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Insignia TV Netflix Not Working

Insignia TV Netflix Not Working – This Is How To Fix It in 2021

For subscribers asking about Insignia TV Netflix not working, this write-up will give answers with our updated guide 2021. Currently, Netflix is among the popular streaming services. Subscribers using it have reported that some apps, lack of internet connectivity, third-party hardware often affect Netflix from functioning effectively. These can lead to it crashing, being unable to play TV shows/movies, or even loading a black screen.

How to Fix Insignia TV Netflix not working

The beauty of Smart TVs is that it’s possible to install apps directly into them without requiring extra hardware. Netflix has an official app for smart TVs. However, Insignia TV has been reported to experience issues with it. To resolve this, the steps below will guide you:

Unplug your Insignia TV for 30 seconds

When you witness this problem, you can simply turn off your TV and allow it for at least 30-60 seconds to allow everything to reset completely. This will allow your TV to become fresh when you “switch it on” again.

Disable Insignia Instant On

In as much as the “Instant On” feature on the Insignia TV makes it function expressly, it also creates conflict between other apps. In this case Netflix. By simply turning it off, everything will start functioning as expected. Navigate to Settings >>> General >>> find the Instant On, then disable it.

Perform a hard reset

Hard reset is the last option when you’re tried other suggestions. Performing a hard reset will take your TV back to its original settings. By implication, all your apps and customized settings will be wiped out. It takes between 10-15 minutes and the process will be completed.

Other Netflix App Troubleshooting to also try

Despite Netflix app being used in different platform, they’re some troubleshooting technics that can work no matter the device being used. They’re as follows:

Confirm if Netflix is down

If you’re having issues with your Netflix app, there is every tendency that Netflix service is offline or even offline. Check if Netflix servers have an issue. When it’s from their server, there is little or nothing to do.

Restart the device being used

As simple as this may sound, this can solve your problem.

Examine your phone signal and internet connection

If you’re experiencing issues with your internet, Netflix won’t work. Ensure your cellular or Wi-Fi is switched On. Most times it might be in Airplane mode without your knowledge. Try using other apps as well to confirm if they function effectively.

Reboot your router

Your networking hardware might be another culprit. Simply rebooting your router can solve the problem.

Netflix app update

Your Netflix app needs to be updated just like your system update. Sometimes the newly released version might be required to run on your device before you can connect to the Netflix server.

Log out and relog in Netflix

This can be done within seconds and it can resolve the challenge you’re facing.

Reinstall the Netflix app

Deleting and reinstalling your Netflix can to a large extent fix the error you’re experiencing. It requires you redownloading it from your device app store. If you experience any error reinstalling the Netflix app on your Insignia TV, with your cursor highlight the Netflix app, tap on the tools button of the remote, you can select reinstall.

Sign Netflix out if you’re using multiple devices

In as much as Netflix allows members to be used in different devices, sometimes it results in conflicts. To fix it, simply log out on all devices. To do this, navigate to Netflix account online, click on the icon at the top-right, tap on sign out of all devices. Be patient for few minutes before you log back again. Alternatively, you can use your app on mobile to perform the same task. At the bottom, open the more menu and select sign out of all devices.

Update your device operating system

Always try to update your operating system no matter the device you’re using. Most times, the Netflix app will stop working especially when a new update has been released. Apart from this, when you update your system, it eradicates bugs and fixes anything preventing your Netflix app from working effectively.

Reach out to your internet service provider

When you discover that Netflix servers are functioning properly, and you’ve as well-tried other suggestions above and none worked, reach out to your ISP and report the issue.

In Conclusion

With Insignia TV, you’ll be able to stream your movies from the comfort of your bedroom using Netflix. By resolving the Netflix not working issue on your television, you’ll be able to add your favorite TV shows and movies through the on-screen menu. With Insignia TV, you’ve access to enjoy movie rentals without even moving an inch from your home.

Frequently asked questions

What is preventing my Netflix from working on my Insignia TV?

When you experience this, unplug your router and your TV from the power outlet, then be patient for few seconds before reconnecting it back. With this, it will boot and bugs preventing Netflix from working will be eliminated.

Suddenly, Netflix stopped working on my TV?

If Netflix refuses to load or maybe you’re finding it difficult to stream a TV show or movie, it’s advisable first to confirm if the Netflix server is offline or down. This can be done by confirming from their website or update from social media pages. If you discover any problem from them, you just have to be patient until they resolve it.

How can I successfully set up Netflix on my Insignia TV?

To perform this connection, log in to your Netflix account. Ensure you’re on your Home screen, then select the option that describes the device you’re using. The on-screen instruction is easy to understand and follow.

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