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Mediacom outage internet tv wireless wifi

Mediacom Outages In Your Area – Troubleshoot Internet, Cable TV, WIFI and more

If you are having problems with Mediacom outage then you have come to the right place to solve your internet and cable TV issues. Follow along to know your next step.

Mediacom is the largest cable television provider based on the number of video subscribers, and also the leading cable operators focused on serving smaller cities and towns. Its the largest broadband provider in Iowa and the second largest in Illinois with a significant concentration of customers in the Midwest and Southeast.

Mediacom offer services across various cities and they include Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Des Monies in lowa; Albany, Columbus, Tifton, and Valdosta in Georgia; Columbia, Jefferson City and Springfield in Missouri and Baldwin City, Osage City, Lyndon, Douglas County, Osage County, and the Quad Cities on the Iowa/Illinois border and parts of Shawnee County in Kansas.

With this high number of subscribers, they were able to be placed at the 9th largest multichannel video programming distributor in the US and are known for great tv and high-speed internet services.

Types of Mediacom outage

1. Mediacom Internet outages

Mediacom Internet outages are commonly referred to as “internet blackout” and they can occur any time depending on what caused it. This can be a result of censorship, cyberattacks on Mediacom’s network, and even be a result of natural disasters, police or security services actions, and sometimes a human error.

Access to the Internet is the gateway for millions of people’s essential communication and as users, it can be detrimental to experience a surprise outage.

Outages with Mediacom’s internet can occur when there are disruptions of underground communications cables. Malicious software on your own devices can be a cause for the outage, hardware failure, unplugged cables, computer virus are just a few reasons you may be experiencing internet connection issues as a Mediacom customer.

Regional factors like weather, electrical power outages, physical damage to a data center, or broadband exchange buildings plays a key factor in repair times and may take longer to solve and repair.

2. Mediacom Cable TV Outages

Mediacom Cable TV are known nationwide for their impressive distribution of premium cable tv services.

However, if you are experiencing an outage or bad signal with as a Mediacom customer then there may be a few reasons they this can be the case.

Television programming normally operates through the transmission of radio waves/frequency via coaxial cables or a digital signal that Mediacom has been known for.

Mediacom Cable TV outages normally occur when there is a breakdown or failure in the network and the underlying factors may occur from car accidents on telephone poles or even natural disasters or a storm.

There’s no denying that Mediacom’s Cable TV is impressive but it doesn’t make it foolproof. Thanks to Mediacom’s customer service you should have no problem in getting your outage solved by calling Mediacom’s phone hotline.

3. Mediacom Cell Outages

Cell phone outages normally occur when there is a partial loss of phone signal since these signals are normally transmitted from a cellular network to a mobile phone. There are some ways whereby you can be sure the fault isn’t from your end and they include making sure your SIM card is properly installed and hasn’t come loose, ensure your cellular data is enabled, check for an update from your phone’s settings, etc.

A cell outage would occur when the signals coming from your cellular network is obstructed. In case you are experiencing an outage when you urgently want to make a call, you can use Wi-Fi as another alternative. If you experience slow data speed when traveling to a country for the first time and you are experiencing no signal, contact your internet service provider to know if you are supposed to get a network in that place.

4. Mediacom Wireless Internet Outages

Mediacom wireless internet is a great service, however, it too can experience unexpected outages. Mediacom’s service relies on the same radio waves for wireless internet to be distributed as the bigger companies that supply a similar service. Factors that could cause an outage may include the difference in internet speeds received from ISPs, device failure, human errors, and network congestion.

Mediacom Outage

How to reach Mediacom customer support for all services?

If you need to get connected with Mediacom live customer service representative, dial 855-633-4226 or 800-883-0145. After doing that, you would be asked by the system to enter the number you used when opening your account. Either you enter it or just wait for the system to just keep asking for it. After that, you would be asked for your account number by the system. Then press * and you would be transferred to a live customer service representative.

Mediacom Customer Service Hours:

Their phone numbers 855-633-4226 and 800-883-0145 are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Media Customer Service Numbers:

You can reach their bill payment department at 800-883-0145 or 855-633-4226. you can also use that number whenever you want to cancel your Mediacom account. Those numbers could also be used to reach their sales department.

Mediacom Social Network Customer Service:

You can follow Mediacom customer service at Mediacom Cable Facebook page and be sure to get a reply within a few hours. If you also want to publicly send a tweet to Mediacom Cable Support, you can do that at the Mediacom Cable Twitter page. You can also view Mediacom Cable’s latest videos on Mediacom Cable Youtube Page.

Mediacom Live Chat:

If you want to start a live chat with Mediacom Live Agent, check out the Mediacom customer service page.

Mediacom Customer Service via e-mail:

If you want to contact Mediacom Cable by email, submit your question via the Mediacom Cable e-mail form

Things you need before you call Medicom customer service

It’s advisable to ensure that you’ve encountered a problem with Mediacom services before you think of reporting any issue to them. The information given above about Mediacom customer services shows the easiest way to get in touch with Mediacom customer service. Before you contact Mediacom customer service you need to have an account with them.

And if you’ve already done that, make sure your account details are with you because they are going to verify if you are a valid customer first before any other thing else. One of the good things about Mediacom customer service is that they let you use their system 24hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’ve contacted Mediacom customer service via their live chat or dialed their number, do follow the instructions given to you and in no time your issue would be resolved. It’s advisable to always use the number you used in opening your account to call their customer service so that the verification process would be easy.

How to troubleshoot your Mediacom internet on your own

1. Ensure you turn off and on the Mediacom Wi-Fi router: When you move close to your Wi-Fi router, you get more internet speed and faster connections. Do not place your Wi-Fi router far from your cell phone device so it won’t be difficult for your phone to receive signals from your WiFi router.

2. Limit those who can connect to your router: Most times the number of people that connects to your router can determine how fast your internet connection is. This because for every device that connects to your router, the bandwidth speed of your router is evenly distributed to those devices. The best way to deal with this is to limit the number of devices that can connect to your router.

3. Ensure your WiFi is passworded: One way to prevent unauthorized access to your router is to set up a WiFi password. So that whenever a new device wants to sign in to your WiFi a password window will appear. Using a WiFi password can prevent people with different devices to gain unauthorized access and also cyber attacks. It’s also a good way to maintain a steady connection.

4. Prevent WiFi interference: Another way to prevent WiFi interference is by limiting the number of barriers around your router. For beginners, you can place it in your anywhere around your home. Make sure it’s far from obstacles like metals, plasters, walls concrete, etc.

5. Ensure your devices are clean; It’s probably better to clean up your device before you start noticing that the performance of your device has reduced. Doing this takes little or no effort so you can ensure you do this more often. Thank s can be done in several ways such as:

a. Clear cookies: Different browsers have their way of clearing cookies. But once you’ve done this you notice that your internet speed has improved.

b. Closing browser’s: Whenever you open too many tabs in your device while browsing, you make it difficult for your WiFi connection to go smoothly. So to improve your internet speed you have to close up some tabs in other for your internet speed to get fast.

c. Turn off devices: You can also improve your internet functionality by turning off your device whenever you are connected to your WiFi.

How to troubleshoot your Mediacom Cable TV devices on your own

There are several ways to get your Cable TV connection up and running and they include:

  1. Turn off all equipment and unplug your TV power adapter.
  2. Use a coaxial cable to connect an antenna to your cable TV.
  3. Use connection Jack’s to connect the coaxial cable to your TV and antenna.
  4. Make sure your TV is connected to a power source or outlet before turning on your television set.
  5. Press INPUT to open the INPUT source list
  6. You can navigate through your TV list using up arrow or down arrow directional buttons. Then select TV and press ENTER.
  7. 7If don’t know how to tune in to a channel that exists, just scan for channels automatically.

Whenever you want to connect your Mediacom TV and antenna, the following information can be of good use.

  • Use a coaxial cable to avoid any noise or interference from radio waves.
  • Avoid mixing up your cables together
  • Seek advice from professionals whenever you want to connect an antenna problem.
  • You can use a set-top antenna with an inbuilt amplifier, to improve your antenna’s signals and enhance distorted pictures.
  • Consider using a set-top box if you want to have good picture quality.

Top Reasons for Outages

There are lots of reasons why outages occur. And the most annoying part is that they occur at any point in time without warning. They can last for days or weeks, depending on how bad it is. Below are the reasons why outages occur.

  • Storms
  • Earthquakes
  • Rain
  • High demand in Power supply
  • Cyberattacks
  • Car accidents

Mediacom internet Outages

Frequently Asked Questions About Mediacom Outages

Here are some frequently asked questions about outages

How long can an outage expect to get fixed

Depending on the scale of the damage you may have to wait up to 1 hour to a few days

Are Mediacom’s services reliable?

Yes, Mediacom has a great track record with internet uptime and if you have a problem with any sort of outage then call Mediacom directly for a resolution.


So far this article has given you the basic knowledge of Mediacom outages and the necessary steps to take whenever it occurs. The sooner you report an outage to the company you registered with the faster your internet connection would be restored.

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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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