how to get 123movies On Roku

123movies On Roku – Follow This Guide

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Ever wondered how you can get 123movies On Roku? In this quick guide, we will show you how.

Those that have a considerable interest in movies, mostly millennial, must have heard about 123Movies. This is because over the last few years a good number of people do make use of the platform to the extent that it has become an alternative to cable TV.


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On the platform, it is easier to stream recent movies and TV shows online. Therefore, this made 123Movies famous around the world. Over the last few years, the platform has gone through many domain changes that made them to temporarily suspend the service but currently, they’re fully on and functional again.

Furthermore, being able to access the entire website without officially signing up is one of the unique features of the website. However, you’ve to deal with the numerous ads, which sometimes can really be annoying.

Like I stated earlier, you’ll really enjoy the latest TV shows together with movies from various genres, all in high definition on the website. In fact, now, 123Movies is compatible with almost all standard streaming devices such as Fire TV Cubes, Amazon Firestick 4k, Android TV Boxes, Mobile devices, Personal Computers, Tablets etc. This write-up will focus on all the details on how to run 123Movies on Roku.

123Movies App Features

  • This is an excellent substitute to cable TV.
  • On the app, you can actually stream hundreds of your favorite movies without restriction.
  • The streaming quality of the videos is in Blu-ray, HD and HD-RIP.
  • 123Movies can be activated on a Roku device using the apk file.
  • Because the website is a third party site, it cannot be seen on the Roku channel store.
  • For you to get this app on Roku, you’ve to go through Kodi.

Using and downloading video contents via 123Movies on Roku

Like I stated earlier, 123Movies is a third-party streaming website, but you can still get pirated content(s) on it. This is the primary reason the website was suspended in 2018. Now to access 123Movies, you can make use of specific cloning sites though this can’t be found on Roku channel store. However, there is still a way around it. Through Kodi, you can easily access it. Hence, in the write-up, you’ll learn how to use Kodi on your Roku device to access 123Movies. Let’s get started!

Steps to Get Kodi on Roku using Screen Mirroring 

  1. The first step is to launch the Roku player and then navigate to settings.
  2. Tab on the menu of the system and click on screen mirroring
  3. From there you need to choose the screen mirroring mode.
  4. From the mode, select either never allow, always allow or prompt. These are various ways Roku TV will react to screen mirroring.

The above steps are the procedure on how to optimize the settings of your Roku player. Below are the steps to optimize your Android phone

  1. First, your Roku device and Android phone must have been connected before now to a particular network.
  2. If you do not have Kodi app on your Android phone, download the app.
  3. Navigate the settings, then click on the display option
  4. There you’ll see the wireless display, click on it.
  5. Select the Roku device name.
  6. Then launch Kodi on your Android phone, and automatically, the screen will be made available on Roku TV.

The Method for the Add-On. 

We pointed out earlier that 123Movies cannot be found on the Roku channel store, you do not need to worry because it is available on Kodu through the add-on. This simply means that using Kodi add-on, you can still access 123Movies on your Roku device. Follow the steps below;

  1. If you do not have Kodi app on your Android phone, download the app and then open it.
  2. Open the Kodi settings and navigate to the file manager.
  3. Tab on add source options twice.
  4. Type in URL of the channel and click the OK button
  5. Next, go to the screen for Add file and type in the name of the channel.
  6. When this is done, return to the main menu and tap on the Add-ons browser. This can be located at the add-ons menu.
  7. Select install from the zip file. To install, you must select the name of the channel together with the file link. Then tap the OK button.
  8. From the video, add-on menu drop-down, select 123Movies.
  9. Next, proceed to install.
  10. Navigate to the videos and head straight to the add-ons
  11. There you’ll see 123Movies, click on it, and automatically it will be opened on Roku.

In Conclusion

From the procedures outlined above, if you follow the steps judiciously, you’ll have no problem accessing 123Movies on Roku TV. By so doing, you can easily stream your most preferred shows and movies without restriction. Remember this remains a one-stop destination to stream hundreds of video contents at no cost. However, before you start access 123Movies from your Roku TV, it is advisable to install a VPN on it. VPN plays a massive role in protecting you from any malware or even copyright issue. If you get confused as you install it, you can go back to this write-up to clear your confusion. Finally you can visit here more useful Roku tips and tricks.


The app Kodi, is it available for Roku?

No. Officially, you won’t see Kodi on the channel store of Roku. Remember Kodi is a third-party app so it shouldn’t be installed on Roku.

How safe is 123Movies?

Your safety is one of the critical things to consider when you want to access 123Movies on your Roku device. This is because it tends to contain a virus, malicious files, malware etc. But with VPN, you’re protected.

Watching 123Movies, Is it legal?

In most part of the world, it is illegal to access 123Movies websites. This is because, on the site, you can find pirated videos and copyright issues.

Are there alternatives to 123Movies?

Yes, there is numerous alternative to the 123Movies website. Some of them are as follows; Crackle, Tubi TV, Popcornflix, etc.

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