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Viasat Business Internet Review

Viasat Business Internet Review – Updated 2021

Living in areas where DSL and FiOS internet is not available should not be a reason for lack of internet connection for your business. Via Satellite or better known as Viasat, is one of the major Satellite Internet providers in the US market. Its actually one of the two main options you have for Satellite internet.

Rather than providing Internet through Coaxial Cable, telephone wires, and Fiber Optic technology, the company uses satellites to beam the signals right into your routers. This is the best option for people and businesses that need reliable internet provision in remote areas.

The fact that Viasat doesn’t use any form of physical cables to beam their internet signals allows them to have a wider coverage area than other types of Internet. One major issue with their plans is that their download and upload speeds may differ. This depends on where the business is established and several other factors, including weather and internal factors in the company.

The average advertised internet speeds on the company’s website is 15Mbps. This is actually lower than the US average Internet download speed.

Viasat Business Internet plans, pricing, and speeds

Viasat is available in 50 states in the country. This is good news for businesses established in areas where Internet availability is limited. For Business Internet, this company offers two main options which are: Unlimited and Metered Broadband. Their unlimited plans are the fastest and currently the newest in town. They have download speeds of 35-100Mbps. Upload speeds for these plans are very low, depending on your locality. The advertised average upload speed for unlimited plans is 4Mbps.

Their Unlimited plans are recommended for businesses that have significant online activities such as sharing huge files and Video Conferencing.

This indicates that if you’re a heavy internet user and you don’t live in areas where DSL and Cable internet is available, you should consider the Viasat Unlimited Business Internet plans. Here are the plans you can choose from the list.

Viasat Unlimited Business Internet plans Download speeds Upload speeds Soft cap Price
Unlimited 35 35Mbps 4Mbps 75GB $175
Unlimited 60 60Mbps 4Mbps 150GB $300
Unlimited 100 100Mbps 4Mbps 200GB $500

I know you’re already wondering what the use of the word Unlimited is in this case. The word Unlimited means there are no upper limits on the amount of data you can use in a month. Though, there’s still a catch.

The company sets soft caps on each of the plans as a way of limiting Streaming and other activities that would otherwise affect the overall speed of the Internet. If you reach your target, the connections will be maintained, but the speeds will vary.

If you’re sure you can easily reach the soft cap, it’s advisable to go for faster and higher plans. The company actually advises you to upgrade your plans each time the business needs increases. The only good news here is that the plans come with higher data limits, which can be hard to surpass.

Viasat Metered Broadband Plans

Surprisingly, you will not get the Viasat Unlimited Business Internet plans everywhere. In such situations, you can still use their Metered Broadband plans. These plans are a rebrand from their older plans.

All the plans under this category top out at 35Mbps in download speeds and 4Mbps upload speeds. Although these plans can help your business meet their day to day Internet requirements, they might slow your operations, which is not good for the company.

Additionally, the Metered Broadband plans have a lower data cap. But you can as well purchase additional data at a few extra dollars every month. Here are Viasat Metered Broadband plans for you.

Plan Download speed Upload speed Soft cap Price
Metered Broadband 1GB 35Mbps 4Mbps 1GB $50
Metered Broadband 10GB 35Mbps 4Mbps 1GB $80
Metered Broadband 20GB 35Mbps 4Mbps 20GB $100
Metered Broadband 50GB 35Mbps 4Mbps 50GB $150
Metered Broadband 200GB 35Mbps 4Mbps 200GB $400

The data presented here can change over time. This includes the plans, prices, data caps, and all the information provided on the company website. The table represents current data at the time of writing this review.

Their Metered Broadband plans are cheaper than their Unlimited Plans, but there are chances that the Metered Broadband plans will be costly at the end of it all. You have soft data caps of as low as 1GB. This is a low data cap that you can surpass and end up purchasing an extra GB at $10.

The upside is that the Metered Broadband plans are available all over the US. This indicates that even the people in the remotest areas will still purchase these plans and enjoy their Internet. However, if you’re a savvy data user, you need to look for alternatives.

Viasat Internet speed Review

In the two main categories of Internet service provided by Viasat, the company doesn’t guarantee the download speed. I have truly come across a number of people complaining about getting less than 1mbps of download speeds.

However, depending on your specific internet needs, you can pick any of their business Internet plans with varying Internet speeds. The Unlimited plans come with speeds of up to 100Mbps while the Metered Broadband Internet comes with a constant download speed of 35Mbps and upload speeds of 4Mbps.

These speeds cannot match the internet speeds provided by Cable companies such as Verizon and CenturyLink. Though, they’re quick for satellite Internet which is known for being the slowest. The two main Internet providers in the US market for Satellite Internet are Viasat and HughesNet.

Viasat vs. HughesNet

Given the data above, it’s only natural to want to know how the two companies compare in terms of prices and Internet speeds. Here is a table with the comparisons. Note that the data provided is bound to change over time.

Provider Max Download speeds Max Upload speeds
Viasat Unlimited plans 100Mbps 4Mbps
Viasat Metered Broadband plans 35Mbps 4Mbps
HughesNet 25Mbps 4Mbps

The above information shows that Viasat stands at a better position when compared to HughesNet. The two companies don’t guarantee the Internet speeds a reason why you might end up experiencing upload speeds lower than 4Mbps. Remember that fast upload speeds are essential for seamless business operations.

Viasat Internet plans Recommendations

Best Viasat Business Internet for small Businesses

Businesses with few internet activities would find Viasat 35Mbps of Metered Broadband plans as a good fit. 35Mbps is perfect for daily web browsing, file downloading, and occasional video and audio Streaming.

Best for Businesses with Frequent Internet needs

If your business has grown with time and the internet needs are changing drastically, you may want to choose the Unlimited Internet plan 60Mbps. This is great for frequent browsing, file downloading, file sharing, HD streaming, and several other activities.

Best for medium-sized Businesses

Medium-sized businesses need higher download speeds for their operations. They also need higher soft caps for their plans. For that reason, Viasat Unlimited 100Mbps would be perfect for constant browsing, Video Conferencing, HD streaming, file sharing, and many other business activities.

Viasat Internet Latency

You may not come across this word in Cable Internet services. Latency describes the delays that you might experience when using the satellite Internet connection. I bet you already know besides the fact that data moves quickly between connections, it’s not instantaneous. The miles separating your receiver from the space satellite also plays a key role.

Viasat has claims on its site to have adopted a new technology that enables data to travel seamlessly between the receiver and the space satellite. This is what the company believes in to minimize the effect of Latency. On the other hand, they have to admit that even with such new technologies, there are still possibilities of unresponsiveness from time to time.

One major reason why Latency is imperative to consider is that it can noticeably disrupt the VPN service. Besides the fact that you can run a private VPN, there are chances that this can affect your business. As a matter of fact, Viasat doesn’t recommend the use of private VPN because it may slow the data, or it may fail to work.

Viasat Data caps and Data limits

Data limits and soft caps are terms that no business or heavy streamer wants to hear. Though, Viasat, just like HughesNet, has a data cap for all their plans. The main reason for this is the company knows that if they let everyone use data as they want, it may slow things down for others. Remember, the Internet is still a scarce commodity, especially in rural areas. Here are the data limits by the provider that you should familiarize yourself with;

Plan Data allowance Cost on additional data
Viasat Unlimited Plans 75GB to 200GB N/A
Viasat Metered Broadband Plans 1GB to 200GB $2-$10

The good news is that you will not experience a sudden slow down when you reach the data limits. Note the use of the word ‘’soft’’ in the data limits. This means that the provider may sometimes consider reducing the download and upload speeds for your Internet.

Viasat Internet Price Review

One thing that can be quite disappointing and frustrating about these Satellite Internet Service providers is the price. People often find themselves paying more than $100 for an Internet plan with lower than average download and upload speeds. Unlike Fiber and DSL internet, where you’re sure you’re paying such an amount for a seamless connection, Viasat offers as low as 35Mbps for $400.

I have also come across a number of users complaining about the price. The majority of them think that Viasat takes advantage of the fact that there’s minimal competition for Satellite Internet service.

The Viasat Satellite Internet plans are pricier than most other plans in the market. This is why I wouldn’t recommend any of these for businesses that have access to DSL and Fiber Internet. Unless you live in remote areas where the Internet is scarce, go for faster internet plans.

Viasat Equipment, Fees and Contracts

Getting Satellite Internet doesn’t take a lot of manpower. All you need is a receiver that taps the beams from the space satellite in real-time. The company will come and install a receiver in your home or business with a satellite dish. The receiver will be connected to a modem which eventually connects to all your devices.

The process of installing and testing the equipment is cumbersome, and this makes it quite difficult to do a self-installation. Therefore, you might have to pay the installation fee and get everything done for you. After signing the contract, the company promises to install your internet connection within 5 days. The installation will also come with a 90-day warranty against any defective equipment. After that, you may have to buy a protection plan, known as EasyCare for $8.99 every month.

The Viasat plans come with a 24 months contract. This means that you will be locked on their service for two years. Just like HughesNet, expect to pay an early termination fee in case you want to dismiss the contract.

Due to the lack of enough information on their site, I haven’t been able to verify the exact termination fee. But I can guess it reduces with the number of months remaining.

Viasat Customer Reviews

To help you with all the information you need for a wise decision making, I checked what the online community is saying about Viasat Satellite internet. As it is the norm with ISPs, Viasat has a bad reputation, specifically because of its customer service.

Out of the 327 reviews available on the site, more than half of that number agrees that the company has terrible customer service. One person claims that he had 4-5 scheduled visits to repair a minor box issue. The customer support never showed up and instead disappointed him several times.

Another person gives the company a 1-star review encouraging all other people to stay away. He terms his disappointment as a lack of reliable customer service. He also says that the company doesn’t offer any form of surety on the internet speed and the data caps.

I have come across some people also complaining that the company hides most of the information. One of their prior customers points out the company lied to him; they don’t have any contracts. He ended up being tied up in a 1-year contract without questions.

Viasat Customer service

Viasat gets all your questions and queries answered by the Viasat Customer care via FAQs page, Emails, Online chat, and Telephone support in both Spanish and English. One major drawback of their customer service is that it’s too difficult to get a hold of a customer rep. The company first tries to ferry their customers through their FAQs which can take longer and be very annoying.

Though, if you manage to reach a rep, they are polite but not very helpful. Most of the unhappy customers cite poor customer service and unresolved issues. Like any other ISP, this company has painted a bad public picture because of its unreliable customer service.


  • The metered Broadband plans are available all over the country
  • It offers internet connection to people living in rural areas
  • Unlimited plans
  • Higher data caps compared to HughesNet
  • Reliable satellite connections


  • The data caps
  • Lower upload speeds
  • Hidden prices
  • A one year contract

Viasat Satellite Internet: Best for Rural areas and small towns

Viasat internet is meant to connect people in the rural areas and businesses established in small towns. The Internet is not as fast as DSL or Fiber but it can help meet most of your internet requirements. Their main advantage is their big coverage.

Rural businesses are always burdened by the lack of Internet and creakingly slow Internet. Some of these businesses have to pay more than $50 for internet speeds as low as 10Mbps. With Viasat, access to relatively higher Internet is made a reality. Though, the internet upload speeds are still very low.

Your business needs a superfast internet connection for using cloud-based applications, video conferencing, virtual event hosting, streaming videos, and audios, sending and receiving emails, and backing up important data.

Is Viasat Business very expensive?

Yes, Viasat Satellite internet is very pricy. As a matter of fact, some of the plans are very slow, yet you pay more than $50 for such download and upload speeds. Their cheaper plans also provide slower download and upload speeds.

How much does Viasat Internet cost after 3 months?

Another thing that most newbies don’t know is that the Viasat Three month Price hike is very likely to disappoint them. The prices hike dramatically after the three months of service fees. The price will eventually lock in for the rest of the remaining time in your contract.

Even with these price hikes, Viasat plans are better than those of HughesNet. On the other hand, I specifically don’t like the idea of luring customers with lower prices and eventually increasing them as time passes. This is one unethical trick that Viasat uses.

What is the fastest Plan on Viasat Business Internet service?

You may want to know their fastest plan, but let me, first of all, warn you of the cost. Their fastest plan is 100Mbps, which comes at $400 per month. Furthermore, the price for this package is likely to go up, and data caps are included. This means you may end up paying more than $500 for the same plan. When you think about it, this is a ridiculous amount of money for such low internet speeds. I would advise you to move along and find a better alternative. However, in some cases, this is the only option, and you are forced to swallow the bitter and take it.

What to know when you Bundle Viasat Internet with DirecTV

Most people that can get Viasat satellite Internet can also get DirecTV. Therefore, bundling Viasat and DirecTV is a great idea. However, there are things you should know before doing so.

  • You will have to sign a separate 24-Month contract.
  • You will get two separate monthly bills.
  • You will have to pay for another Separate dish.

With such information, you have to be very careful with such bundles unless you want to drain your financial reserves completely.

Additionally, there is also the option of bundling Satellite internet with Viasat Voice. This ensures you don’t miss a call even when you’re working or streaming your favorite movie.

Viasat Business Internet FAQs

Is Viasat Internet Good?

The Viasat Internet service is available just about everywhere in the US. This is one major advantage of Viasat Satellite Internet for your business. Though this comes at an extra cost. The truth is Viasat plans are more expensive than normal DSL and cable Internet plans. An added advantage is that they top out a relatively modest 100Mbps. With that in mind, you’re left to decide whether Viasat Internet is good for your business needs or not.

Which is the Best Satellite Internet provider?

There are very few Satellite ISPs in the US market. The two main companies providing satellite Internet are Viasat and HughesNet. These two compete closely in terms is Satellite internet speeds and prices. However, the ISP to go for in this case will be practically dependent on where you live, budget, and the use. Viasat is the best for Satellite Internet speeds, while HughesNet is perfect for budget satellite Internet picks.

Is Viasat good for Streaming?

People often wonder whether Satellite Internet from Viasat is good enough for streaming on Netflix or YouTube. Although the download and upload speeds for Satellite Internet are relatively lower, it’s still suitable for Streaming. The Viasat Internet has higher data caps as opposed to HughesNet. This is what makes it perfect for heavy data users.

Final verdict

If you live in areas where Cable, DSL and Fiber Internet is not available, you only have one option left, Satellite Internet. Viasat Satellite Internet plans are pricier, but they’re worth the money. This is especially the case for people that need a higher-bandwidth service.

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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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