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what does internet speed mean

Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Speed

Internet is the most essential thing in our daily life as we spend so much time on the internet doing so many things including work. So, we all know the importance of internet speed for our daily activities on the internet. If you are an online gamer or a streamer then the speed of the internet matters the most for you.

There are a lot of questions may arise in your mind regarding the internet speed which may create confusion. That’s why we are going to answer all the internet speed related questions in this article to help you out.

Why Internet Speed is Important?

Internet speed is most important for making all the online activities smoother and also to provide great flexibility to use. Fast internet speed will save time of yours because you can download large files quickly. If you have an internet connection that uses fibre-optic cable to provide the internet then you have the fastest internet. This will ensure you get the best stability as well as speed.

There are also several other reasons why internet speed is important such as fast upload and download, smooth online gaming experience, quick cloud access, HD or 4k streaming, and many more. However, without a fast and reliable internet speed, you may get frustrated with your online activities.

How Much Internet Speed Do I Need for Home?

It depends completely on the online activities of yours. Online activity means what you do with using the internet. For households, 12 to 25 Mbps is a decent speed according to FCC (Federal Communications Commissions). This speed is good enough for a household that uses the internet for basic activities such as social media browsing, checking mail, and YouTube streaming. Below we’ve categorized the internet speed so that you can have a clear idea about how much speed do you need for home.

You can get an internet plan that offers 1-`10 Mbps speed for basic usage like checking mail, web surfing, and playing mobile games.

If you want to enjoy buffer-free HD videos from Netflix and YouTube then you should get the internet speed of 15-25 Mbps.

You should get internet speed of 50-100 Mbps to enjoy 4K streaming and playing online games.

If you are a heavy user and your family has multiple devices to use the internet then you may get something above 200 Mbps. You already know that there are also Gigabit plans offered by the ISPs for extremely fast internet. With fast internet, you can enjoy almost everything including 4K streaming on Netflix and YouTube, lag-free online gaming, downloading large files, and many more.

questions about internet speeds

What is The Fastest Internet Speed?

Though FCC has stated that an internet speed of 25 Mbps or above is fast internet speed, these days 25 Mbps is not that fast for most of the users. This is the basic speed limit for households where there is no requirement of using heavy internet. Technology is now so advanced that you can’t do much with a 25 Mbps internet speed.

We recommend something around 40 Mbps or above are the fast internet speed. You can do so many things with this speed range such as playing games, streaming HD content, surfing around the web etc.

The fastest internet speed right now is the Gigabit internet option that offers up to 2000 Mbps of lightning-fast internet speed. You can enjoy the GIG internet to get a great experience of using the internet. Many ISPs out there provides Gigabit internet plans within a decent price range. So, if you think you may need this huge internet speed then you can give it a try.

Which Factors Can Affect My Internet Speed?

There are quite a few factors that can affect your internet speed greatly. The very first thing is that your computer is performing well or not which will surely affect the internet speed. The Internet connection type can affect speed. For example, if you are connected through wire then you will get faster speed in compared to the wireless network.

The placement of your Wi-Fi router can also affect internet speed. If the number of devices connected to your network is more than what your internet plan can handle then you will get a reduced speed.

Many applications run on the background of our smartphones and computers which can also consume the speed of internet.

Doing multiple tasks using the internet can also affect speed greatly. For instance, if you are using your internet connection for browsing, downloading, and streaming at the same time then you may get reduced speed.

How Fast Broadband Internet is?

Broadband internet can provide fast internet speed than a dial-up internet connection. The broadband companies even advertise about how fast their internet connection is to grab customer’s attention. Broadband connection can send 1.5 million bits data per second from the server to your PC and it can also send 300 bits data per second from your PC to server.

In compared to dial-up, cable internet connection is 27 times faster when it comes to the download speed. In terms of upload speed, broadband internet is 5 times faster than dial-up internet connections. But, the speed may vary depending on a few factors. If the cable that is connected to your computer from the source is very long or the cable runs near electric wires, your connection can get slower.

What Is The Difference Between Download and Upload Speed?

Though most of us know the application of upload and download speed, most of us don’t know about these specifically. Here, we will see the difference between these two so that we can understand it better.

Download Speed: It is the measure of how fast you can receive data from the web servers to your computer using the internet. Here, data means mp3 file, pdf, video and many more.

Upload Speed: It refers to the speed of how fast you can send data from your computer to the web servers or the internet.

Most of the ISPs usually advertise the download speed while offering internet plans. The upload speed is not advertised frequently because you don’t require much the upload speed. However, upload speed is quite less compared to download speed.

Download speed is the one that you need mostly for downloading files frequently from the web. On the other hand, you may require upload speed only for uploading pictures or videos on social media. But, if you are a YouTuber and you need to upload large video files regularly then you must need an internet connection that can provide great upload speed as well as download speed.

What is Considered as Good Internet Speed?

Good internet speed is different for different households. There are a few factors of good internet speed based on usage. These factors include the number of devices connected and in use at the same time, using the Wi-Fi network for online gaming, streaming HD and 4k videos simultaneously, and frequently downloading large files.

So, if you are using the internet for just basic usage then internet speed with 5 to 10 Mbps will seem good internet speed for you. Some other people can use the internet for streaming 4k videos on Netflix or YouTube and doing some online gaming and for those 25- 40 Mbps speed will be a good internet speed.

On the other hand, if you are a heavy user and you use your internet for multiple devices at home then you a good internet speed for you will be around 100 Mbps or more. You can enjoy smooth internet at your home without any interruption or speed issues with this type of internet speed.

So, as you can see depending on the internet use good internet speed may vary from people to people. However, 25 Mbps is a decent speed for any household.

What is Bandwidth?

Most of you out there confuse the bandwidth the internet speed. Though both of them seem similar, they are different.

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can be transferred through the internet from one end to another within a certain amount of time. It refers to the speed and quality of an internet connection and it is measured in bps (bits per second).

On the other hand internet speed is the amount of time in which the information or data is sent or received.

What is Latency?

Latency is a certain amount of time that is required for a signal to be transmitted from one point to another point. When it comes to the internet service latency means the time needed for a signal to be transmitted from your computer to the ISP’s server and also returning to your computer.

Many of us confused the terms ping rate, ping, and lag with the latency. But, these terms are not the same at all they have different meanings.

Ping is the signal that has been sent to check the latency of the internet connection.

Measurement of latency is known as ping rate and it uses milliseconds as a unit to measure latency.

The output of latency is known as lag.

If the latency is very high then you will have a slow internet connection. That’s why gamers choose internet connection with low latency so that they can enjoy the lag-free game.

How Can I Test My Internet Speed?

If you don’t know the speed of your internet, you can easily know that by calling your internet service provider directly. They will tell you the speed of your internet. There are also other tools and website from where you can measure the download and upload speed. is one of the best sites for testing internet speed.

How Much Internet Speed You Need for Online Gaming?

Usually, for online gaming 10 to 25 Mbps speed is recommended. But if you want the best gaming experience with the lag-free option then you should go for an internet speed above 25 Mbps. You also need to ensure that you are getting your internet connection through fibre-optic cable because this cable provides the fastest internet speed.

How Much Speed You May Need for Online Streaming?

Normally, a 3 Mbps speed can be used to stream YouTube videos in standard definition. In terms of streaming HD and 4k videos, you will need a minimum of 25 Mbps internet speed. Few streaming services require more than 25 Mbps for smooth video streaming.

To stream Netflix videos in standard definition, a 3 Mbps speed may get the job done and normal HD streaming on Netflix requires 5 Mbps speed. But, for 4K streaming on Netflix, you will need an internet connection with a minimum 25 Mbps speed.

Streaming speed also varies according to the devices. For instance, to stream HD videos on mobile devices, 3-7.5 Mbps is good enough. On the other hand, for your computer connection, you will need a minimum of 12 Mbps internet speed for smooth streaming.

How Much Internet Speed is Recommended for Remote Work?

So, if you are working from home then you will need a good internet connection that can provide stable connection as well as perfect internet speed. Best internet speed for working from home mostly rely on the type of work you are about to do from home.

For basic work like mailing and other light works, 3 to 5 Mbps speed will be good enough

As we all know that, working from home requires group video conferencing. A 10 Mbps internet speed is good for smooth video conferencing.

And, if you have to download and upload large files frequently, the minimum internet speed you should get is about 40 Mbps or more than that.

What is Internet Congestion and Does It Affect My Internet Speed?

Internet congestion is also known as network congestion which is the result of using the internet by too many users at the same time on the same network. That’s why many ISPs tell their users that they might get a little slow speed at the time of congestion.

It does affect internet speed when congestion occurs your internet speed will be reduced. However, many ISPs are using the dedicated network to reduce the congestion over a network to eliminate the speed-related issues.

Bottom Line

We hope that in this article we have covered almost all the important FAQs about internet speed which will help you all to understand everything related to internet speed. So, if you don’t want any type of speed-related issues while surfing incredibly on the internet, you should get an internet connection with a little faster from the recommended speed.

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