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Wireless vs WIFI – Updated Guide 2024

Which is better Wireless vs WIFI, and how do they compare in 2024?

Wireless internet and wifi review

Wireless internet, or simply put WiFi is what allows you to connect to your internet devices without having to make use of plugs. All that is required to use Wi-Fi is a modem and a wireless router.

Your modem first translates the internet signals from your internet service provider (ISP) before your WiFi network can begin to function, after which your router (wireless) distributes the connection over through airwaves to all Wi-Fi enabled devices you wish to connect to your network.

Wireless internet


There are a lot of awesome applications of Home Wi-Fi, but there are also advantages and disadvantages of using these wireless connections in the house. Below are some of the pros and cons of using a wireless connection in a house;

  • Compatibility – many devices do not have ports that support wired internet connections, such as tablets and cellphones. These devices cannot be connected to the internet except you make use of a wireless connection
  • Convenience – these wireless connections reduce the stress of having to look for cords to connect your devices to the internet. You can connect more devices to a wireless network than you can ever connect to a wired network
  • Range – talking about distance, a normal home router can have a wireless internet signal around homes of about 2,500 sq. ft. or more. There are also Wi-Fi extenders that can help boost the signals of Wi-Fi in cases of larger homes.
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Wireless internet is most suitable for connecting mobile devices that can perform light internet tasks and also stream in standard or high definition.


It is almost normal for anything that has an advantage to also have disadvantages. And wireless connections are no exceptions. These are the major disadvantages of using a wireless connection in a house.

  • Reliability – talking about reliability, wireless connections have been seen to be less reliable compared to wired connections. There are always cases of signal interference and occasional router malfunction problems, these can amount to a reduced Wi-Fi internet speed or drop down your connection entirely.
  • Security – using WiFi exposes your connection to hackers to connect to your WIFI modem. The best way to curb this is by protecting your Wi-Fi connection with passwords.
  • Reduced speeds – wireless connections reduce the real speed of your internet connection. It depends on your connection’s strength, wifi dongle, signal quality and your WiFi equipment, even your proximity matters.

Why choose a wired connection over wireless WIFI Internet?

There are many things we do at home that are best done with wired connections. Such playing game consoles, downloading movies on Netflix, Youtube, web streaming and the use of smart TVs and desktop computers because these devices rely on high amounts of bandwidth and reliability.

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Also, you do not move these devices around everywhere you go, so using a wireless connection will look extremely weird as it is not necessary.

What Companies offer good deals on home WiFi?

Home WiFi can be gotten from almost every internet provider. Wireless internet is also provided at almost every internet service provider at little or no cost at all.

There is certain equipment that is required when setting up a wireless internet connection, and this equipment might cost a lot of money. Here below are some of the best Wi-Fi in the U.S

The best wireless internet providers for home Wi-Fi

  • AT&T – Stellar customer service
  • CenturyLink – Price-lock guarantee
  • Charter Spectrum – Contract buyout offer
  • Cox – Plan variety
  • Frontier Communications – No-contract plan options
  • Verizon Fios – Unlimited data
  • Xfinity – Fastest top speed

How to choose a wireless internet provider in your area

Wi-Fi is probably the most convenient means to connect to the internet, so it is very important to take pain in finding the very best internet service and provider for your home. The following factors should be at the back of your mind if you wish to get wireless internet for your home.

  • Data usage and online activities – your internet usage is very important to you as it determines your download speeds and all data allowances you will need. You should know that the heavier your activity, the faster your internet speeds needs and more data you will need more than an average or minimal wireless user.
  • Internet upload speeds – A lot of WiFi providers tend to advertise high download speeds just because of the knowledge that the average internet user downloads and streams are a lot more than they make uploads.
  • The number of devices connected at the san – it is also helpful to know that the greater number of devices you have connected to your WiFi affects your network speed. The more wireless internet speeds and bandwidth, the more devices you can connect to the router without lagging.
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What equipment do I need to get home Wi-Fi internet?

It is safe to know that most internet providers do not include modem and router costs when charging for internet costs, so they are extra costs.

  • Router – routers take the connection from your modem and relay the signals to your devices
  • Modem – modems receive internet connection from your internet provider and connects to other devices through ethernet cables. Modems do not transmit Wi-Fi signals through the house.
  • Wi-Fi extenders – this is optional equipment. It helps in boosting your Wi-Fi signal so you can get a stronger signal through AT&T – Stellar customer service

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