comcast xfinity business internet review

Comcast Xfinity Business Internet Review – Must Read For Small Businesses

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A typical New Yorker pays an average of $55 for an Internet connection of about 25Mbps. This makes it comparatively higher than what residents in other big cities in the world, such as London and Seoul, are paying. Remember the residents in these cities, including Tokyo, Paris and Seoul get connections that are eight times faster than the people in New York.

Among the many reasons why the internet is expensive in the American market is because people don’t usually take time to shop for the best Internet providers. The US market is also not very competitive, with some people getting two or less Internet Service Providers (ISP) in certain areas.


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Since I understand how busy you’re, I want to make it simple for you to select a viable ISP depending on your business needs, budget and the location. Today, we’re going to review Comcast Xfinity in terms of its Internet offers, pros, cons, pricing and Internet speeds, their customer care and most importantly bundle packages.

You will sometimes come across people referring to Comcast as Xfinity. The main reason for this is because Xfinity is the trade name for Comcast. This company provides Americans with Cable Television, Internet, telephone and wireless services.

Comcast Network Technology review

Comcast running as Xfinity is a cable provider. Their service works on the already existing coaxial networks. The company built their coaxial systems for cable TV, but now they are utilizing those coaxial cables to provide digital data and Internet connections. This is made possible by the data over cable service Interface Specification technology.

The company has strong support for the Fiber Lines throughout the USA. They own the Intercity Fiber Lines which makes it a Tier 1 ISP in the US market. They also have direct ownership of the national fiber lines, which gives them a chance to transmit data cheaply and reliably.

Comcast Coverage and Availability

Before we delve deeper into the review, you first of all have to know whether Comcast Internet is available in your area. Note that Comcast is the largest cable provider in the country offering services to more than 40 states. The Xfinity from Comcast offers Fiber and cable internet.

Xfinity has the most significant coverage in California, Illinois and Florida. Their cable internet can be accessed by more than 11.6 million Americans making it the largest in terms of coverage. The fiber Internet is also available to about 18,000 Americans.

As seen in the coverage map, Xfinity is the largest provider for cable internet in the United States. They usually deliver their services over a predominantly Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network and at the same time maintains extensive public network connectivity.

The Comcast business internet is available in the below places:

  • The South-You can get the Comcast internet in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi.
  • The West-The Comcast Internet is available in Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Washington, California and New Mexico.
  • The Midwest- Their services are available in Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, and Colorado.
  • The Northeast-Here Xfinity services are available in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maryland, Maine and Massachusetts.

Comcast Business Internet pricing

Xfinity vs Comcast

I know many people are wondering whether Xfinity is the same as Comcast. The deals available on their site explains that Xfinity is their brand name. It is actually a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation. To understand this better, remember Comcast focuses on a wide array of services while Xfinity only focuses on residential services. Comcast was previously marketing their services under the Comcast name, but in 2010 they had to change to Xfinity.

Xfinity Services

Another critical thing to note before we proceed is the services that are offered by Comcast under the brand name Xfinity. This ISP provides three primary services as discussed below.

  • Internet service-This is their main provision and the key reason why they are known in the market. The company offers broadband cable Internet with download speeds of up to 1Gbps.
  • Television services-This is another service offered by Xfinity. They provide digital cable TV and the Smart TV platform Xfinity X1.
  • Phone service-This Company offers Digital Voice (VoIP) landline phone services in a broad area.

Besides the above services, they also offer home security suite called Xfinity Home. This is simply a smart home technology for alarm systems and security cameras. These systems can be accessed via a subscriber’s mobile devices. You can as well manage them via Xfinity X1.

Xfinity has been upgrading their digital Cable TV offering to a smart TV platform which is known as Xfinity X1. Xfinity X1 is described as Entertainment OS and is available in most parts of Comcast coverage map.

Comcast Xfinity Internet plans and Internet prices

The Xfinity Internet plans start with speeds of 15Mbps. This is the ideal speed for one or two devices in a household. The good thing is that businesses can get up to 2Gbps, which is just perfect when you want to offer free wifi to the customers and guests. The speed to go for will ultimately depend on the business needs and most importantly, your willingness to pay. Most families and small businesses would only need 200Mbps or below for their daily internet usage.

The prices for different Xfinity plans depends on the Internet speed you choose. I usually recommend bundling to save some money and get more convenient services from a single service provider. Here are some of the best Xfinity Internet plans, internet speeds and Xfinity Internet prices.

Xfinity Cable Internet plans

Remember that while the Download and Upload speeds for Xfinity Cable Internet plans are impressive, it depends on where you live. The download speeds are also comparatively lower. This is definitely because the Comcast business internet is mostly coaxial cable-based. This is like a beefier version of DSL which comes with higher download speeds but slower upload speeds.

Check the Comcast Cable Internet Plans below and their prices.

Comcast Internet plan Download speed Starting price/month
Starter Internet 25Mbps $69.95
Business Internet 75 75Mbps $149.95
Business Internet 150 150Mbps $249.95
Business Internet 300 300Mbps $349.95
Business Internet 500 500Mbps $399.95
Business Internet 1 Gig 1Gbps $499.95

Comcast Fiber Internet

In some parts of the country, Comcast offers Fiber internet. This transmits data through plastic threads or glass as opposed to electromagnetic cables. The main advantage of Fiber internet, as opposed to cable, is the speed and less signal loss, and interferences. As a matter of fact, the upload and download speeds for Fiber internet are almost always as planned.

The fiber speeds are as high as 2Gbps. This is perfect for big corporations with high monthly internet needs. One major drawback is that the Comcast Fiber internet is limited to some major cities.

Comcast Fiber plan Maximum download speed Price/Month
Gigabit Internet only west 1Gbps $70.00
Gigabit Internet only east 1Gbps $89.99
Gigabit Internet only central 1Gbps $115.00
Gigabit Pro Internet only NE 1Gbps $299.95

Xfinity Bundle options and Contracts

Depending on where you stay, Xfinity offers services with contracts and those without. The best value is for people that pick bundle Options for TV and Internet on 1-2 year contracts. Their bundle plans are perfectly fine for customers who are planning on staying with the company for a more extended period. Although this works for most businesses, it’s not that good for owners that don’t want long contracts.

The bundle option on two year’s contracts is also not ideal for students and renters. This is especially because they may have to leave and cancel the subscription at a point in time. In case you choose to cancel the contract, you will have to pay an early termination fee. The good news is that Xfinity has contract-free options for students and renters.

One major drawback is that their bundle services are comparatively expensive. As a matter of fact, they’re $10/month more expensive. Check out some Bundle package options for your business here;

Comcast Bundle Plan Features Internet speed Price
Starter Internet+1 Voice Line and Business TV 1 Voice Line and 10+ TV channels 25Mbps $95.85
Starter Internet, 1 Voice Line and Select TV 1 Voice Line and 25+ TV channels 5Mbps $104.85
Business Internet 75+2Voice Lines 2Voice Lines and No TV 75Mbps $109.85
Business Internet 75+1 Voice Line and Basic TV 1 Voice Line, 10+TV channels 75Mbps $124.85
Business Internet 150+1 Voice line and Select TV 1 voice Line and 25+TV channels 75Mbps $134.85
Business Internet 150+1 Voice Line and select TV 25+ channels and 1 Voice Line 150Mbps $174
Business Internet 1 Gig+ 1Voice Line and Select TV 25+ channels + 1 Voice Line 1Gbps $534.85

Comcast Internet plans recommendations

I will now recommend different types of Internet plans from Comcast that can help you depending on your company’s needs. This may also depend on the price and the amount you’re willing and able to pay for the same plan.

Best Internet plan for two-employees-home based business

If you have a home-based Freelance business or any other business that doesn’t require a lot of online activities, you can choose the Starter Internet. The reason I am recommending this is because of the faster download speeds and low prices.

Best Internet Plan for medium-sized businesses

Business Internet 75 is an excellent plan for medium-sized businesses with up to 7 employees all connected at the same time. The 75 Mbps is enough for most business internet requirements, such as data and file sharing. The price is also affordable for most people.

Fastest Comcast Business Internet Plan

In case the business is already established and has a significant amount of data sharing and employees all working together, you may need to go for Comcast Fiber plans. Though, this only works if your business is established in areas where the Fiber internet is available. This Internet plan is expensive but definitely the fastest and most reliable for the smooth running of your business.

Best Comcast Bundle package for small Businesses

Small businesses will benefit from the Comcast Business Internet 75+ 1 Voice Line + Basic TV as the best bundle package. The main reason for this is because of the value you get. As a matter of fact, you have access to internet speeds of 75Mbps, more than ten TV channels and 1 Voice line. This is the bundle service that will help you cut down a few dollars from your monthly bill.

Best Value Bundle package for medium-sized business

Medium-Sized Businesses with moderate internet needs can choose the Business Internet 150+1 Voice Line+ Select TV. This bundle gives you 150Mbps of download speeds, more than 25TV channels and 1 Voice Line.

The Above Business Plans will come with the following features:

  • Free professional installation
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Comcast business app for iOS and Android phones
  • Comcast wifi pro for data management and creation of data.
  • Static IP address for advanced functions such as running mail servers and running webs. This is optional, and it attracts an additional fee.
  • Business Phone with Voice Mobility at an additional $20 per month

Broadband Speeds and Unlimited Data

Slow internet is equally as bad as having no internet. Slow internet can actually be a downside for most businesses and result in considerable losses. In case there are data caps on your internet service, you can be sure that slow speeds are a risk. With that said, Comcast business internet comes with faster speeds. It also doesn’t have any data caps.

Comcast residential Internet has a 1TB data cap. For most households, 1TB is a lot of internet to exhaust. This can as well work perfectly fine for home-based freelance businesses and other types of small businesses at home.

However, a business that frequently downloads or uploads files, conducts video conferences, uses VoIP phone service, runs an eCommerce site or hosts a website, exhausting this enormous amount of data is quite easy. If you are operating from home, you should also be sure that your data usage will be personal and for business purposes combined. This shows that if your individual and business needs exceed those of medium-sized business, you may need faster internet and higher data caps or unlimited data access.

It’s also important to note that it’s not like you will get cut off when you exceed the data cap. You are supposed to purchase additional blocks of 50GB for only ten bucks. Another great option is to go for unlimited data. This will cost a further $50 monthly.

Comcast Business Internet Upload speeds

Most people are always concerned with the download speeds, and very few think or even inquire about the upload speeds. When we are talking about any form of business, upload speeds are equally important. There exists a huge difference between residential and business Comcast Internet plans in terms of upload speeds.

For most residential, upload speeds don’t matter much because most of the tasks performed online involve downloads. Talk about downloading movies, songs and streaming live TV shows and other contents online.

On the other hand, upload speeds are vital for some business operations. This is the main reason why Comcast offers higher upload speeds for Business Internet. Depending on your business type, you might need higher upload speeds. For that reason, opt for Comcast Business Internet plans with higher upload speeds.

Comcast Pros

  • 24/4 Customer service-although many people complain about their response time
  • No data caps and throttling for businesses
  • Full coverage for cable internet
  • Affordable Bundle packages for Businesses
  • 30 days trial
  • Free Installation
  • Wifi services available
  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds

Comcast Cons

  • Limited Fiber availability
  • Mixed customer reviews especially about their customer support
  • Higher prices for similar packages

The Static IP Address

The Comcast Internet customers have a dynamic IP address. Each time you access the internet, there is a good chance, your location information might be changed. For this reason, business customers are given the opportunity to add static IP address which doesn’t change. Comcast ISP also understands that internet disruptions can be costly to the business. For that reason, they usually offer round the clock assistance and technical support when need arise.

What Kind of Businesses need Comcast Business Internet plans?

Comcast Business Internet can work perfectly fine for almost all types of businesses. However, remember that higher plans attract a higher price which makes them suitable for companies with substantial cash flows. It’s always wise to check the plans that can work for your specific business. Here are some types of businesses that can benefit noticeably from Comcast Business Internet plans;

  • Café, Bars, Restaurants and Coffee shops-Nowadays, every business needs to have internet access to run the security systems or at least run the routine tasks in a business. Coffee shops now consist of co-working spaces which means the customers should have access to a stable internet connection. Depending on the flow of customers and the rising needs of the business, you can choose Comcast Business Internet 150 or Comcast Business Internet 300 plans.
  • Hotels and Guest Houses-Hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues such as concert arenas and sports stadiums and Airbnb can all benefit from Comcast Internet plans.
  • B2B sales and recruitment companies-These types of companies also need a stable internet connection to make it easy for the company’s daily activities to run.
  • Cybercafes and Movie shops-Your Cyber business will only run smoothly under stable internet. You can choose any of the Comcast business internet plans that suit your needs. However, going for higher plans can cost more than you expect.
  • Freelancers-Today many people are choosing to work at their own pace and work from their places of residence or co-working spaces. For freelancers that want to work from home or have small Freelancing spaces, Internet plans from Comcast may be of great help.
  • Medical businesses-Hospitals also need internet connections for daily operations. As a matter of fact, many tasks may come to a standstill if there is no stable internet.

Comcast service reliability

I have checked so many places to weigh all the Comcast praises and complaints to see whether this service is reliable for small and medium-sized businesses. Comcast being one of the biggest companies in the US, you can expect that they have already established themselves and familiarized with most of their business customer requirements. As a matter of fact, I have only seen people complain about the prices and customer service. Very few talk about connection issues and outages. This means that your small business is likely to face very few problems from this provider.

How expensive is Comcast Business Internet?

Based on the data provided above, it’s easy to realize that Comcast Business Internet is expensive compared to some other ISPs in the same market. Their plans range from good value to highly placed plans which can bring along a massive cost at the end of the month. On the other hand, given all the features that their plans come with, it may be worth it. The prices may also differ depending on the location and several other factors. If you feel that you are pressed to the wall, you can always choose an alternative ISP that is cheaper and reliable.

is Comcast xfinity Business Internet fast

Comcast Equipment, Fees and Contracts

Xfinity is one of the few ISPs in the US market that offer no-contract options. This means that you only have to enrol on a month to month basis. You also have a chance to cancel the subscription any time you want without any penalties and cancellation fees. This may sound like a good deal, but there is always a catch somewhere. In this case, you have to pay an introductory fee or decide to go for the special need deal that is only viable when you enter a long term contract.

People make the mistake of looking at the Xfinity advertised package prices. This is the reason why you end up paying more than you might have expected. The fact is that there are few other costs such as the equipment rental fees and the installation fees that can apply.

There are several hidden costs that accrue after choosing Xfinity bundle packages that I think you should be aware of before taking the plunge. Some of them are listed below:

  • Reactivation fee: $6
  • Self-installation kit: up to $29.95
  • Professional Installation: $89.99
  • Broadcast TV fee: $14.75/month
  • Regional sports fee: $8.25 per month.

Xfinity Reputation

Comcast has experienced a lot of criticism from previous and current users. However, from 2010 their brand reputation has been on the rise. Their services, prices, stability and customer service has been improving over time.

Additionally, they have faced criticism for practicing Data caps and several other limits that are not conducive for most businesses. People also complain about their prices, download and upload speeds. Most of them say the prices are comparatively higher and the company doesn’t always guarantee the speeds they advertise.

The company got back to state that the residential data caps are their move to limit unnecessary data congestions through video streaming that can affect the overall performance of their internet. Their latest products and services such as Xfinity Services and Xfinity X1 have been a good move by the company. But they only focus on smart TV and not the internet.

With that information, you can expect that Comcast is an average company in terms of service provision. They actually don’t have many pros as compared to other ISPs.

How good is Xfinity Customer service?

It’s imperative to check whether the company’s Customer support is reliable before contracting with them. This company has been in the market for a long time. Consequently, they have more than 170,000 reviews from previous and current customers. Out of that number, only 41.4% gave a positive review. This group thinks that Xfinity Customer care responded swiftly to solve their issues.

Unfortunately, more than half of the reviews are complaints from previous and current customers. I specifically understand that this kind of rating is typical for the Internet services industry. As a matter of fact, Xfinity customer service has a relatively better rating.

According to the reviews, Xfinity is not bad when it comes to streaming. It fairs better than some competitors. For that reason, the company earns 8/10 on Netflix Leaderboards. The company also has an American Customer Service Index of 59. All the information shared here is genuine to the time of writing this review which is June 2020.

I agree that Xfinity has a relatively low reputation for Customer services. However, I checked and confirmed that the company’s reputation, depending on the reviews and ratings, is improving from 2010 when they rebranded themselves.

Xfinity uses nationally and local based call centres to manage the needs of their customers. There are many tech support operators almost everywhere to make it easy to approach some common issues with their internet. Depending on the customer issue, you may also be referred to International Call Centers.

The company also uses a combination of contractors and employees on the ground to handle most of the installation and repair issues.

One of the customers states that Comcast has the worst customer service on earth. She says that she experienced the worst of the Comcast customer service at one time when she had an issue that they were supposed to resolve. The customer explains that she had an internet connection issue that they were to rectify, and it took them almost a month to respond.

The customer adds that she pays for 300Mbps, but she only gets 10Mbps. She called in to speak to a supervisor to see whether they can lower the bills, but nothing happened.

Additionally, other people are complaining about the same. Another person says that she got into a 90 minutes call with Comcast and they didn’t help solve the issue at hand. She continues to advise that no one should recommend older people to use the service.

best comcast internet for business

Comcast Business Internet FAQs

Is Comcast Business the same as Xfinity?

Yes, Comcast previously marketed their products as Comcast but in 2010 they had to rebrand their internet services as Xfinity ISP. Xfinity is actually the TV and internet Service provider for customers while Comcast is the company that owns Xfinity.

Is the Comcast business internet unlimited?

The Comcast Business Internet is unlimited. This means that there are no data caps. As a matter of fact, the Business Internet is also faster and more reliable. Though, for residential internet, you will have to pay an additional $50 for unlimited monthly internet access. Else you will have a 1TB internet cap.

Can you get Comcast business Internet at home?

Definitely yes, Comcast is very flexible with some of these services and plans they offer for Internet, TV and phone. This indicates that they can provide internet for home offices. The company understands that most people today work from home or offer the same services that can be offered in business offices at home. For that reason, they have factored in to provide the same speeds for home offices.

How much does Comcast business internet cost?

Comcast business internet costs differently depending on the plans you choose and the speed of downloads and uploads. You can check the above table for all the Comcast business internet speeds and prices. The company also offers Comcast bundle packages for internet, VoIP and TV for Businesses. The bundles cost differently depending on the features and services you get.

Is Comcast business internet faster than residential?

Yes, the company understands that businesses have higher Internet needs than residential homes. This is why they offer businesses internet plans at higher speeds, both download and upload.

Final verdict: Is Comcast Business Internet good?

Although I have come across a couple of complaints about the customer support and the Internet speeds being lower than what is advertised, I think Comcast business internet is a good option for small, medium, large businesses and home offices. Again if everything is not going straight, you can cancel the subscription any time of the month without any early termination fees or penalties.

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