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frontier business internet review

Frontier Business Internet Review – Updated 2021

If you are looking for the Frontier Business Internet Review then you have come to the right place to read our 2021 updated guide.

For most businesses, a stable and reliable Internet connection is as essential as water and electricity. Companies require the internet to access everything online from customer communications, Live Chats, credit card processing and keeping the customers engaged through social media platforms.

Internet Service Providers (ISP) offer other services crucial in the success of a company such as VoIP phone and TV services.

Unlike for homes, selecting a business ISP is very complicated. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an existing office looking for a better ISP to upgrade your connection or renew the contract; there are several factors to consider. It’s also essential to fully understand the internet company before you enter into a long term contract with them.

The purpose of this post is to enlighten you on everything about one of the top Internet service providers in the USA-Frontier Business Internet.

In the wake of Coronavirus, employees and business owners are leaving their offices to operate from home. This is the reason why it’s also imperative to understand the Frontier Bundle packages and their Home suite.

Frontier Communications is of the largest ISPs in the US offering internet to small and medium-sized businesses in several states. So, the company may be available to you. If Frontier Fiber or Frontier Cable Internet is available in your area, it’s only wise to know everything about it before you take the plunge.

Why is Frontier Different?

One major thing that sets Frontier aside from other competitors is their Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. This is Frontier cloud-based Phone and Communications system that is accessible to small and medium-sized businesses at a reasonable fee.

Another vital thing to note is the Frontier internet power. They’re praised all over the US for their availability and powerful Internet connections. However, just like other providers, their Customer care is not the best. The company’s products and footprints are growing over time. The number of daily interested customers can weigh this.

Frontier Availability

Frontier business internet is available to people in more than 29 states in the US. However, the company has the most extensive coverage in Florida, California and Connecticut. The company is considered the 5th best ISP in terms of DSL power in the country. Their DSL internet is available to an estimated 33.3 million people.

Frontier also offers Fiber Internet and Copper Internet services. The fiber service is available to about 10.9 million Americans. This is what makes Frontier 4th largest Fiber and copper service provider by coverage.

This company has a wide availability in counties such as California, Connecticut, Florida, rural areas of Seattle and some other states. It’s an added advantage for companies established in rural areas. You can as well get Frontier Business Internet while in Georgia, Arizona, Alabama, Illinois, Mississippi, Montana and several other cities. The speeds you get depend entirely on the location.

Frontier Communications structure and History

Frontier boasts of the 4th Position in the US market. It is marked as the fourth largest and most reliable Internet service provider in the American market. The company is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut. People living near here have a more significant advantage. The company is largely traded as FTR.

The company invested $8.6 Billion to acquire a solid Copper Phone line and Fiber Footprint from Verizon Communications. This is what enabled it to scale to the top list of best phone, internet and TV providers in the country.

Frontier operates a couple of subsidiaries including:

  • Citizen Cable Company
  • Citizens Capital Ventures Corporation
  • SNET America
  • Frontier Communications ILEC holdings
  • Frontier Telephone of Rochester
  • Frontier subsidiary Telco LLC

Frontier Business Internet Plans and Prices

To give you this summary of Frontier business internet plans, the costs and bundle packages, I had to take a lot of time scouring the web to find all the information that will be helpful.

Frontier stands at a better position compared to most ISPs in the market in terms of affordability and internet speeds. However, the average cost of Frontier bundles and some of the higher plans is more than that of its counterparts. Here are some of the Frontier Business Internet Plans that you can choose;

Frontier Fiber Internet Plans

Frontier recently purchased certain Verizon Fios Fiber networks. This is undoubtedly the reason why their Fiber internet has been able to reach more people. Their Fiber Internet plans have a download speed of up to 150Mbps. You can choose from a couple of the plans shown below;

Frontier Fiber Internet Plans Max Download speeds Price
FiOS 100M 100Mbps $49.99
FiOS 500M 500Mbps $89.99
FiOS 1G 1000Mbps $239.99

These offers and download speeds may vary depending on where your business is established. The offers are also subject to changes. This means that the plans indicated above can vary over time. The list also presents the most common Frontier Fiber Plans.

One primary reason you will love these three Business Internet plans from Frontier is that they all have symmetric speeds. This means that individual download speed matches its Upload speed.

Best Fiber Business Internet Plans for Small Companies

I highly recommend small businesses to pick the FiOS 500M plan. The key reason is its robust and symmetric speeds which make it ideal for uploading and downloading different content. However, if your internet needs are more, you can go for the higher FiOS plan.

Best Fiber Plan for Freelancers and home-based businesses

If you have a home-based business or works as a Freelancer, you might not need the ultra-fast internet plans. For that reason, you can go for FiOS 100M with symmetric download and upload speeds of 100Mbps.

Frontier Bundle Packages

Frontier just like many other ISPs, offers bundles and Value-added services upgrade and scale. This is for businesses that seek to save further on their Phone, TV and Internet bills. This company has some compelling options, as shown below.

You can combine your internet with some other services such as:

  • Dish Satellite TV-This is just perfect whether you run a Cyber Café or a Dentist Clinic in your local area. You can choose any of the suite TV packages.
  • Frontier Security-This is an add-on that gives you extra computer protection.
  • Static IPs-This is for businesses and people that host web servers or those that run a VPN.
  • VoIP-It’s also advisable to bundle your Internet and TV with other things such as phone. This is for reliability, convenience and saving purposes.

Frontier gives you a chance to combine digital phone services and dish satellite television services in a single package. If you have a business with more than 20 employees, it’s always advisable to combine these plans to save on monthly fees. Below are my three favourite Frontier small business bundle packages.

Frontier Bundle Packages Features/speed Price/month
Frontier Bundles 6-115Mbps $37.99-$159.99
Frontier Vantage Bundles 6-500Mbps $37.99-$110
Frontier FiOS Bundles 50-500Mbps $39.99-$94.99

You may be wondering why I have not stated the features for these bundles or even given an exact price. The reason is that the price will be determined by the features you get. What happens is when you request a particular internet bundle package, the company will look at the features you want and give you an accurate price.

The above bundles and their prices can as well change with time. Therefore, don’t expect to get the same information on the site all the time.

Currently, you can get both Internet and Phone at prices starting from $37.99 per month. However, you are very likely to pay another $10 per month as Frontier WIFI router service fee.

Value-added Services

Frontier presents a couple of other features that add to their internet. They basically provide technical support that is reliable and useful. Here are additional highlights from the company;

  • 99.9% Uptime reliability average
  • Dedicated Line Connection
  • Secure Wireless Networking Capabilities for several services
  • About 8 email accounts with 1TB of main storage.

Small Businesses that need Integrated VoIP services

The Frontier internet is accessible to all sizes of businesses in a couple of states and Zip codes. If this internet is available in your area, it won’t be a bad idea to consider their services. For one thing, their VoIP service will be a plus for your business.

Frontier reliability and support

Businesses need consistent internet connections. They want to be sure that the internet connection will not be disrupted from time to time. Companies also need to make sure that their human and non-human resources are utilized to the maximum, which can’t be the case if the internet is not reliable.

The same businesses would want to ensure the company support team is readily available to resolve any connectivity issue as swiftly as possible. Let’s now see how reliable Frontier is and the responsiveness of their customer support in solving some common problems.


As a business owner, you certainly know that uptime is of utmost importance. However, you also have to note that no ISP is perfect. This means that you’re likely to experience some cases of downtime. What makes the difference is how long you receive the downtime. Verily, the more your business experiences downtimes, the more damages and disruptions occur on its operations.

I had to check for any uptime guarantee from the company, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get such a statement. This is a surprising thing because other companies such as AT&T and Verizon already have them.

Outside the site, it’s easy to find some information about Frontier uptime. The company claims to offer 99.9% average uptime. I don’t believe this is true because I have already come across many people complaining about outages and how long the company takes to resolve the issue. But still, the number of users complaining are very few. A 99.9% average uptime means that you can get outages and downtimes of about 8.76 hours in a year. If that is really true, then you can agree with me in concluding Frontier is a reliable service provider.

Frontier Technical Support

Frontier claims to offer 24/7 technical support for all the businesses that pick their Business Internet Plans. That is fantastic, but have you checked how many people today are not happy about their technical support and the amount of time they take to resolve some simple issues? If not, you need to check them out.

To judge Frontier technical support, I specifically paid attention to all the external sources about the same. Here are my findings;

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)-The Frontier Business Internet is Graded by BBB as F2. In their site, they claim that most Verizon users that were forced to switch to Frontier experienced a poorer transition of service.
  • American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). This platform claimed that in 2019, customer satisfaction went up to 55/100 as opposed to their previous score of 54. This may be a slight change, but it makes quite a significant difference.
  • J.D Power-J.D power ranked Frontier just 2/5 ‘’circles. This indicated that Frontier has one of the worst customer supports. They specifically sited poor scores for performance, billing, communication, customer service and reliability.

From the three sources, I bet you can clearly see that Frontier customer support is below average. Although ACSI claims that there are some improvements, the improvements are slight, and the number of people complaining is still high.

Frontier Pros

  • Offers a 24-month price Guarantee
  • The plans are affordable
  • Offers FiOS symmetric speed plans for massive file sharing
  • No contract options are available
  • Flexible packages
  • Broadband plans are available in rural areas
  • Cheap fiber plans

Frontier cons

  • Fiber Plans are not widely available
  • The plans are not as fast as those of the competitors

Frontier, best for Cheap but fast uploads

You will not find Frontier boosting their new plans. They have standardized all their plans meaning they only offer the same download and upload speeds in each plan. This is good news for businesses that require a lot of uploading, such as eCommerce sites and government offices.

If you’re lucky enough to establish your business in areas where Frontier Fiber services are available, then you are bound to receive some of the best Internet downloads and uploads. In most ISPs, the download speeds are slower than the Upload speeds. This is the case with standard connections such as DSL and cable.

Frontier Business Internet: Best for Businesses that handle large documents

If you’re in a business that offers B2B services, insurance business or in the education sector, you may be forced to go for the internet plans with high upload speeds. These businesses usually send large pitch documents to clients such as base press release distributors and recruitment papers. Such plans are also perfect for companies that conduct teleconferencing and other related tasks.

Most of the time, high-speed plans work perfectly well for B2B that manage large documents including scanned images such as law offices, realtors and immigration attorneys.

If you’re a Freelance Copywriter, you may want to choose Frontier Business Internet plans for their superb upload and download speeds.

All the above-stated businesses need ultra-fast upload speeds to get the work done seamlessly. Internet plans with upload speeds less than 30Mbps would not be ideal in this scenario. The main reason is these businesses usually upload large and uncompressed files that may take a lot of time. Freelancers that deliver their orders online and keep a strong upload and download relation from the buyer to the seller corner need such Internet speeds.

Frontier Business Internet: Perfect for Businesses that make lots of videos

I have come across a couple of businesses that make animated videos or those facilitating virtual events, especially during this covid-19 pandemic. Such companies require super-fast upload speeds and stable internet connections. I don’t know what would happen in case there’s an outage when you are just about to start your virtual concert. Won’t all of your plans go south?

Businesses operating from geographically dispersed offices may need video conferencing which can only be a reality with a consistent internet that has ultra-speed upload. Some of these companies include health care providers, restaurants and GYM chains.

Sales companies also want to keep all their employees connected and working towards a common goal. Marketing agencies equally need more reliable internet connections and high speeds to manage clients and employees.

Personal and business coaches mostly have to operate remotely and at the same time, provide the necessary support to their clients. Therefore, they inevitably require a reliable internet connection.

Frontier Business Internet: Perfect for businesses producing and distributing media online

Such kind of businesses will have to upload big files from time to time. The video is becoming the king in online marketing, and most companies maintain a steady upload culture. If you’re in this business, you can agree with me after saying you need super-fast Internet connections, especially when it comes to the upload speed.

How expensive is Frontier Business Internet?

Compared to many other ISPs in the US market, Frontier packages are affordable. The company also offers you several bundles that you can go for to save on your monthly utility bills. The prices for the internet only plans are split into four categories which are:

  • Standard High-speed plans
  • High-speed Business plans
  • Standard FiOS
  • FiOS for Business

Standard high-speed Internet

This company doesn’t disclose or guarantee upload speeds. They have only revealed the download speeds with each of them attracting a different price. Note that all the costs for these plans are guaranteed for 24 months. This leaves room for changes and adjustments in rates and download speeds. Here are some of their standard high-speed Internet plans and their prices;

  • Internet Core at $20/month and download speeds of 6Mbps. This is recommended for 1-2 devices and light use.
  • Internet Ultra 12Mbps which can work perfectly with 3-4 devices at $25 per month.
  • Internet Elite with 25Mbps at $35 per month. This is great for home businesses and several other uses in the house. It can connect to about six devices all at once.
  • Internet velocity comes with 115Mbps download speeds. This standard speed Frontier internet plan is perfect for small businesses that are established in areas where fiber optic is available. It competes with FiOS in speeds and is only $60/month.

I can deduce that the Frontier standard high-speed packages were designed for residential purposes. However, these packages are also suitable for most business operations, especially those with light internet uses.

High-speed internet plans

In these plans, Frontier has listed their upload and downloads speeds. With that in mind, you can expect that the prices will vary depending on the speeds and several other factors that can change within the business. Here are some of the Frontier high-speed internet plans;

  • Internet 12 with a download speed of 12Mbps and upload speeds of 1Mbps-I would recommend this package for standard file sharing, streaming and online banking.
  • Internet 25 with download speeds of 25Mbps and upload speed of 2Mbps. This plan is perfect for HD steaming, cloud-based solutions and point of sale software.
  • Internet 70 has download speeds of 70Mbps and upload speed of 3Mbps. This is recommended for office WIFI, VoIP phones, video conferencing and e-Commerce businesses.

Standard FiOS plans

Frontier doesn’t market these plans for the business. However, you can pick any of them for your small business and office operations. When you look at the speeds, it doesn’t take long to see that the plans are suitable for most tasks.

  • FiOS 50/50 with symmetric download and upload speeds of 50Mbps at $29.99/month. This plan is perfect for a regular internet user. Besides the fact that the download speed, in this case, is lower than that of some DSL plans, it’s important to note that it’s enough for most business operations.
  • FiOS 200/200 with download and upload speeds of 200Mbps at $39.99/month. This is for heavy streaming and video conferencing.
  • FiOS 500/500 has symmetric download and upload speeds of 50Mbps at $149.99 per month. This is suitable for almost all business operations and heavy internet use. It can be connected to more than eight devices all at once.

Business FiOS plans

For people with businesses that use internet frequently and those that need a constant and seamless connection, Frontier Business FiOS plans are the best. Here are some of the plans.

  • FiOS 75Mbps with symmetric download and upload speeds of 75Mbps. This comes to you at $79.99 per month. This is a perfect deal for video conferencing, digital phone systems and Wi-Fi network.
  • FiOS 100Mbps with download and upload speeds of 100Mbps at $95.99 per month. This plan is suggested for massive file sharing.
  • FiOS 200/200 at the cost of $114.99 per month. This plan is the best for business tools, software, high definition streaming and cloud apps and storage.

What you should know about Frontier

Besides the information shared above, there’s a lot more you should know about this company. First of all, there are several things that set Frontier aside from other major Internet service providers. These are some of the reasons why the company stands tall among its competitors;

  • No Limits, No data caps-I have not come across a single business owner who tolerates limits and data caps. No one really wants to incur additional charges after surpassing data caps and limits. The company offers unlimited business Data plans which means you can use the data as much as you want.
  • Network ready-Families and businesses enjoy the capability of keeping up with their favourite shows and stay connected with all the customers, family and friends.
  • Their customer support is comparatively better-I don’t want to say the Frontier Customer service will take the case and solve the issue at hand fast enough. Though, compared to some other ISPs such as SuddenLink and CenturyLink, Frontier customer service is better. They claim to have a ready team that you can count on but seeing is believing. We will find out.

Frontier Internet Rating

The company has received a couple of ratings and user comments from current and previous customers. Most of these reviews are available on the site and 3rd party review sites. Out of the reviews available online, about 43% of them were positive, while the remaining percentage was negative.

Poor customer service and less coverage top the list. Most people agree that the company’s customer support is not very helpful. They also said that the company doesn’t offer the advertised internet speeds in some areas.

Another person says that the internet connection was established in December 2019 and stopped working in 24 hours. He tried to contact the customer service all in vain. Had to wait for several days before the problem was rectified.

I have also come across some people complaining about reliability. One review left at the beginning the year says that the company has decent speeds, but their reliability is wanting. He continued to point out that his internet went out for weeks, and no one was willing to solve the issue quickly. Now imagine this happened to your business internet. Would you hold on for weeks without an internet connection?

The user continued to contact the company, and they said the same thing ”There is an Outage”. This went on for days, and the problem caused more damage than good.

On the other hand, there are groups of people with positive reviews. One person said that the company has great customer care. He explained that his internet was interrupted and he had to contact support for assistance. He efficiently managed to speak to a representative, and eventually, a solution was initiated.

The company has, over time, received mixed reviews from the customers. This is because most of the reviews are based on the issue at hand and personal experiences with the company.

If you spared enough time to check Frontier Customer reviews online, you would actually realize that the company offers useful internet, but their customer service is very disappointing. Some people think that the company’s technical support and customer service are the main reason why they disconnected the service and never considered this ISP even when it was the only service available.

Very few people complain about speed and reliability. However, some people are not amused, and this is a cause of worry. One of the reviewers did not receive the internet speeds he paid for. There are also several downtimes that cost his business noticeably.


Is Frontier Internet service any good?

People have come across all sorts of reviews about ISPs. For that reason, it’s imperative to know whether Frontier internet service is any good. The company has recently trimmed the options for internet users. Though even with this move there is still a variety of plans for your taking. The lucky users that live in places where Frontier Fiber is available, the fiber plans would be the best fit.

Is Frontier a good cable company?

The services offered by Frontier are decent. They are actually great for homes and businesses. The plans are fast and provide symmetric download and upload speeds. However, their customer service is weak and inconsistent.

How good is Frontier customer service?

Many users are not happy about the customer service. Majority of them agree that Frontier customer service is unresponsive, poor and inconsistent. This doesn’t mean your issues cannot be solved; they only can’t be solved on time.

Is Frontier Business Internet available in my place?

Frontier Business Internet is available to a wide range of areas. Just check their coverage map to be sure that the services are available in your locality.

Final verdict: Is Frontier a good Internet service provider

Just like other ISPs, Frontier has its upsides and downsides. Their plans are affordable and perfect for small, medium-sized businesses and large corporations. Given your internet needs, you can get Internet plans perfectly matching your upload and download needs. However, the fiber plans are limited to some big cities and towns. The customer care is also poor, insensitive and unpredictable.

Jill Burns
Jill Burns
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My internet and cable provider that shall not be named was raising my monthly bill. I later found out that there were were better discounts with no contracts. Now I'm only paying a fixed $92 dollars a month for cable and internet
John Hollaway
John Hollaway
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Without warning from the provider, I get a bill thats $30 more expensive than the last month. I had a word with the customer service about the constant drop outs My friend told me about your website Theme Scene and now im getting wifi for $29 per month
Marie Williams
Marie Williams
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If I called you earlier I would have saved myself 10 months of grief with my previous provider. Thank you

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