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xfinity outages

Xfinity Outages In Your Area – Troubleshoot Internet, Cable TV, WIFI

If you need help with your Xfinity outrage then you have come to the right place!

Xfinity is one of the internet service provider names of Comcast cable communications, LLC. It is a subsidiary of the company and it used to market cable, television, telephone, internet and wireless services that the company offers. Before the new brand name “Xfinity” was introduced in 2010, all services were been marketed via the company’s original brand name (Comcast communications).

The current chief executive officer (CEO) of this company is Dave Watson, Brian L. Roberts is the chairman and Catherine Avigris is the CFO. Xfinity is a billion-dollar corporation and has millions of subscribers under its fold.

Types of outage from Comcast Xfinity

1. Xfinity Internet Outages

Xfinity Internet outages are sometimes referred to as internet blackouts. There are a lot of reasons as to why an Xfinity internet outage will occur. Cyberattacks, network congestion and operational errors, failed connections to internet service providers, not to mention but a few, can cause internet blackouts. When these blackouts occur, they do so at the most inconvenient times and happen without warning. As often as these blackouts tend to happen, there are still steps one can take, in order to restore a lost internet connection. Getting in touch with your ISP will help you a lot in these kind of situations.

2. Xfinity Cable TV Outages

While most communication companies offer internet services, others have decided to offer on-the-go and home entertainment via cable TV services. However, there are still those communication companies that offer both services and lots more. Cable TV involves the use of coaxial cables to transmit signals from an antenna to a television. It is almost similar to the normal broadcasting service you get from your TV network providers. As awesome as cable television sounds, sometimes, it can get a bit frustrating, especially when you have been denied access to some of your favorite channels or when you have to deal with those annoying error messages. Normally, the best way to fix cable TV issues is to troubleshoot your device or call customer services for assistance.

3. Comcast Cell Outages

The backbone of cellular communication is cellular signals. Without cell signals, things like text messages, multimedia messages, phone calls and even surfing the web will not be possible. These signals help to keep our phones active and help us stay in touch with our friends and families. Once these signals are lost, a cell outage has been said to occur. Of course, just like other forms of outages, cell outages can be caused by a lot of factors including natural disasters and damage to cell towers.

4. Xfinity Wireless Internet Outages

Nowadays, due to the rapid development of technology in the communications sector, people are able to connect to the internet anywhere they can via a wireless connection. Most phones and Android devices do so via hotspots and WiFi. However, because of how easy it is to connect to the internet and because of the number of internet users we have today, connecting to a network (internet) can be very difficult for some people, especially in crowded places. After all, network congestion is one of the major causes of internet outages in most developed societies. This is why most times, people will prefer to connect to a virtual private network or a home network so that they can maximize their internet surfing experience effectively.

How to reach Comcast Xfinity customer support for all services?

One thing that is unique about any ISP is how easy it is to reach their customer service center. With Xfinity, you can reach out to their customer services with very easy steps and they are available 24/7. You can reach them via phone call, online chat, or by simply walking to a store location where a representative will attend to you.

You can reach Xfinity customer service center on the number 800.934.6489 for internet, TV and voice assistance.

Hours: Monday — Saturday, 7 a.m.-9 p.m.

If you have any issues regarding your account like billing or payment assistance, adding or removing services from your account, checking the status of your account, or even reaching out to technical support, you can simply dial the number above. The company’s tech support number is the same as the customer service number.

To get in touch with tech support as soon as possible, simply input the zip code registered with your account, then, say “technical support” when you asked to do so.

Remember technical support engineer number is the same as customer support number for Xfinity and it is given as 1-800-934-6489

Things you need before you call customer service

The things you need before you get in touch with Xfinity customer support is just about the same with other outage companies. If you have any issue to report, pick up your phone and dial the customer service number. Be sure to use the number you used to register your Xfinity account. If you have your account number already written in a separate document, I suggest you have that document handy before you place the call. Remember if you are calling for tech support, you can place the call through the same customer service number as explained above. Also, a pen and paper for taking notes will do you a lot of good.

How to troubleshoot your Xfinity internet on your own?

If you are having trouble with your Xfinity internet connection, you can try these simple troubleshooting fixes to help sort out your problem;

  1. Connect all cables properly and ensure they aren’t loosened. And, check your power strip connection.
  2. Disconnect your modem from its power source by unplugging it. Wait for a few minutes and then plug it back in. When the lights come back on, you can then test your connection again.

3. People who have the Xfinity voice service and who use the eMTA modem should check their internet connection after hitting the reset button on the modem. It is also better to wait for the lights to turn back on before trying the connection.

4. You can also try connecting the your computer directly to your router. If this works and your network connection is restored, you most likely have the wrong settings (configuration) on your router or your router itself is faulty.

5. The last step is to restart your computer. Simply going to the start menu and clicking on the restart option after selecting the power icon should do the trick. You can then test your connection when it comes on.

How to Troubleshoot your Xfinity TV devices on your own?

Let’s take a look at various problems associated with the Xfinity instant TV services and how to fix it;

Were you watching an Xfinity On Demand program?

If you have issues on this aspect, it’s probably because you are not connected to the Xfinity home network. Some on-demand programs can only be viewed while connected to the network. Connect to your network and see if the issue is resolved.

Were you watching a cloud-based DVR recording?

You can only watch CB DVR recordings over the internet after they have finished recording, especially if you are not connected to the Xfinity home network.

Were you watching live TV?

Same rule with the home network applies here. You only get to watch live TV only if you are connected to your Xfinity home network.

A Cloud-Based DVR Recording Won’t Play or Suddenly Stops Playing;

Fixing this issue will depend on whether or not you are using the Xfinity Stream portal or the Xfinity Stream application. The portal’s address is given as

If you are using the streaming portal;

  1. Clear your browser’s cache. You can do this by going to the settings page on your browser. Chrome, Firefox, opera, internet explorer and even Microsoft edge are good examples of Internet browsers.
  2. After clearing your browser’s cache, close the browser.
  3. Wait for two minutes.
  4. Open the same browser and log on to the streaming portal. (
  5. Play the recording again.

If it doesn’t work, contacting customer support will be your best option.

Xfinity Stream App;

  1. Connect to the app using a good network connection. Do this by either using the Xfinity home network or any other regular connection.
  2. Close the app and reopen it.
  3. Play the recording again.

If it still doesn’t work quite the app and call customer support. Or, you can also try the following;

For Apple users;

Tap the home button twice. This will allow you to see the preview of all your recently used apps. Navigate the screen by either swiping in the left or right direction until you see the streaming app. Swipe upwards to remove the app from your screen.

For Android users;

Go to settings, go to apps and select running tabs. Once you do that, navigate to the Xfinity Stream app and select force stop. Since we know that due to different Android versions of mobile phones, it is possible that the app might not stop working like this. All you need to do then is to turn off the phone and turn it back on, wait for at least two to three minutes, open the app again and try to play the recording. If this doesn’t work, then contact customer support.

It Takes a Long Time to Download Cloud-Based DVR Recordings or Xfinity On-Demand Programs;

Many factors can affect how fast your download is. If the recorded file is large and lengthy, it will definitely need some time to download correctly. If you have a bad network connection and the file is in HD, it will definitely take longer.

My Downloaded Program is Corrupted and Will Not Play;

After a successful download, there may be situations whereby downloaded programs may be corrupted and won’t play correctly. Here is how you can fix that;

  1. Try downloading the same file again after deleting the corrupted one.
  2. Don’t attempt to download any file without connecting to the internet or your Xfinity home network. Be sure that the network connection is strong before attempting to download the file. Otherwise, you will end up right back where you started.

If this doesn’t work, then contact customer services.

A Channel in My Channel Lineup Isn’t Showing Up in My TV Listings

If you notice that some channels are missing from your channel line up, then contact customer services.

List Top 6 Reasons for Outages

Here are six of the major and common causes of outages in most developed societies today;

  1. Network congestion
  2. Storms and earthquakes
  3. Distance between your router and computer
  4. Computer viruses can cause your network to move slowly
  5. Faulty cables can cause cable TV outages
  6. High demand in the power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outages

Why aren’t my Xfinity Home devices appearing in the Devices section?

People usually encounter this problem if they have a separate network for these home devices. This means that these devices are not connected to the main or primary home network. If this is the case, then it is only logical that these devices won’t appear on your device list.

How long does an offline device stay listed in the Devices section?

Normally, it will take at least six months for devices that are more longer connected to your home network to be automatically removed from your device list. If you can’t wait that long, you can remove it using the forget device option.

How do I remove a device from the Devices section?

To remove a device from your device section, here is what you do

  1. Disconnect the device from home your network
  2. Go to the device section and select the device. Alternatively, you can select the device from the designated profile of the device.
  3. Click on device details
  4. Click on forget device


Xfinity is one of many leading technology companies in the US that provides top-notch cable TV and internet services to millions of subscribers. They have a long track record of providing only the best services to their customers over the years. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Xfinity website of the local store and get yourself registered.


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