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How To Solve Wifi Connection Issue

How To Solve Wifi Connection Issue – Updated Guide 2022

Need a guide on How To Solve Wifi Connection Issue in 2022.

No Internet connection again? Want to know How To Solve Wifi Connection Issue then this 2022 guide will help.

It is really annoying when you have lots of work to finish and suddenly a message popped out: WiFi connected but no Internet Connection. A big headache!

Doesn’t it? In this era of the digital world where everything is updated on a website, it is desirable to have a good Internet connection. More to this, these unwanted hurdles blow your mind.

There may be various reasons- ranging from being in a place with limited or no internet connection, being in aeroplane mode or poor connection, or maybe broken cable can be the reason.

But don’t worry; we have mentioned all the mostly experienced Wifi internet connection problems and their solutions.

WiFi is what? It’s like air, we can’t see but it’s present everywhere. If you are having an issue in connecting to the wifi router, try it with another device like mobile or another laptop; So that you will get to know if there is an issue with the router or the respective device itself.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your Wifi

If another device is connected properly, it is understandable that there is an issue with your hardware device. Let’s look at the tips to quickly get back to your internet connection in order: 


  1. Check your device is connected to the wifi network properly. Try to turn off and turn on wifi to check again.
  2. Make sure that you are entering the correct password for the correct username. Check if Caps lock is not pressed unknowingly.
  3. There may be chances that you are far away from the wifi router. Please move closer to the router if wifi symbol is showing 2 or 3 bars in it.
  4. If you are still not getting the internet connection, you can troubleshoot the same within pc. Just go to the control panel and choose troubleshoot options in the Network and Sharing Center option.
  5. If troubleshooting does not help you out, try switching off the firewall and accessing the network.

Now look at the various common issues which you may face generally to run the wi-fi and their solutions as well:


Since there is high speed connection available worldwide in this era; even though, sometimes wireless connection gets interrupted. If your Internet connection is working fine and you are getting slow speed, then it’s a real issue.

  • Causes: This problem mostly occurs when you are too far from your router. As router range covers in a circle so if your router is placed in the corner then most of the coverage area is getting wasted. Another reason can be possible that there are many more interfering frequencies in that area which is interrupting your channel.
  • Solutions: First, move closer to the router to get the larger coverage area and place the router in centre place to access from distance. Next, try to change the channel which your router is broadcasting on minimizing the interference up to an extent.


Sometimes it happens when we are connected to the wifi network and the signal strength is also good but we couldn’t connect to the internet. Like we will be unable to load web pages and it is displaying No internet connection.

  • Causes: The most common cause is the unpaid balance. If there is the due amount to be paid, generally, the company suspend the services to your account. Another reason is when router or modem stopped communication periodically or maybe there is an outage in your area.
  • Solutions: Firstly check that there is no unpaid amount left. Try to restart the router, it will restore the device to factory settings. Sometimes it helps in fixing this issue. If you are still unable to get back to normal, contract to your ISP and let them fix this issue for you.


When you are working and the wifi is working fine a second before and now it disappeared suddenly. Anyone can be panicked in this situation for what has just happened.

  • Causes: The one reason for this issue is that router is placed somewhere that there is no airflow and it’s overheating. Another reason fo this may be that your network has reset itself due to an update.
  • Solutions: Place the router in an open area where air can be passed. If your router is placed in open area then there may be chances that router is restarting itself for update. Check the defaulter network name and see if you recognize that network when looking for a connection. Defaulter network name is generally printed on the router itself.


This issue may occur periodically. When the password and network is saved and you are unable to get a hold on to the network.

  • Causes: There is not a significant reason behind this issue. Sometimes, due to large number of device connections to a single network causes this issue.
  • Solution: Delete the network from your device completely. You have to click on “forget this network” to delete the network. Now, you have to find the network again and enter the password like you do at first.


What if you have forgotten the password and there is no password written note and you don’t know the password, how will you recover it?

Solution: There is a reset button on the router to restore the general settings to default. You just have to press it and then access the network. If you are unable to find the reset button, the best way to reset is to contact your ISP and ask them to restore the settings for you.

These above-given wifi internet connection problems are the most general, encountered in our daily lives. Now, you have an idea of what may be the reasons behind the various problems and also the solutions as well. You would be able to troubleshoot these problems within a short period of time.