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Cable ONE Outages In Your Area – Troubleshoot Internet, Cable TV, WIFI

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Cable One, Inc. took the brand name Sparklight in the year 2019. Cable one is one of the leading internet and cable service provider in America. It was once a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Enterprise. Sparklight is not the only name that has been used by cable one. As far back as the year 1997, sparklight/cable one was first called Post-Newsweek Cable. Yes, I know right! Who would have thought that they were that old. Aside from the experience, they have in offering quality services to customers, the aim and vision of this one of a kind company has not wavered one bit. Cable one serves 21 different states in the US and has over or approximately 900,000 customers. All of which includes business and residential customers.

Types of Cable One outage

1. Cable One Internet Outages

One of the most common outages people get to experience these days are internet outages. Not only are internet outages common, they can be also very frustrating. Internet outages can happen for a variety of reasons, and most times, they occur without any prior notice. Some of the reasons internet outages occur are; cyberattacks, disasters and censorship. Human error can also cause internet outages, poorly developed areas that have limited infrastructures for internet usage can or may experience internet outages. With that said, the first thing you should do when you experience an outage is to report it to your service provider and see how they can sort it out. Try to avoid sorting out the outages yourself because you might end up making it worse for the entire area.


New Cell Phone Program video

2. Cable One Cable TV Outages

Aside from internet outages, Cable One TV outages are also a real thorn in the flesh. But, if you think about this logically, since cable TV uses coaxial cables to transmit radio waves received from an antenna, it is only logical to think that there will be some hiccups with your connection every once in a while. However, this does not mean that you should get used to it. In fact, if you experience a cable TV outage in your area or residence, report it as soon as possible. As for the causes of cable TV outages, any factor that can impede or alter the signals (radio waves) transmitted to your cable TV can cause an outage. Although, these factors are usually more pronounced when the outage is experienced by a wider area (e.g, an entire block). Some of these factors include storms and natural disasters.

3. Cable One Cell Outages

Cable One Cell outages are no different from cable TV outages or Internet outages. its simple terms, cell outages refers to a complete or partial loss of cell phone signals. A lot of factors can cause cell outages and depend on these factors, cell outages can either be a partial or a total loss of mobile signals. These signals are usually transmitted from a cellular network to mobile phone. It’s strength is measured in dBm. Such factors that can impede cell signals and thus cause a cellular blackout or outage includes nearness to cell phone tower, trees and tall buildings can also cause signal interference, underground areas like tunnels and subways, and destruction of cell towers also have an effect on signal strength.

4. Cable One Wireless Internet Outages

As humans, there are basically two ways one can connect to the internet. They are; wired connection and wireless connection. Cable One Wireless connection to the internet makes use of radio waves instead of the use of wires to connect one’s device to the internet. Its really simple and easy to get access to the internet these days via a wireless connection. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Boingo, Clearwire and many ISPs provide users access to the internet via a wireless connection. There are a lot of factors that can cause wireless connection outages, including; network congestion, a failed link to service providers, the difference in internet speeds received from ISPs, device failure and human errors.

How to reach Cable One customer support for all services?


  • 1-877-MY-CABLE
  • 1-877-692-2253

The number listed above is a dail-in customer service number. The best resource for over-the-phone help and assistance. The customers support service as well as billing and payment assistance can be reached through the above listed numbers, and it is available five days in a week (Monday to Friday) from 8am to 5pm (MST).

After dailing the number, wait to receive instructions and then put in the number registered to your account. It could be a phone number or the account number. Then, press pound.

Business Customer Service Number


Cable one business customers can reach out to their customer support agent via the number above.

The same procedure still applies after dailing the number. Wait to be prompted and then give your account number or phone number. Then, press pound.

Don’t Want to Call? Try Other Support Methods

From the above information,, Cable one customer support is only available on phone during the normal working hours. If you want to ask questions after these hours, reaching them on phone can be difficult. But, here is how you can work around it

Send an email to Cable ONE: You can fill out the “Email Us” form on Cable ONE’s contact page to get access to personalized, online support.

Send email to Cable ONE Business support: On cable one business contact page, you can fill the business sales, business care as well as technical support forms to get the required help you need. You can even select how you want them to respond to your email, either through phone or via email.

Visit a Local Store: You can drop by the closest cable one store in your state, vicinity, or area. Take a look at cable ones location page to know more.

Search Online Support: This kind of support services works best for troubleshooting problems. Luckily, cable one has a list of support articles and videos on their online support page, to help you through it.

Things you need before you call Cable One customer service

Ok! First off, let’s be honest, nobody likes the hassles that comes with holding a phone in one hand while battling with an a series of documents on the other. Its really annoying and distracting. So, before calling cable one, here are some things you need to have in place.

Your Account Number: If you don’t know how to access your account number, check the right side of your cable one account bill. It is located below the company’s contact info. Make sure to have this handy because it will practically be the first thing cable one will ask for during your call. Alternatively, you can also use the phone number registered with your account.

Phone Number Associated with Your Account: This is simply the phone number you used to register with cable one

Your Billing or Service Address: If you want to set up or probably upgrade your services, the billing address of your account is a must-have

Although not that important but necessary, you should also have a pen and paper handy or a note taking device. This will help you keep track of some important information you may have been told during your call.

How to troubleshoot your Cable One internet on your own?

Like cable TV outages, there are still alot of reasons why internet connection ceases. When this happens, try doing the following to help ameliorate this problem.

1. Make sure that your router or modem is turned on and has power. You can do this by connecting your modem to a power outlet that functions properly. In case there is a power outage, do well to contact customer service.

2. Do not change the position of your modem from the original outlet. To get top speed internet connection, use the original outlet the modem was installed on.

3. Also verify if your TV services with cable one is working efficiently. If they’re not working, check with support. If they are not, then look at step 4.

4. Properly plug in the ethernet cable connection to your modem, or better yet ensure no one disconnects it accidentally.

5. When you have just got a disturbance in your internet connection, make sure to reboot your cable modem or phone modem so as to re-establish that same connection. It might not work unless you do this.

6. The next step is to reboot your router. All you need to do is to unplug it from the power outlet for about five seconds and plug it back in. The reboot should take up to about half a minute.

7. Also reboot your computer of laptop

Note: If you have a splitter between your wall outlet and your modem, removing the splitter might actually tend to increase the connection speed if the original signal was weak. This may not be a permanent solution though.

How to Troubleshoot your Cable One Cable TV devices on your own?

Every now and then, you may get to experience some annoying setbacks in your cable TV connection. Some of these problems are listed below;

  1. Poor Picture Quality (lines, static, snow)
  2. Error Message “One Moment Please. This Channel Will be Available Shortly”
  3. Error Message “Channel Not Available” if you are subscribed to the channel
  4. Tiling or freezing of the picture

Once you see any of these problems, don’t fret. Most times these things can easily be fixed by troubleshooting your device. Here’s how to do it.

  • Steps 1: Make sure that the coaxial cable between the outlet and the cable one digital receiver or television is fixed-in properly.
  • Step 2: Disconnect the cable one digital receiver from its power source for at least 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

If there is no change to your signal’s situation, even after completing the simple steps above, then I suggest you reach out to customer support.

As for this error message “One moment, please. This channel will be available shortly”, you can troubleshoot it to resolve the issue.

However, try to remember that there are a lot of reasons why individual channels will show this errors message. Before troubleshooting, be patient for at least 30 minutes to see if the channel will be available again. If not, then try doing the following;

  • Step 1: Try to restart the cable one digital receiver by unplugging it the power cable from the cable box.
  • Step 2: The next step is to reconnect the power cable. Also, wait for at most 30 minutes to see if all channels are restored.

If you still experience the same issue and no changes has occurred, then contact customer services via phone support for assistance.

List Top 6 Reasons for Outages

Here are six too reasons that can cause an outage

  1. Storms
  2. Earthquakes
  3. Heavy rainfall
  4. High demand in Power supply
  5. Road and car accidents
  6. Poor infrastructures

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report an electrical outage?

If you notice the power is out I’m your area or vicinity, you should do well to report it first. Contact your service company as soon as possible. Normally, always make sure your breaker is not the cause of your outage before you report it.

How do I report a street light outage?

Not just a street light outage but any outage in question. You can report this to the appropriate personnel either by email or through the phone.

When will my power be restored?

During a power outage, most companies will want to restore the areas that are in need of it the most. Places like hospitals and maternity centres will be restored first. After restoring power to these critical areas, the rest will follow.


Note that whole outages are common for most areas and locations, it is rare in some parts of that same state, probably due to various reasons why these outages will occur.

What Internet Service is Available in My Area?

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John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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