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Kinetic By Windstream Internet Perfect For Rural Areas

Kinetic By Windstream Review- Internet Perfect For Rural Areas in 2021

If Kinetic by Windstream happens to be an available option, you’re better off with it. This Kinetic by Windstream review will cover more of the crucial details of the service and all the pressing questions you must know about rural internet services.

If you live out in the country, Windstream is among the service providers bringing high-speed internet. The truth is rural internet options tend to be fewer. That’s why when you’re shopping around for a service provider; you will either have to go with satellite internet or any local provider that’s available.

Kinetic is the brand name for the internet service from Windstream. It provides faster speeds than what you will typically receive in rural areas.

Also, depending on the region, the internet plans can be pretty cheap. So, what is unique about Kinetic by Windstream, or is it another rural broadband provider?

Kinetic by Windstream Overview

As mentioned, internet options in rural areas are limited. Most people have to settle with whatever they can find.

But if you had to choose between satellite and Kinetic, you will more likely get value for your money with Kinetic.

Well, it won’t be the fastest service or most reliable considering its DSL internet, but it will get the job done and suit your needs.

The DSL network from Windstream is designed to deliver the fastest speeds possible than most satellite or fixed wireless.

Furthermore, Kinetic plans are more likely cheaper compared to satellite and fixed wireless services. The connection quality is also way better.

Another thing that sets aside Kinetic internet service from its counterparts is the fact that customers are allowed unlimited data.

It’s hard to beat unlimited data and no contracts. These are perks you won’t easily find with the other options.

With that being said, the speeds and pricing vary by location. No doubt it’s a letdown because you will basically have to accept what’s available at your address or location.

However, people closer to the suburbs and cities may enjoy fast speeds and even lower introductory prices.

In such areas, kinetic fiber-optic services are also likely to be accessible. But again, if you’re living in these areas, there are more internet options like cable internet or fiber-optic service.

This means you will need to take time and determine the best service provider for all your needs.

Besides the low introductory prices in some areas and relatively fast internet speeds in the rural areas, there isn’t much that stands out about the Kinetic Internet service.

Kinetic by Windstream Coverage area

Kinetic Internet is accessible in 18 states, including Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Lowa, Minnesota, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, New York, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Availability is spotty in other states except for Lowa, Georgia, and Kentucky.

Even with the large coverage area that spans across eighteen states in the US, Kinetic still has a small coverage percentage.

As a matter of fact, its availability lies at 2.75% of the population. This indicates that Kinetic Internet is mainly reserved for rural areas and suburban regions with low population density.

It’s what determines the coverage percentage. Some providers have a smaller coverage area compared to Windstream but are available to twice as many people because they operate in metropolitans like Washington, DC.

Kinetic by Windstream Plans and Pricing

Kinetic structures its internet plans a bit differently from the other providers. As a customer, you start with any one of the single plans available at your location.

This means your address will most likely determine the internet plan. Then, there is an alternative to upgrade and opt for faster speeds at an added fee.

This can only happen if the faster speed is actually available.

Check out the Kinetic Internet plans;

Plan Maximum Speeds Connection Type Promotional Rate for the first year Regular Rate after 12 months
Kinetic 50 50 Mbps download speeds DSL $27-$60 $55-$67
Kinetic 200 200 Mbps download speeds Fiber $37 $55-$67
Kinetic 400 400 Mbps download speeds Fiber $37 $55-$67

The Kinetic gig plan is available but not listed. You’ll also notice there aren’t any faster speeds listed for the Kinetic DSL service.

The thing is, higher internet speed tiers are typically upgrades to the base plan. They are not separate plans.

For instance, if the Kinetic 200 plan is available in your area, you can choose to upgrade and get faster speeds for an additional monthly fee.

You will only need $10 more months to receive speeds of 400 Mbps. An additional $20 per month is enough to get you 500 Mbps.

The Kinetic plan you get and its cost mainly depends on your particular address. For the lucky ones, both the 200Mbps and 400Mbps plans may be available.

As such, you will be receiving the maximum speed offered in either of the plans. It’s also possible that you’ll have access to only a speed less than 50Mbps.

And even though you’ll be getting less than the maximum speed in the plan, it may not be available for a cheap price.

The Fiber service is a bit more solid in terms of speeds and pricing. In some areas, the starting speed is 400Mbps and others 200Mbps but for the same price.

That said, the starting prices can be somehow volatile and shoot up after the first 12 months. In that case, the monthly prices range between $55 to $67.

Windstream offers a free upgrade to the gig plan for three months. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for the 200Mbps or 400Mbps plan; an upgrade to the Kinetic gig service only adds $30 to your bill but starts with the fourth month of service. It’s such a generous deal for an upgrade.

Kinetic by Windstream Versus the competition

In comparison to similar providers, the Kinetic DSL is generally faster. If you are in luck and fall in the market with an introductory price of $27, this DSL service would also be cheaper.

As such, Kinetic DSL tends to stand out from most other DSL providers.

But as a fiber internet service provider, Kinetic doesn’t really have much going for it. For starters, the pricing is just about the same as the competing providers.

It may be a little cheaper in some areas, but that’s not a guarantee. The speeds also seem to be the same. On that note, let’s compare the most likely options, including the Kinetic DSL, satellite internet, Kinetic fiber, and cable internet.

Kinetic DSL vs. Satellite Internet

For the most part, DSL will always be a better alternative to satellite internet. For one thing, Kinetic DSL is relatively faster.

Secondly, DSL service from Windstream is decently priced and more likely to be cheaper than the satellite internet service. So, before you commit to satellite internet, it may be a good idea to try out kinetic and see how it goes.

As you know, internet speeds can sometimes differ with locations. Kinetic DSL probably delivers faster speeds compared to satellite.

But some locations get speeds as low as 10Mbps to 20 Mbps. In that case, any of the satellite providers can do better.

For instance, HughesNet plans have speeds of 25Mbps. Viasat, on the other hand, provides internet plans that can hit maximum speeds of 100Mbps.

That being said, you will have to weigh your options quite well. Kinetic internet might have slower speeds than satellite internet in some areas, but it offers pretty juicy perks.

A small speed sacrifice may be worth it if it means enjoying some significant benefits. One of the advantages is the lack of data caps with Kinetic.

Keep in mind; satellite internet has some of the most restrictive data caps in the industry. Also, kinetic won’t lock you into a long contract.

In fact, there are absolutely no contracts with this type of internet. Unfortunately, satellite internet consists of a 2-year contract that comes together with a hefty early termination fee if you cancel before the required time is up.

Don’t expect your DSL connection to be perfect. However, it will offer more convenience, reliability, and lower latency than its counterpart. Heavy rain and cloud cover won’t get in the way of your service either.

Kinetic Fiber vs. Cable Internet

People often choose fiber internet service over cable because it’s faster and more reliable. Most of the time, you will get symmetrical speeds with fiber.

The comparison between Kinetic and cable still isn’t that straightforward. A couple of factors will determine the right choice of service.

The first factor is the Kinetic plans accessible at your address. Another thing is cable providers offering service in your area.

If you are after speed, the Kinetic gig service is lower priced compared to the gig plans from a couple of other providers.

With Kinetic, there is a free upgrade. The Gig service may costs you only $37 monthly for the first three months. Thereafter, the price will rise to $67 per month until the first year of service ends. From the 13th month onwards, the gig service costs $85 per month (the pricing varies on every market).

When it comes to cable internet, the gig service is most likely to cost an amount ranging from $80 to $110. Later on, it spikes to over $100 after the initial 12 months are over.

If you want to save a couple of bucks, we would recommend kinetic fiber over the cable gig service. There is a high chance it will be cheaper, and you even enjoy the privilege of symmetrical speeds.

All in all, it’s essential to do a little bit of research before taking the plunge. If Kinetic fiber is accessible in your area, compare what you’ll get to the plans and prices from other service providers in the same area.

This way, you pick the best internet service provider for you.

Kinetic by Windstream Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction is key, especially when it comes to internet service providers. Unfortunately, ISPs have always had a bad rap in this category.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index gave Windstream a score of 61/100 in 2020, which is considered below average in the industry.

The 2021 score from ACSI was also 61/100. It wasn’t a decline but not an improvement either.

While the below-average customer satisfaction is concerning, let’s not forget that 80% of the Windstream Kinetic network is DSL.

Compared to other types of internet service, DSL is on the slower and less reliable end. With that in mind, we can comfortably say many of the issues with Windstream stem from the network and not necessarily poor customer service.

Equipment and fees

As much as the Kinetic prices and speeds vary by location, the fees and service terms remain the same. Finally, here is a welcome change.

The Wifi equipment rental fee is $10 per month (or $6 for the lucky few). The rental fee is lower than most, but you can skip it altogether and use your own equipment.

Unless you’re signing up for the Kinetic Gig service, the $50 internet activation fee is unavoidable. It’s separate from installation, which costs nothing, whether professional or self.

Is Kinetic Internet any good?

Kinetic Internet is an excellent deal for rural folks and people living in the suburbs. The plans come with no contract requirements, unlimited data, and your speeds are never throttled.

The price for Kinetic internet is also relatively cheaper than most of the competing cable providers. If Kinetic is available in your area, conduct some due diligence and decide the best fit.


Does Windstream offer internet only?

Yes, Windstream offers internet-only plans. You can pick any one of the three available internet plans and upgrade whenever necessary at an additional fee.

What internet speeds does Windstream offer?

The internet speeds range from 50Mbps to 1000Mbps.

Is Kinetic internet available in my area?

Kinetic Internet is accessible in 18 states. If you’re not sure about its availability, you can always check the coverage map.

Alternatively, go to the Windstream website and enter your Zip code. This will tell you whether Kinetic internet is available in your area or not.

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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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