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Sparklight Internet Former Cable One Is It Any Good?

Sparklight Internet Review – Still Good In 2021?

Sparklight (formerly called Cable One) is a service provider that offers cable TV, phone services, and cable internet to about 20 states across the US.

It’s focused on providing broadband services to businesses and residential customers. While their coverage area has been expanding rapidly, the largest coverage areas include Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Mississippi, and Idaho.

Even though Sparklight’s internet service is limited to only a few states, it still strives to deliver high-speed internet at competitive rates.

With no contracts and download speeds of up to 1Gbps, Sparklight appears to be a great service provider.

However, customers are not happy about the restrictive data caps and high prices for their internet speeds. Read on for detailed insights in this Sparklight internet review.

Sparklight pros and cons


  1. No contracts
  2. Download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps
  3. Unlimited data add-on is available
  4. Competitive price for the 100 Mbps plan


  1. Low data caps
  2. A data-cap policy that states your package will be automatically upgraded if you go over many times
  3. Higher price for gig speeds compared to competitors

Sparklight (Cable One) plans and prices

Sparklight internet plans are surely not for everyone, especially heavy data users. This ISP will have you using the internet like it’s 1998 just to avoid going over the monthly data allowance.

There are five internet plan options from the provider. As such, you have the opportunity to pick the internet plan that will match your needs and data usage.

Plan Price Download Speeds Data cap
Lite 15 Plus $30/mo. 15 Mbps 100 GB
Starter 100 Plus $55/mo. 100 Mbps 300 GB
Streamer & Gamer 200 Plus $65/mo. 200 Mbps 600 GB
Turbo 300 Plus $80/mo. 300 Mbps 900 GB
GigaONE Plus $125/mo. 1,000 Mbps 1.2 TB

At a glance, Sparklight internet plans are good enough and most come with generous download speeds.

The main issue is the restrictive data caps. This means customers must keep a close eye on the amount of data they spend to avoid overage fees.

If you require a large amount of data to get work done, Sparklight is not the right ISP. It will be frustrating to monitor internet usage daily.

Instead, get an internet service provider that offers unlimited data.

The Lite 15 Plus plan is basically for the light users. It will do the trick for things like browsing, emailing and a few more things.

Streaming is out of the question. Go for Turbo 300 Plus or GigaOne Plus if you use the internet daily to stream, game online, or carry out zoom meetings.

With these plans, you can do all this and there will still be room for Instagram scrolling and other online activities.

The truth is the prices for download speeds you receive are quite high. This is especially when the data caps are taken into consideration.

You have two options; either bow to the data caps and closely monitor your internet usage or deal with overage fees.

Neither of the options is really good nor in your best interest. All in all, Sparklight’s plans are pricey and offer less data.

That said, the Starter 100 Plus plan is decently priced. The download speed of 100 Mbps will work for a small or medium-sized family with streamers and gamers.

You can even work from home quite comfortably. But keep an eye out for the 300GB monthly data allowance.

If you don’t really need more than that, you’ve got a good plan right here and it’s decently priced too.

For some people, data is just never enough. How else would you be able to binge-watch the Netflix original series?

You definitely need tons of data for that purpose. Sparklight offers an unlimited data add-on for an additional $40 per month.

It is costly but will get you plenty of data to stream videos, do some online gaming, download all those files and do everything else restricted by data caps.

Though if you feel this is a rip-off, you can easily land a good deal with another ISP.

How do Sparklight’s internet prices compare to other ISPs?

Is Sparklight Internet cheap compared to the other ISPs? Well, we found Sparklight’s prices higher than those of most other ISPs.

There is no doubt the low data caps are a big problem. This is because if the monthly data that comes with your plan is not enough, you will have to incur extra costs to buy more.

On a lighter end, the 100 Mbps plan is actually cheaper than the same plan from Spectrum and Xfinity. 100 Mbps plan from Spectrum costs $10 more than Sparklight’s.

Provider Monthly Price Download speeds
Sparklight Internet $40-$125 100-1,000 Mbps
Spectrum Internet $49.99-$109.99 200-1,000 Mbps
Xfinity Internet $24.99-$70 50-1,200 Mbps

For the price, Sparklight plans are ideal when you can monitor data usage and avoid going over.

However, if you’re looking for more internet speeds to work from home or support your large family’s internet needs, the cost of Sparklight can quickly skyrocket.

In fact, it will go beyond the competition. Take, for instance, GigaOne Plus plan, which is the gig speed plan and costs $125 a month.

This is actually the most expensive gig plan we have seen so far. It tops the price of gig plans from Spectrum and Xfinity.

In fact, Xfinity offers the cheapest gigabit plan with a cost below the $100 mark. You will cut chunks of money off your monthly bill if you went for a Gigabit plan from Xfinity or Spectrum.

Another example is the Sparklight Turbo 300 Plus plan at $80 a month. This plan provides 300 Mbps download speeds together with a 900GB monthly data cap.

Meanwhile, Xfinity’s 300 Mbps plan is a whole $20 cheaper with 300 Mbps download speeds and a 1 TB monthly data allowance.

It’s clear Sparklight isn’t the ideal service provider for budgeters. It’s pricier than most of its competitors.

The best Sparklight (Cable One) Internet plans

So, we picked a few Sparklight internet plans that would be suitable for different users.

Best for gamers and streamers: Streamer and Gamer 200 Plus

With 200 Mbps download speeds and 600 GB of data, this plan is capable of supporting online gaming and streaming videos in HD. It’s well suited to data-heavy activities.

Furthermore, it can support as many as 10 devices at the same time. Don’t shy away from getting your tablet, computer, and gaming console connected.

There is enough bandwidth for each device. But if there are several streamers in the house, you can always upgrade and get the Turbo 300 Plus (300 Mbps download speeds and 900 GB data).

Best for casual web browsers: Starter 100 Plus

If HD streaming (don’t even mention 4K) is not your thing, the Starter 100 Plus plan will do. The internet plan comes with only 300 GB monthly data and 100 Mbps download speeds.

Well, this is not so bad for a little bit of Instagram, sending a couple of emails, and even streaming videos. Just don’t overdo the streaming, unless you’re willing to pay extra.

The price is reasonable for the speeds you will get. As a matter of fact, it’s better than what we’ve seen from competitors.

That’s why this internet plan is highly recommended for casual users. However, it’s a different story if you surpass the 300 GB data allowance because that price will jump. So, stay warned fellas!

Best for at-home work projects: GigaOne Plus

When it comes to working projects, you have to aim higher in terms of internet speeds and data. If you tend to work from home or do things like HD streaming and gaming regularly, only the GigaOne Plus plan will work for you.

It has the highest data cap that will definitely satisfy your internet needs. The price is surely high for the speeds you get, but 1.2 TB of data is reasonable for large families, people who work from home, streamers, gamers, and most heavy internet users.

The cost of Sparklight internet with unlimited data

As you know by now, Sparklight plans have quite low data caps except for the Gig plan. To solve the same issue they created, this ISP offers unlimited data add-ons.

Unfortunately, this is an extra cost and we are talking about a hefty $40 per month. In other words, you will be paying $40 more, on top of the subscription fee just to get unlimited data.

What a high price to pay huh!

At this point, Sparklight’s prices come off as rather too steep. It’s more than what you would pay for the same speeds from a competitor.

Unlike Sparklight, some other ISPs offer unlimited data with the highest tier plans.

The following are the prices for Sparklight internet with unlimited data;

Plan Monthly Price Download speeds Data caps
Starter 100 Plus $79/mo. 100 Mbps Unlimited
Streamer and Gamer 200 Plus $105/mo. 200 Mbps Unlimited
Turbo 300 Plus $120/mo. 300 Mbps Unlimited
Giga One Plus $165/mo. 1,000 Mbps Unlimited

We will say it so that it’s out there: Sparklight is not suitable for people who need a lot of data monthly.

You won’t even have to try before finding an ISP with a higher data cap and cheaper prices. Spectrum for example offers unlimited data without charging extra fees.

Sparklight internet speeds

Essentially, Sparklight has internet speeds that range from 100 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps. There are download speeds to cover a range of users including casual browsers, gamers, streamers, people who work from home, and so on.

Being a cable internet service, don’t expect remarkably fast upload speeds from Sparklight. You will be super disappointed.

That being said, upload speeds won’t be a great concern for most people. That’s unless you’re the kind of person who likes to post large files online.

As mentioned, Sparklight offers various internet speeds. The Gig plan with 1,000 Mbps downloads speeds is perfect for a family of streamers, an apartment made up of gamers or housemates working from home.

Such speeds are right for data-heavy activities. On the other hand, anyone in a home with only a few internet devices and doesn’t spend much time online should consider slower download speeds.

Take some time to research and determine the download speeds you need to keep up with various online activities.

So, what are the customers saying about Sparklight’s internet speeds? From the reviews left online, it seems that Sparklight doesn’t always deliver internet speeds as promised.

Several customers reported receiving slower download speeds than what they had paid for. There is also the issue of drops in service multiple times a week.

The most you can do is hope for the best download speeds.

Sparklight (Cable One) contracts, equipment, and fees

One attractive thing about Sparklight’s internet service is it doesn’t involve any contracts. Yup, no contracts at all!

So, if you think their internet service isn’t cutting it, simply pull the plug and cancel. No one will ask you for an early termination fee. We like it when customers are given the choice to opt out without repercussions.

Hopefully, other ISPs will follow in these footsteps and get rid of pesky contracts as well.


Sparklight allows customers to use their own modem and router. But you can also rent a Wifi modem from them at a small fee.

Well, it’s not really such a small fee. You can rent the Wifi One modem for $10 a month. It comes with up to two extenders.

If you plan on using your own modem, make sure it’s compatible with Sparklight internet. It should be a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem or higher, otherwise, it won’t work with the service.

If you’re not too sure, check Sparklight’s website for a complete list of compatible modems. Don’t forget to confirm that your modem is supported before making a purchase.

This will save you from heartache and lost money.

Keep in mind; you can’t use your own modem with Sparklight wifi One system. So, don’t waste your money buying a router and modem. Wifi One basically comes with the equipment.

Service fees

No-contract policy means no early termination fees. So, we can check that off the list of service fees. Though, you will still have to deal with installation and activation fees.

The installation fee is about $90. It can also be free if you opt to sign up for Easy Pay. The activation fee, on the other hand, can be up to $100.

Another thing we would like to mention is the service technician fee. It is $45 and is meant to cover repairs on your end.

For instance, if the equipment or wiring in your house causes a malfunction with the internet service, a technician will be sent out to fix the issue.

The technician’s visit will cost you $45 because the problem is originating from your end. However, if it’s Sparklight’s equipment or wiring that’s responsible for the issue, you won’t get charged.

Data Caps

Sparklight internet plans have painfully limited data caps. That’s why it’s not at par with the other internet service providers.

The amount of data you get with each of the plans is way too little, well except for the Gigabit plan. Most of the other ISPs allow users at least 1 TB of data monthly, and even go the extra mile to offer unlimited data.

While Sparklight also offers terabyte data with the GigaOne Plus plan, it’s way too pricey. There is an option to add unlimited data but this only contributes further to the already high cost. In the end, you can’t really win with Sparklight.

Take note of a major caveat with the unlimited data plan. Sparklight’s fine print states that even when you’ve paid for the monthly unlimited data, download speeds can still drop.

This occurs only if your data usage surpasses 5TB. Thankfully, most people won’t come close to this mark.

The bottom line is Sparklight unlimited data is not entirely unlimited. There is a 5 TB data cap and the possibility of your download speeds being slowed after shelling out an extra $40.

In addition, go over your plan data allowance and an overage fee will be in store for you. Sparklight charges an additional $10 for every 100 GB used beyond the limit.

This overage fee is charged automatically. Therefore, if your bill is higher than usual, you know the culprit.

But, did you also know that Sparklight has the right to automatically upgrade your plan if you keep going over data caps? It’s in the terms of service and user agreement.

Sparklight Customer Service

In the latest ACSI report, Sparklight falls into the category of ‘All others’. What this means is that it has a score of 64 out of 100, which is below the industry average score.

This isn’t surprising news if the negative reviews left online from Sparklight customers are anything to go by.

That being said, most ISPs and the internet industry as a whole have never been good at customer service.

Do you want to get a hold of Sparklight customer service?

This should help you do it;

  1. Sparklight phone number: +1-877-692-2253
  2. Twitter: @SparklightCares
  3. Facebook: @SparklightCares
  4. Email and Online support

Before you make a call to customer service department, there are a couple of things to do in preparation.

You will thank us later for this suggestion because it will save you from a lot of frustration. For starters, put the important details in writing.

Take your own notes of promises and solutions from the customer service rep. You should also request a follow-up email that details everything from the call.

If you contact them through social media or chat, save the entire conversation in case it’s needed later.

Secondly, check out the available ISPs in your area and if they offer a better deal, you can always switch.

Use this information to ask for discounts and waived fees from Sparklight. Let them know you’re ready to cancel and sign up for another service provider. Do all of this calmly and politely.

Sometimes you might encounter a customer service rep that’s unhelpful. No need to fret. All you need to do is take a deep breath and politely request to talk to their manager instead.

Stand your ground until someone else is willing and ready to listen carefully and help you. Dealing with poor customer service can quickly spoil your mood, but if you know exactly what to do, it will be much easier and stress-free.

It’s important to keep trying until you get someone to work with you.

Is Sparklight internet good?

Is Sparklight internet good? This is what everyone wants to know before they can sign up. Bluntly, Sparklight is not the best internet service provider you will find out there.

Think of the low data caps and the hefty prices for its plans, and then tell us if it’s worth it. Sparklight should be an option when it’s the only cable internet provider available in your area.

Otherwise, you can find a better deal from another ISP without breaking the bank.

The silver lining to Sparklight internet is the fact that it lacks contracts. We can’t say for sure whether Sparklight delivers promised speeds or not but what’s definitive is the restrictive data caps on all but one plan.

The download speeds are decent but generally, the pricing is higher than its competitors. If that’s the case, you might as well pay for another provider and save a couple of bucks.

All in all, we can’t recommend Sparklight internet if you have more choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of internet is Sparklight?

Sparklight is a cable internet provider that offers high-speed internet to residential customers and businesses.

It meets FCC’s guidelines for providing broadband internet with speeds of over 25 Mbps. The internet plan options range from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

How much does Sparklight internet cost?

The pricing for Sparklight internet plans ranges from $30 to $125 a month. Many people find Sparklight’s prices for plans higher than what’s offered by its competitors.


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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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