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what are the best fiber internet providers

Best Fiber Optic Internet Providers List – Our Favourites of 2022

Fiber optic Internet is a delicate infrastructure that is laid out to enable internet supply. Internet providers use fiber optic cable, and the internet is delivered using a network of thin wires.

The other alternative is the dial-up that uses telephone lines. Internet technology has advanced, and fiber optic connection is the better option because it is fast and reliable. In the US, fiber optic is available in residential areas, public spaces, and even commercial centers. As demand for the service continues to grow, users are always searching for the most reliable providers.

Selecting Fiber Optic Internet Provider

Check for services available

You should take your time to research about the ISP companies available in your locality. Choose a supplier who will meet your needs at an excellent value for money. The ISP packages are technical, but if you take your time to research and consult with their customer care teams, you can make the right choice.

There are hundreds of ISP companies in the US, but you can only pick a provider who offers services within your locality. You can check with your neighbours for a referral for a fiber optic internet that they are using.

Consider Speed

You should go for fiber optic internet with high speed. Buffing pages and poor connectivity can slow you down. However, fiber optic powered internet is usually high-speed, but the provider must lay out a reliable infrastructure. Make sure that you get a package that matches the needs in your home or the office. Too many users can slow a low download and upload speeds.

Cost of plans

The cost of the package should match the value you get. Different homes or workplaces have different needs. An office with many employees should go for a package that suits their requirements. The fiber optic cable provider will guide you through the subscription packages.

Best fiber optic internet providers in America

AT & T Fiber Optic Internet

AT & T provides fiber internet all the country and has received positive reviews throughout the years. This company has one of the highest numbers of subscribers for their internet services. They are known for their efficient fiber optic internet that is available in all states. The packages start at $40, making them quite affordable.

They do not charge connectivity fees, and you might be lucky to get a discount on the subscription fee. AT & T have high-speed internet that goes up to 1000Mps for a package that costs $70 per month. Their customer support systems are available online, and you can request to be connected from their website.

As a subscriber, you can use your smartphone to manage your AT & T account through the smart home manager app. The internet is secure and encrypted to protect you from hackers or other cybercriminals.

Cox Fiber Optic Internet

Cox is a popular ISP provider, especially the fiber optic internet. This company is known for its high-speed internet. If you in an area where Cox is present, they are one of the best. The subscription fees start at $20 for 10Mbps, which is an option for anyone with minimal internet usage. It can be used on three devices, mostly to browse and operate emails. You cannot use it to watch TV.

If you wish to watch online TV or stream movies, then you have to upgrade. This package will cost $30 per month. You can use up to five gadgets with it. This is an excellent home package, but if you are more than five family members, then a 100Mbps plan would suit you more.

You use up to seven gadgets and download games and movies without slowing it down. The high-speed package is the one for 1000Mbps, and cost $100 per month. This package is popular with small offices and households.

Century Link Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber Optic internet is a little costly, but Century Link has some pocket-friendly prices. This company provides internet connection services for both homes and offices. The lowest package is $45 for 60Mbps, and the highest will cost you 1000Mbps at $85.

The highest plan allows you to connect as many gadgets as you want. Century Link also has Fiber Gigabit that is powered by the fiber optic cable. The company is still extending its fiber penetration

Verizon Fiber Optic Internet

Verizon is known for its high-speed internet. The company’s fiber infrastructure is available in several out with s an extensive outreach. The company has excellent customer support with several packages that can suit different needs and budgets. The packages start at $40 for 100Mbps; the fastest connectivity is the FiOS Gigabit, at a speed of 940Mbps, which costs $80.

Suddenlink Fiber Optic Internet

SuddenLink offers different internet plans to meet varying market needs. You buy a package for as low as $35 for a speed of 50Mbps. This internet provider supplies residential areas as well as commercial spaces. The most economical package can accommodate up to ten devices at a subscription fee of $55.

The fastest plan offers a spend 1000Mbps at the cost of $85, and you can use more than devices.

Frontier Fiber Optic Internet

Frontier Fiber can be found in more than six states with a well-laid fiber-optic network. They have a superfast package known as Frontier FiOS. Their monthly packages are affordable for both homes and offices.

Advantages of Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic internet is advanced and relatively new in the market. The reception is impressive because the reviews are positive. Broadband internet is still available, but fibre-optic is the new favourite among users. It has improved communication in business organization and increased productivity. Here are some reasons to connect fiber optic internet.


When the internet buffs, emails hang in the outbox file, or fails to load pages, you become frustrated because it takes more time to complete your tasks. If you are running a business, inefficiency means reduced productivity. Fiber optic internet is a choice for many organizations because it does not slow down during busy hours.

Business owners agree that fiber optic is the way to because the speed is better than any other option available in the market. If you have a vast team in your office, FiOS can deliver because processes move smoothly. The most important characteristic to consider when selecting the type of internet is speed.

Storage Access

Organizations operate online to increase their efficiency, but if the internet is low, then your processes are compromised. The delays are bad for business, and you miss out on the advantages that online tools offer business. Data storage and customer relationship management are essential systems for the success of your business. Fiber optic internet has the strength to run this application without slowing down.


Fiber optic internet does not face any interruptions and always available because it is more robust. It is also well protected from any harsh conditions such as weather and will only stall if the fiber is damaged or cut.

Businesses have targets, goals, and results to deliver; hence reliable services are essential. Most of the companies that offer fiber internet will notify their users, ahead of time, when a downtime will happen due to repairs or new upgrades.

Reliable internet gives you a company a good reputation because calls will be more audible, emails will go out on time, and your team will deliver deadlines.

Fibre Broadband

The signal will be present and at a high strength. The fiber internet is not affected by distance or lack of proximity to the router or switch. If you have a spacious office, WiFi will be available in every corner of the building. Before fiber internet came into the market, the options available made it difficult to operate in large spaces. The signal was weak, and you had to buy routers or additional switches.

The market has been affected by the current pandemic; hence offices have to practice social distancing in the future. This means larger offices with few employees occupying one room to cope with the Coronavirus. Fiber optic is the future for organizations that care about the wellbeing of their staff.


Fiber optic internet keeps up with increasing demand without slowing down. Organizations are moving away from the dial-up type of internet because it can be overwhelmed during peak time.

Slow internet is not suitable for any business because employees are not able to deliver to the maximum. Your organization will not enjoy modern technology of doing business, such as online calls, cloud applications, or even streaming online classes.

The images will become blurred, and the page will keep asking you to refresh when the internet is slow. It is frustrating because it means that you will spend more time on simple tasks.

Organizations are struggling with a bandwidth that can hardly meet 50% of their internet needs, but fiber internet will solve these problems. If you own a business and you are facing these challenges, you can look up one of the fiber optic internet providers and crossover to better services.

Fast download and upload

If you have ever tried downloading a critical file unsuccessfully, then you understand how exasperating it is. You will watch your timelines tick away because a file has refused to upload.

Fiber internet allows you to upload and download at a phenomenal speed. Even though this may not sound like a real problem for organizations, it is a notable setback because emails are sent out or received daily, and most of them have attachments.

Marketing and sales departments have to send out product videos to clients. Most of the business is carried on through the internet, especially multinationals expanding to other international markets.

Fibre Security

Cable tapping is a crucial problem for internet users. Unfortunately, hackers are tech geniuses who interfere with your internet connectivity for their selfish interests. Organization uphold the safety and privacy of their business; hence a solution that cannot be interfered with is essential.

Fiber internet has proved to be hard to interfere with because this only happens if the fiber is cut physically. With increasing cyber crimes, businesses are always looking for ways to improve their online security and using fiber internet connection to enhance your efforts.

No signal degrade

When using the internet in a factory or an industry where there is heavy machinery, cable internet will slow down and become slow to effects of electromagnetic currents. Fiber internet is durable and resistant to electromagnetic waves. It can be a huge problem if your office is next to an organization that uses heavy machinery. Instead of relocating your workspace, you can get the fiber optic internet, and your problems will be gone entirely.

Saving Money

Most people feel like fiber internet is expensive when they compare the subscription payments with the cable cost. However, if you viewed it analytically, you will realize that your organization has increased revenues due to increased productivity. Your organization can maximize modern technology; hence processes are efficient, clients are happy, and your brand gets a good reputation.

Functional internet connectivity will encourage your team to find ways to carry out the business process cost-effectively and with shorter deadlines. You will realize that production is increasing in a year, but you do not have to employ more people.


When considering fiber connection internet, you should know about the initial costs of installing it, and research about the providers. While some offer rental equipment, it is always a good idea to buy yours to save in the long run. Search for available fiber internet companies in your area and also compare the subscription fees and other offers so that you can settle for what is within your budget.

Fiber internet connections are efficient with services available online to allow fast sign up of new clients. You also pay your bills through a private account, can access to 24-hour customer service team on telephone or emails. Some of these companies have a live chat on their websites. Fiber internet is the solution for future internet needs as businesses are operating online more.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
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John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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