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Sparklight Customer Service for Outages Billing & Technical Support

Sparklight Outages In Your Area – Updated Fix Guide 2022

Experiencing Sparklight Outages In Your Area then here’s what to do in 2022.

If you still haven’t heard, Sparklight is the new cable one. And just as how its name has changed, so also the way they offer their services to their customers has changed. Its speed is now better than ever before.

Thanks to the street credits cable one has garnered over the years, people now have no issues when they register with Sparklight. After all, they are still one of the best when it comes to quality cable and internet services. One of the most exciting thing about Sparklight, which was formerly called cable one, is that there are no contracts associated with the company.

Furthermore, the company also offers its customers a 100% money-back guarantee, which seems to be very rare in internet businesses today. In addition, Sparklight also has very good ratings in terms of customer satisfaction.


  • Does not require any contract?
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Has the best customer satisfaction ratings
  • Do not include a customary price increase on internet packages after the promo period


  • Modem lease is necessary
  • To activate their services cost $40 and you have to pay for your first month as you sign up. In some places, deposits is required.
  • Slow upload speeds
  • Price may go up on bundle packages at the end of promo period.

Types of Sparklight outage

There are basically four types of outages that people get to experience every now and then, and honestly, it’s really not a fun experience. They are;

1. Sparklight Internet Outages

Sparklight Internet outages are outages that occur as a result of the loss of internet connections. It can happen for a lot of reasons ranging from equipment failure to cyber attacks to damges to internet cables. It can also be called an internet blackout.

2. Sparklight Cable TV Outages

Cable TV outages are just like internet outages. That can occur as a result of faulty cable connections or bad equipment. They may even be as a result of changes in your Sparklight cable TV service providers or equipment maintenance.

3. Sparklight Cell Outages

Loss of a cell phone signals is what is referred to as cell outages. These signals are being bounced around from cell phone towers, which allows us to gain access to other cell phones within the area. When these signals are lost as a result of damages to these cell towers, there is a cell phone outage or blackout.

4. Sparklight Wireless Internet Outages

Wireless internet outages refer to hindrances in their Sparklight wireless internet connection. For example, having multiple internet devices connect to a single virtual private network (VPN) can cause an outage or slow down your network speed.

How to reach Sparklight customer support for all services?

You can reach spark light, formerly known as cable one via the following ways;

  • 1-877-MY-CABLE
  • 1-877-692-2253

Note: The number 1-877-692-2253, is a customer help service dial phone number. It can come in pretty helpful if you want quick answers to your problems. This number is available for only five days a week, which is Mondays to Fridays and can only be reached during working hours of 8am to 5pm. If you have enquires on billiiand payment issues, you can just as well dial the number and you will be attended to.

Like all outage and internet service companies out there, you will definitely be asked for verification if you dial the number. But, don’t be perturbed about it. All you need is the account number registered with the company or the phone number you used in registering the account.

Business Customer Service Number


Business customers are also not left out on this awesome customer services. They can reach Sparklight on the number listed above.

The same way you will be prompted to input your account details for normal customers, that’s the same way business customers will be asked for their account number to verify their account status. Then, press pound when done.

Don’t Want to Call? Try Other Support Methods

If you don’t feel like picking up your phone to make the call or are simply too busy to do it, then you can contact Sparklight or Cable one via other methods. It can also come in handy when you want to reach them after working hours or during weekends like Saturday and Sunday. This is how you can get started

Send an email to Sparklight/Cable ONE: there is an “email us” form you can fill as a customer on cable one/Sparklight contact page. This will give you access to personal online support.

Send email to Cable ONE Business support: On Sparklight business contact page, there is a business sales form as well as a business care and technical support form that you can fill so that you can get the help you need. When the email is sent, you have the option of choosing how you want Sparklight to respond to the email, either through phone call or another email.

Visit a Sparklight Local Store: If you are not too busy with work, you can just quickly pay a visit to Sparklight local store for quick answers. The company’s location page should help you out a little.

Search for Sparklight Online Support: Searching for online support is good away to help your services issues without reaching customer care via phone. It is the best solution for troubleshooting issues. Sparklight has a variety of videos and self-help articles that can help their customers get the information they need to sort out their problems.

Things you need before you call Sparklight customer service

If you are the kind of person that gets easily riled up when trying to contact customer service on any issues, I suggest you get all the things you need before then. This will allow you stay calm and keep your cool while you are being attended to. Plus, as a bonus, it keeps you from juggling between one piece of paper/document and another while you have a phone on the other hand.

With that said, here are the things you should have handy before contacting spark light support center;

Your Account Number: On the right-hand side of your Cable one/Sparklight account bill, just slightly beneath the contact information of the company, the number of your account is written there. Write this down on a piece of paper before contacting them, or better yet, have this paper with you while you call. If you don’t have your account number, you can alternatively use the phone number you used in opening the account.

  • Phone Number Associated with Your Sparklight Account: This is simply the phone number you used to register with cable one/Sparklight.
  • Your Billing or Service Address:Your billing or service address is important if you intend to upgrade your services/package with Sparklight.

You can also decide to have a pen and paper with you if you managed to reach their customer service via phone. They could tell you some pretty useful tips and information about their services that you may not know about. Having a pen and paper to write down these things can be helpful. After all, a short pen is better than a long term memory.

How to toubleshoot your Sparklight internet on your own?

Apart from the self-help videos and online articles that Sparklight has on its web pages, here are some simple troubleshooting steps that you can use to get your internet connection up and running again. They are;

  1. Make sure that your router or modem is turned on and has power. You can do this by connecting your modem to a power outlet that functions properly. In case there is a power outage, do well to contact customer service.
  2. Do not change the position of your modem from the original outlet. To get top speed internet connection, use the original outlet the modem was installed on.
  3. Also, verify if your TV services with cable one is working efficiently. If they’re not working, check with support. If they are not, then look at step 4.
  4. Properly plug in the ethernet cable connection to your modem, or better yet ensure no one disconnects it accidentally.
  5. When you have just got a disturbance in your internet connection, make sure to reboot your cable modem or phone modem so as to re-establish that same connection. It might not work unless you do this.
  6. The next step is to reboot your router. All you need to do is to unplug it from the power outlet for about five seconds and plug it back in. The reboot should take up to about half a minute.
  7. Also, reboot your computer or laptop

Note; if you need help retrieving your Sparklight wireless passphrases, or code, key, there is a link you can use on the site.

If nothing changes and you still get to experience the same problems/issues as before, even after following these simple troubleshooting steps listed above, then you can reach Sparklight support team at 1-877-692-2253 for assistance.

Also note that people who have splitters between their wall outlets and modems or routers will have poor internet connection and speed. To avoid this, simply remove the splitter and bring the modem closer to the original outlet.

How to Troubleshoot your Sparklight Cable TV devices on your own?

There are a lot of error messages that are associated with cable TV, and some of which will arise from faulty connections, bad weather or even bad equipment. Let’s take a look at these error message and how you can troubleshoot them.

  1. Poor Picture Quality (lines, static, snow)
  2. Error Message “One Moment Please. This Channel Will be Available Shortly”
  3. Error Message “Channel Not Available” if you are subscribed to the channel
  4. Tiling or freezing of picture and poor picture quality.

Like I said earlier, these error messages happen for a variety of reasons and should in no way upset your mood. There are ways to troubleshoot these kinds of car TV connections. They are;

  • Steps 1: Make sure that the coaxial cable between the outlet and the cable one digital receiver or television is fixed-in properly.
  • Step 2: Disconnect the cable one digital receiver from its power source for at least 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

When you still experience the same issue, even after completing these simple troubleshooting steps, please contact Sparklight technical support team at 877-692-2253 for assistance

When the error message “One moment, please. This channel will be available shortly” appears, you can also resolve it by troubleshooting. But, before you do that, you should wait for at least half an hour to see if these individual channels are restored. If they aren’t, you can follow these troubleshooting instructions

Step 1: Try to restart the cable one digital receiver by unplugging it the power cable from the cable box.

Step 2: The next step is to reconnect the power cable. Also, wait for at most 30 minutes to see if all channels are restored.

If you still experience the same issue and no changes has occurred, then contact customer services via phone support for assistance.

List Top 6 Reasons for Outages

Outages happen for a lot of reasons and as such can be very unpredictable. However, here are six of them top reasons why an outage will occur in an area.

  1. Storms
  2. Earthquakes
  3. Lightening
  4. High demand in Power supply
  5. Excavation digging
  6. Equipment failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Cable One internet plans are there?

On average, there are six Sparklight (formerly Cable One) internet plans, and they have different ranges in speed, ranging from 100 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps (1 gigabit).

How much does Sparklight internet cost?

This really depends on the speed you opt in for as a customer. But, on a normal, the internet service costs $30 to $125 per month.

Is Sparklight considered broadband internet?

Obviously, the answer to this question is yes, Sparklight is well known for its high end and fast internet connections and has successfully met the requirements for FCC broadband internet. Simce the FCC considers a minimum of 25 Mbps as broadband, all Sparklight internet plans are capped at 100 Mbps and above.


This is all there is to it about Sparklight and its outages. If you still want more clarification on the service they offer, then doing a little research or cintaing the number anove for enquires is a good idea.