bills, input parental control, access other features including free email.

Follow the steps below to accomplish it;

  1. Visit optimum.net/profile. A prompt will come out for you to log in if you’re yet to do so. Proceed and enter your password and Optimum ID.
  2. Towards the right side of your screen, Click Add Optimum IDs to your existing account.
  3. Entering the unique answers to the security questions will be next.
  4. With the new user info, finish the required fields.
  5. Confirm the access, you want the new user to have.
  6. Finally, tap on create Optimum ID.

In Conclusion

The write-up has elucidated some of the important details on how you need to create the primary optimum ID when using your home network including adding extra Optimum IDs.

With this, with won’t find it difficult to use your new Optimum ID again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the explanation for the Optimum home network?

With the Optimum Smart Router, you can share your internet with different mobile devices and computers.

It will be easier for everyone to connect their device, play games, and also communicate with each other from any corner of the house.

To learn more features about your router, visit router.optimum.net.

What does Optimum tech ID mean?

This is a unique username that gives users access to any kind of extras based on Optimum services.

When you create an Optimum ID it’s easier to pay any online bills, down mobile TV app, and watch different TV channels like HBO, Disney, etc.

What is an access code?

This is a 4-digit number that is used to discover yourself when you speak to a customer care store either through online chat or through a phone.

How reliable is Optimum Wi-Fi?

Optimum is known for being fast and affordable, placing them among the top three cheapest ISPs in 2021. Their plans have been rated to be fast. Yes, they’re reliable.

How can I get my Optimum ID?

First, you need to be a home network to be able to create it;

  1. Navigate to optimum.net/id
  2. Type in your unique 13-digit account number
  3. Type in your account’s last name.
  4. Next is the phone number
  5. Tap on continue
  6. Check and complete the needed fields and finally click create Optimum ID.

Is it possible to get an Optimum Hotspot?

It’s easy to access the Optimum Wi-Fi hotspot. But first, you need to get ready; Optimum ID & password and choice Wi-Fi enabled device.

For those that already have an email address from Optimum, your ID is what comes after the @sign. For instance, if [email protected] is your email, then john smith is your Optimum ID.

Can I sign up for Optimum Wi-Fi?

Yes. It’s possible. Register at home;

  1. On your Wi-Fi device, find your MAC Address
  2. Ensure your Wi-Fi device is ON.
  3. Sign-in to Optimum.net using your password and Optimum ID.
  4. From the top Navigate to My Account, then choose ‘Automatic Sign In’. This can be located beneath ‘Optimum Wi-Fi’
  5. Type in the MAC Address copied from your device.
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