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business internet reviews

Best Small Business Internet Providers – Updated Guide 2022

I clearly understand the hustle of starting a business and this is why American businesses require nothing less than the best small business internet providers of 2022 especially in the wake of so many financial struggles.

It’s an exhilarating experience to put up all the resources, both human and financial. In most cases, people have the perception that starting a business is the hardest part. Unfortunately, this is true, and there are common problems that people face along the process.

Some of these problems include lack of money, improper business planning, poor marketing strategies, and stiff competitions from already established Business in your niche.

Congratulations for overcoming all these problems and establishing your Business. I am pretty sure that you understand all the benefits that a super-fast and reliable internet connection can bring to your freshly started Business.

One thing I know for sure is that finding the right business internet provider for your Business is a complicated affair. Researching the market for such providers is difficult, and you may end up landing a scam provider or a provider that will not offer you precisely what you want. The reason for this is because there are so many fake reviews on the Internet today.

Though investing enough time to check each of the potential business internet providers is a crucial part of your Business. It doesn’t matter whether you run a tech startup or an eCommerce business; you will probably rely heavily on the Internet to get the tasks completed.

For small businesses in the US, getting an unreliable internet provider is not just a cause of money misuse and nuisance but also draws a clear line between optimal utilization of resources for productivity and a source of loses.

Let’s face reality; the US market is flocking with a handful of internet providers who claim to offer reliable Business Internet access. Although this is true with most of these providers, the internet speed, reliability, price and discounts vary significantly from one provider to the other.

Consequently, I have included all the tips to consider when selecting an internet provider, reviewed some of the top-notch business Internet providers in the US and acclaimed main recommendations for your startup business.

Connection options available to your business

Before we delve deeper into the topic of the day, I would like to walk you through a list of the connection options that your small Business has. The type of connection you can pick from the list is dependent on your business location, and budget.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL is one of the internet connection options you have for your Business. This was considered as a prime improvement on the dial-up and many business owners are going for it as an option. One major challenge is that DSL uses traditional telephone lines which mean that the optimal distance from the ISP’s exchange and your Business is going to affect internet speed and reliability. Though, it’s a cheap alternative for startups with few employees.


Fiber-optic Internet is one of the most popular internet connection options for businesses today. It transmits internet signals as pulses of light through microscopic glass and plastic strands.

It’s perfect for companies that have many employees. It provides fast download and upload speeds for your Business, but it’s an expensive alternative. One of its major drawbacks is limited connections. What this means is that you are not likely to benefit from Fiber-Optic internet if you don’t live in areas where the connections are available.

Satellite internet connections

For businesses set up in remote areas, having satellite internet is the best because it doesn’t rely on cables for transmission or closeness to the ISP for download and upload speeds.

The main challenge is that the Satellite internet connection is affected by the weather and the presence of trees and buildings. It’s also more expensive than some other internet options, but the good thing is its available wherever there’s the sky.


Data, in this case, is transmitted in Coax cable TV lines. These coax cable TV lines are almost everywhere in the US.

Though the cable internet connect