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exede viasat internet review

Viasat Internet Review – What Customers Think In 2022?

How does Viasat stack up amongst the other providers in 2022? in this review we answer all your questions and more.

Viasat is one of two satellite internet options available in America, but how do they compare to HughesNet in 2022? Did they get better or worse and which one is the best contender out of the 2 services or, is a simple data hotspot still better?

All the questions answered and more when you read our official review on Viasat.

Formerly Excede, Viasat is quite popular among seekers of satellite-internet in the country because of its competitive pricing and widespread availability-Viasat satellite internet reaches where fiber, DSL, and other varied internet options cannot reach.

How does Viasat fare in the satellite internet market? Read on to know.

Viasat Services Satellite Internet Services Review 

Viasat provides satellite internet to the remotest regions in America. Its services are available across all 50 states in the USA with better coverage across Texas, California, and New York.

It is also diverse in terms of the different internet plans it provides in different areas. Most areas enjoy a variety of internet plans from Viasat, although not all of the plans are available in all areas.

Viasat has also launched Viasat Flex, a service that combines the best of satellite internet and DSL services into a single experience.

Check which of Viasat’s plans are available in your region based on your zip code here.

Viasat Prices, Plans, and Internet Speeds

Viasat internet plans fall into two categories: the Liberty plan and the Unlimited plans.

We’ve compiled a list of all of these plans below.

Plan Speed Data Cap Price
Liberty 12 12 Mbps 12 GB $20/month
Liberty 25 12 Mbps 25 GB $50/month
Liberty 50 12 Mbps 75 GB $70/month
Unlimited Bronze 12 12 Mbps 35 GB $50/month
Unlimited Silver 12 12 Mbps 45 GB $100/month
Unlimited Gold 12 12 Mbps 65 GB $150/month
Unlimited Silver 25 25 Mbps 60 GB $70/month
Unlimited Gold 30 30 Mbps 100 GB $100/month
Unlimited Gold 50 50 Mbps 100 GB $100/month
Unlimited Platinum 100 100 Mbps 150 GB $150/month

For Viasta’s Unlimited plans, the data caps act somewhat differently upon exhaustion. Once you surpass your data cap, your data speed might slow down based on traffic congestion

. Simply speaking, if you’ve exhausted your data limits and someone within their data limits is using the internet, their data usages will be prioritized on Viasat’s network

.As you can see, Viasat’s Liberty plans limit data speeds to 12 Mbps. If you end up exhausting all your data as per the cap, the download speed is reduced to 1-5 Mbps.

In both cases, you can buy additional data from Viasat for roughly $10 per GB.

Viasat has a separate set of plans business and commercial users.

Viasat Service Fees, Equipment Fees, Other Fees and Contracts

Viasat is perhaps one of the few internet providers in the country to provide service contract fee options to its subscribers. You can either sign a 24-month minimum service commitment or you can choose a month-to-month service term option by paying $300 as a non-refundable one-time upfront “No-Long Term Contract Option” charge.

In the case of the former, if you disconnect your internet services at any time before the 24-month service contract period ends, you will be charged an early termination fee of $15 for every month left on your contract.

Viasat provides a satellite dish and a modem at the time of installation. You can choose to opt for a monthly lease of your equipment priced at $9.99 per month or you can pay a one-time fee of $299.

At the time of early termination, you’re liable to return the leased equipment within 30 days on the failing of which you’ll have to pay a fine of $150 for the satellite or the modem equipment.

Other Services

Viasat also offers Viasat Voice, a home phone service based on the VoIP protocol that lets you enjoy unlimited local and long-distance calls across USA and Canada and other features such as call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail.

Viasat also offers its own browser aimed at using fewer data and providing more privacy over the Viasat internet. Additionally, Viasat has rolled out Shield, an internet protection program to defend its users against common security threats over the internet.


  • Widespread Availability – Viasat is available across all 50 states in the USA. No matter where you live, Viasat’s satellite internet will be available in your area.
  • Lots of Plans to Choose From – Viasat offers more variety in terms of plans to choose from as compared to the other satellite internet providers. This offers a better degree of freedom of usage to its customers. You can check which of Viasat’s plans are available in your area by entering your zip code through Viasats portal.
  • Fast Satellite-Internet – Viasat provides data speeds up to 100 Mbps, making it much faster than any other satellite internet provider in America.
  • Additional Perks such as Viasat Shield and Viasat Browser – If you’re on the Viasat network, you can enjoy additional perks of apps such as Shield and Browser in the price of your monthly data plan.


  • Not all Plans are Available Across All Areas – As lucrative as Viasat’s data plans seem, not all of these plans are available in all areas. Plans such as the Ultimate Platinum 100 are unavailable in certain rural areas so you might want to check availability before you fall for any of these plans.
  • Low Data Caps – Compared to the price you pay for most low-end plans, the data caps don’t justify the pricing.
  • Three-Month Price Hike – It’s true. Viasat hikes its internet plan prices significantly after the first three months of usage. This hike varies anywhere between $20 to $50 depending on the plan you choose.


What is the difference between Viasat and Excede?

Viasat and Excede refer to the same companies. Viasat had launched satellite internet services in 2012 under the name Excede. In 2017, Viasat decided to retire Excede and stick to “Viasat” for offering all its services.

How do I monitor my data usage?

You might want to monitor your data usage considering the limited data caps in Viasat’s plans. For doing this, you can either log in to your account on Viasat’s website or you can download their iOS or Android app.

How do I contact Viasat customer care?

Viasat’s customer care number for ordering residential internet service is 844-605-2426.
For general inquiries, you can call on 844-702-3199 or fill out an “Inquiry Form” on their website.


Viasat is one of the very few satellite-internet providers in America. Of course, you end up paying more if you’re living in a rural area and satellite-internet is your only choice but once you hop onto their bandwagon and are ready to shell some extra bucks, Viasat won’t disappoint you.