how to upgrade Verizon DSL Modem

How to Upgrade Verizon DSL Modem

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When looking for an internet service provider, you start by searching for reputable ISPs near you. Verizon is one of the leading companies in internet provision and has a broad network. It is a reputable internet service available in various regions across the world. In the US, it is accessible for those living in almost every state including New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Verizon offers two main types of internet connectivity products; Verizon Fios and DSL Service, and each of these services has some advantages over the other. Verizon Fios comes with advanced technology, while DSL has a higher network outreach and reliability.

DSL Services

However, once you have chosen to buy DSL service, you should be aware that you can upgrade it. A DSL internet connection from Verizon uses landline telephone lines for data transmission. Customers enjoy low rates and a free landline phone service.

One of Verizon DSL internet’s advantages is the availability, even in areas away from the cities. Users get reliable connectivity at a lower cost. The connectivity rarely has downtime, and the bandwidth offers a consistent connection. Even though fiber connection is rated as high speed and advanced, the uptake of DSL services is high because the product is budget-friendly.

Upgrading Verizon DSL Modem

If you want to start using the Verizon DSL internet, you must get the whole DSL service package. There are two things required for the setup- a modem and a router. Verizon allows you to buy any advanced router as long it is compatible with their modem.

The router disseminates the internet to the connected gadgets, but you need a modem to access internet connectivity. The kind of modem that you have determines the speed of the internet enhances network security and provides consistent connectivity.

Verizon DSL modem is progressive, with smart technology features that enhance the internet connectivity.

Choosing Verizon DSL Modem

Verizon has several upgraded modem and routers available. These products are made for fast connectivity as well as online safety for the network users.

Compatible DSL Modems:

Verizon HSI Wireless Gateway

The Verizon, HIS Wireless Gateway, has a cutting–edge antenna for enhanced internet speeds and reliability. Users access a secure network, which is remotely managed to prevent internet downtime.

Verizon Westell 7500 DSL Wireless Modem/Router

Wireless DSL Gateway offers a speed of 2.4 GHz Mbps, and it is easy to install. It is ideal for live streaming and downloading massive files.

Actiontec Verizon GT704WGB Wireless DSL Gateway

The GT704WGB Wireless DSL Gateway upgrades your Verizon DSL modem to a high-speed wireless connection. It comes with a do-it-yourself kit.

Picking the right upgrade for you can be guided by your need. All these modems will improve your connectivity and offer enhanced network service. When the modem is integrated with the router, there is less cable clutter.

How to get your Verizon DSL Modem

  1. To get a Verizon DSL modem, you have to use their hotline, which varies in every area. However, if you are not sure about the number to call, you can dial 1-88-625-8111.
  2. Let the operator know your account details and that you want to upgrade. For upgrades, you get have to request for DSL update.
  3. The process of switching to the new router is easy. All you have to do is switch off the old one and connect the new one. However, if you are not sure on how to do that, you can ask the company to send a technician. If there is no Verizon center near, it may take day to have the upgraded modem router installed.
  4. Upgrading a Verizon DSL modem doesn’t cost you, but the service rate increases. Also, you may be charged some fees if your old router is damaged.

Benefits of Upgrading your Verizon Modem

  • Upgrading your modem will help you access high-speed connections. Moving from High Speed Internet to High Speed Internet Enhanced means that you can live stream without buffering.
  • You can support more gadgets without slowing the connectivity. Larger households that keep on adding the connected devices should consider upgrading their modem to enjoy the Verizon DSL internet.
  • If you are moving away from the city, you should upgrade your modem for quality connectivity in remote areas. The DSL service has a broad outreach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will upgrading my Verizon DSL Modem enable the user to download faster or live stream without buffering? How will this impact on my subscription fees?

Verizon DSL modem upgrade improves your internet connectivity. The speed will increase, the network will be more secure, and you can troubleshoot in case there is a problem with the connection. However, depending on your needs, you should choose the package that has the capacity you require. For instance, a busy household with multiple gadgets can pick the DSL High-Speed Internet Enhanced plan instead on High Speed Internet. You will pay $10 more.

What is the budget for the new upgrade, and do I have to pay an installation fee?

The Verizon modems are relatively affordable. The price begins at $40 and depends on the particular model that you buy. The company provides you with a do-it-yourself kit, but if you need help, they offer the installation for free. There is no additional cost for upgrading your modem.

Which locations can you access Verizon DSL internet services, and what is the speed?

Verizon DSL services are available in more than ten states in the US and have millions of clients. The connectivity speed starts between 0.5Mbps to 20Mbps.


Using the Verizon DSL modem keeps you connected to the internet, and you also get a complimentary landline. If you experience any problems, you can upgrade the modem.

Verizon’s cutting edge modems are integrated with the router and have inbuilt smart technology for better connectivity. The upgraded modem can be used with multiple devices and provides wireless connectivity. This means that you can use the internet with more gadgets, download heavy files, play online games or live streaming without slowing down the connectivity.


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