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Is It Possible For Multiple Internet Connections In One House (Guide)

Is It Possible For Multiple Internet Connections In One House (Guide)

In this technologically connected era, majority of us depend mostly on the internet; this is the primary reason a god number of people are looking for ways to effectively upgrade their internet. This has been the reason for connecting multiple internet connections in one house which has turned to be a common practice nowadays. In this write-up, you’ll get to understand the rationale behind connecting various internet connections in one house.

Using more than one Internet Service Provider in One House.

The fact is that connecting multiple internet connections together has a way of speeding up your internet as well as extending the network coverage. In the same vein, it’s normal too to link up more than one internet service provider in your home. It means that you can use two different cable internet independently with their devices. For instance, one can be used on a mobile phone, and the other will be for the computer system. With this method, your internet usage will be efficient.

Direct Method Internet Connections.

This is the easiest and direct way to effectively use more than one high-speed internet connection within your home. To do this, you need to install a powerful router that is specially manufactured to achieve this objective. For instance, there are routers that have with multi-homing features of WAN or LAN interfaces for internet connections. The unique things about this particular addition are that they automatically handle all loads from your internet network.

It will serve to have in mind that these types of connections are usually more suitable in business areas that require high-speed internet. In this case, it is preferable if you upgrade your internet connection rather than making use of a double connection in one house.

Double Bandwidth Connection

It’s easy to monitor multiple internet connections on a single home network with the use of double bandwidth. To actualize this, what you need is to make sure two broadband network routers are installed, but each router must have their own internet subscription already enabled. With this, you can use both internet connection simultaneously in one house, but the challenge is that both will be used in different computers. Moreover, most home routers do not offer secluded techniques to organize with network bandwidth.

Combining multiple internet connections

Method 1: Using Windows Automatic Metric. 

Note: Mobile broadband, Bluetooth modem, dial-up and OTA modem can all be connected through this method. This method of connection can be achieved because it has a metric value that is assigned to a particular IP route which in turn indicate the cost involved in using the route. In other words, when making use of multiple internet connections, windows on your computer will automatically compute the cost involved in using it and then assign a metric value to it. Furthermore, windows will set the most effective connection as default while reserving others as a backup in case of any failed purpose. This metric value can also be set manually, but when it’s done, the windows will be forced to use all connections.

Steps to set this up.

  1. From the control panel, navigate to Network and Sharing Center then Change Adapter Settings.
  2. On active internet connection, double click on it.
  3. Then select internet protocol TCP or IP Version 4.
  4. Tab on the Properties button.
  5. Tab on the advance button from the new box that will open.
  6. Uncheck Automatic Metric from another box that will come up.
  7. Then key in value 15 in the box branded Interface metric.
  8. Repeat all steps above for all the active connections.
  9. Disconnect all your connections.
  10. Restart and reconnect all the internet connections

That’s all you need to know to combine the power of all your Internet connections.

Method 2: Using Bridge Connections Tools on Windows

This method is more suitable for combining a WAN/ LAN connection. In case you do not know, Windows has a feature for bridging connections, but you need a minimum of two active LAN/WAN connections on your computer to use it.

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Here all the available active Internet connection are listed.
  4. Use Ctrl+Click to select all active connection.
  5. Right-click on any of the checked connections and tab Bridge Connections.
  6. This creates a network bridge. Hence, your selected internet connections will be automatically combined.

But remember, providing administrative credentials is a must for this to be done.

Method 3: Using the Load Balancing Router

In today’s technology market, numerous load-balancing routers are available. For instance, you can either get TL-R480T+ or any Cisco product. Just that load balancing from TP-link tend to be cheaper, especially for the majority of small business owners. These categories of routers offer up to 4 WAN ports or wired connections can be easily connected. They also come with an advanced built-in algorithm that provides maximum internet speed when the combined connections are made.

Once all the connections are joined, then the connection can be sent as a single connection. After this, Wi-Fi can be used to distribute the combined speed. Alternately, LAN hub can be used to directly connect it to your computer. After running the router setup, navigate to the configuration page as stated in the user manual.

  1. Navigate to advanced then Load Balancing option.
  2. Uncheck Enable Application Optimized Routing option.
  3. Do the same to Enable Bandwidth Based Balance Routing option.
  4. Set the router’s Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) to prevent timeout errors.
  5. Ensure the IP address allocated to a load balancing router is not the same as the default gateway address of the WAN connections. You might want to know that the default router IP is You need to change your default gateway IP if you checked and it’s not the same.

Method 4: Using Third-Party Software 

Search for Connectify, download it and install it on your computer. This works only on Windows 8 and above. It offers two programs:

Connectify Hotspot – Responsible for converting your Wi-Fi-enabled computer into an internet hotspot. With this other people can access the connection from your computer.

Connectify Dispatch – Combines internet connections available on your computer.


The fact is that using multiple internet connections in one house goes a long way to extend your network coverage. Aside from this, it also brings out the best network in your home.


Can two Internet connections be used at once?

Yes, you can. To actualize this, you can use a free software package like Dispatch-proxy. With this, you can combine any number of different networks into one.

Can you’ve more than one ISP in a house?

Yes. You can engage both your phone and cable company to give you the internet simultaneously.

How do I connect more than one Internet connections to one router?

Let’s say you’ve more than one wireless network broadcasting from the different modem; you can actually connect them using a load- balancing router. This can be done by attaching one head of Ethernet to the square port of a particular modem. Then link the other end to a square port on the back of your router.

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