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RCN Outages Internet Cable TV WIFI

RCN Outages In Your Area – Troubleshoot Internet, Cable TV, WIFI and more

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Experiencing RCN outages for your internet, phone or TV then read this article to find out how you can solve your connection issues now

RCN is a leading communications services ranging from broadband internet to TV and phone services. This company provides these services to residents in the New York area, Boston, Chicago and Washington DC areas. RCN simply means Residential Communications Network. It has now adopted the name Consolidated Edison Communication. RCN has been offering quality internet services as well as cable TV and phone services to the the community in which their services extends to. When it comes to RCN, you are sure to get the best experience entertainment providers have to offer. They provide;

  1. Quality customer service
  2. 100% digital programming
  3. Top notch fiber-optic quality
  4. Free Video On Demand
  5. Super-fast and reliable Internet services

RCN services for business customers includes a variety of communication products for any business of any size. These communication products includes; Internet, network solutions, phone services and video services.

Types of RCN outage

1. RCN Internet Outages

RCN Internet outages or Internet blackouts as it is sometimes called can be very frustrating when it happens, especially when you are in the middle of something important like uploading and downloading or working from home.

However, factors that may be responsible for RCN internet outages may occur from a few different factors, which include from man-made factors, bad weather, severed lines to natural disasters like tornados, heavy rain, and even and earthquakes.

Places that are usually prone to internet outages is largely random, however some additional attributing factors that are responsible for these outages included cyberattacks, law enforcement intervention and more.

2, RCN Cable TV Outages

Cable TV is something we practically use or see almost every single day and if you don’t own it then you probably know someone who does.

It mostly employs the transfer of radio waves from or through coaxial cables and now with digital TV there is better technology but it still suffers from similar outage reasons.

Cable TV is a very good source of entertainment and can help you relax when you need to. Sadly, this source of entertainment is not completely free from problems and disconnections. There are a lot of reasons why your RCN cable TV outage maybe a few of these underlying reasons that include bad weather like electrical storms, natural disasters, and human error or tower repairs that broadcast the TV signal to you.

3. RCN Cell Outages

A complete or partial loss of a cell phone signals is called a cell outage. It should be noted that when cell outages occur, the signal lost, which is either complete or partial loss of the signal, will depend on what factor/s is/are causing the outage. Cell phone signals move from a cellular network to a mobile phone. When there is an error with the receiving mobile phone or when the signals from the cellular network is obstructed, a cell outage will occur.

4. RCN Wireless Internet Outages

Internet users can connect to the internet in basically two ways. These ways can be either a wired connection or a wireless connection. As the name implies, a wireless connection is made using waves and signals, specifically radio waves rather than wires and cables to connect your device to the Internet. In some cases a wireless connection to the internet has been proven to be a lot faster and simple to use. Factors like network congestion, failed connections to your internet service providers or maybe varying speeds from ISPs and sometimes human errors can cause a wireless internet outage.

RCN connection outage

How to reach RCN customer support for all services?

If you have issues with any of your services from RCN, you can reach them via the various social media handles

Twitter handle: Tweet to @RCNConnects (you can also reach them directly via this handle)

Facebook /RCN: You can “Like” or send a Facebook Message via this handle

You can also call RCN on the following numbers; 1-800-RING-RCN (1-800-746-4726) Note; RCN offers a 24/7 US Based Full Service

For Instant answers to you questions, you can reach them on live chat. Live chat Hours are; Monday to Friday: 8am-10pm ET

Saturday/Sunday: 10am-8pm ET

Holidays: 10am-6pm ET

Things you need before you call RCN customer service

First off before contacting RCN customer support, you must have encountered a problem with their services, thus, you have an issue to report.

The procedures listed above are the easiest ways to get in touch with RCN customer support services. If you have an account with RCN, make sure your account details is ready so that they can verify if you are truly a customer. For US based citizens, RCN actually lets you use a 24/7 customer service, which is a big help to most people.

Once you dial their number or contact them via live chat, follow the instructions you see and I’m sure your issue will be resolved in no time.

Tip: it’s better to use the digital phone line registered to your account to call them.

How to troubleshoot your RCN internet on your own?

Here are some tips on how you can get your internet up and running;

1. Prevent WiFi Interference

You can do this by limiting the number of barriers that surround your router. You can place it in the living room for starters. Just make sure walls and concrete, metals and plasters are not situated around your router. Moderation is key here.

2. Move Closer To The WiFi Router

Moving closer to your wifi router will help you make the most out of it. This will allow you to get more internet speed and faster connections. Avoid placing your device and router on two distinct locations because it will be very difficult for the WiFi signals to recah your device.

3. Limit The Number Of People Who Can Connect To Your Router

The number if devices you have connected to your router can affect your internet speed and connection. Since the bandwidth speed of your router is distributed evenly among your devices, it is only logical that your wifi speed will be reduced. A way to slobe this slow connection to the internet is to reduce the number of devices connected to the internet.

4. Place A Password To Protect Your RCN WiFi

You can setup a RCN WiFi password on your router to prevent unauthorized access to it. Each time a new device wants to sign in to your WiFi the password window will appear. Without your WiFi password, cyber threats and other people with different devices will invade your bandwidth. Passwording your WiFi is a good way to maintain a steady internet connection.

5. Clean Your Devices

When you notice that the performance of your device has slowed down, it is probably best you clean it up. Cleaning your devices is not that big of a deal. It literally takes no time and less effort. You can do this by;

  1. Closing browsers: Your wifi will find it difficult to work when you gave too many tabs open in your device while browsing. Close up some tabs to increase internet speed.
  2. Clear cookies: Clearing cookies varies for each browser. If you do this right, your internet speed will definitely improve.
  3. Turn off devices: Turning off your devices while you are not connected to your WiFi can improve its functionality.


How to Troubleshoot your RCN Cable TV devices on your own?

  1. Here is how you can get your cable TV connection back-up on your own.
  2. Connect an antenna to your cable TV with a coaxial cable.
  3. Unplug your TV’s power adapter and trun off all equipment.
  4. Connect the coaxial cable to your TV and your antenna using the connection jacks.
  5. Turn on your television set. Firstly, make sure your TV is connected to a power source or outlet.
  6. Press INPUT to open the INPUT SOURCE list.
  7. Navigate the list using the up arrow or down arrow directional buttons. Then select TV and press ENTER.
  8. You can scan for channels automatically if you don’t know how to tune in to a channel you know exists.

Additional Notes to improve TV Quality

  • Here are some things worth noting while connecting your TV and antenna
  • To eliminate any and all noise or static from radio waves, use a coaxial cable.
  • Use a coaxial cable to eliminate interference and noise from radio waves.
  • Don’t mix up your cables together. Separate coaxial cable from adapter or any other cables.
  • Don’t attempt to correct antenna problems on your own. Ask for professional help if you can
  • To improve your antenna’s signals, so as to enhance distorted pictures and weak channels, use a set-top antenna with an in built amplifier.
  • If you notice that the picture quality on some channels is better than the others, don’t fret. It may be as a result of poor broadcasting services from the cable TV provider or the broadcaster.
  • Using a set-top box can improve your picture quality. So, if you experience poor picture quality, you should consider upgrading to set-top box. You can contact your cable TV provider to know how to get started.

List Top 6 Reasons for RCN Outages

As stated previously, there are a lot reasons why an outage will occur. The most annoying part of all these outages is that they occur without warning at any point in time. Some of these outages can last for days or weeks, depending on how severe it is. Here are six reasons why such outages will occur in your area;

  1. Storms
  2. Earthquakes
  3. Rain
  4. High demand in Power supply
  5. Cyber attacks
  6. Car accidents
  7. Human Error

RCN internet outage map

Frequently Asked Questions About RCN Outages

Here are some frequently asked questions about outages

How are restoration times determined?

Restoration time for most outages depends on the company offering such services. Normally, the company’s outage management system usually provides you (the customer) with an estimated time for restoring your services and connections. However this estimated time is dependent on the severity of the outage and the area affected. Furthermore, the company tends to keep you apprised with any new information and the progress of the restoration procedures.

How do you decide whose power/connection to restore first?

If the outages has affected a large area, the outage management center of any company will probably restore areas that have the highest number of customers. The restoration process will continue until all areas have been successfully restored. It is at this point that the company needs the patience and understanding of it’s customers because they know how inconveniencing and frustrating losing your connection is. This is why most companies tend to provide their customers with an estimated time for restoring lost connections and signals. This will allow you to make decisions that will not affect your services negatively.

What should I do when my neighbors connection has been restored and mine hasn’t?

This is really not an issue. It could be that your neighbor’s connection was restored first because he or she is registered with a different supply line or the problem with your supply line is different from that of your neighbor. Like i said, there are a lot of reasons why an outage will occur and this can affect your connections differently. It is best you contact your service provider for more details on this.


There are a lot of things to say about RCN’s outages and lost connections but I think this article has covered the basics. However, whenever you experience an outage in your home or area, the first thing you should do is to report it to the company you are registered with. The sooner you do this, the faster your connection will be restored. Also, remember that outages are a normal thing and they can happen at anytime. So, its best if you don’t make a big deal out of it, whenever it happens.

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