Best Sports Streaming websites review

Top 4 Free Sports Streaming Sites – Premium Live Matches

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In the world today, there is no doubt that streaming has successfully taken over traditional ways of viewing main events.

The world of sports streaming has become more popular, and since the inception of sport streaming services, many platforms have since risen in popularity thanks to their low barrier to entry services that in this case are free sports streaming services online with no additional TV antennas or satellite dishes or subscriptions.

The only requirement is that you have high-speed internet to facilitate a seamless viewer experience.

Fortunately, we have found a few sports streaming platforms that are 100% free and maybe a few that you may have been using that you didn’t know that streamed live sports games.

Although, the only limitation that you may not be able to watch every game, rewind or watch on-demand main events,  but they do offer a lot of interesting sports events that will surely catch your interest, and best of all, its all for free! and 100% legal.

Facebook Live Video

Sounds familiar, right? Yes, you guess right! Facebook offers free streaming services too. They have decided to opt into providing free streaming users to extend their stay on the Facebook app. The Facebook watch allows you to stream almost all of MLB games, along with all the highlights in case you missed the actual actions.

You can find user-hosted streams every time on this service by going to with your account logged in on your computer. You can choose to search for the specific game you wish to see or click on SEE ALL in the LIVE section to see all the live streams available at the moment.


Out of the free streaming sites available for sports fans, Locast remains one of the best. It is a TV antenna for the new era of streaming. It brings almost every local channel to your screen, and yes, for free! It makes four of the most essential sports channels available to sports fans for free. These channels are; ABC, CBS, FOX, an NBC.

These four channels are the ones that cover the major events, especially the world series, NBA finals, NFL playoffs, and almost all of Stanley Cup finals. The NFL also broadcasts every game on local channels aside from the Monday Night Football.

You might not need other free streaming sites if you are a casual football fan, as these four channels might cover all that you need. The only limitation of Locast is that it is only restricted to 16 U.S cities, but not to worry, new cities are being added regularly.
These are the cities that Locast is currently aired in;

Amazon Prime Video

There is an actual benefit of using Amazon Prime that most users are not aware of, and this is the ability to stream live sports. Although this service is not entirely free, Amazon Prime requires an annual subscription of $199, but you can get access to additional sports streaming channels that are free.

Thursday Night Football was introduced to Prime TV around September 2019 to mid-December. After this, Amazon announced that it would be airing 20 live premier league matches during the 2019/20 season.

So, after knowing the free sports streaming platforms, it might be better to know that you cannot just stream a live sports event with any sort of network speed. There are certain thresholds your network connection has to reach before you can enjoy a streaming service.

Pluto TV

This is a free streaming site that offers free live college football, basketball, surfing, wrestling, and kickboxing. This platform, however, does not offer a lot of live sports streaming, but it has a lot of sports new programs to offer. Its FOX sports channels relay FS1’s content with 24/7 coverage of the day’s sports stories to its users. It’s MLS TV also relays premium soccer contents, highlights, classic matches and much more exclusively from the U.S soccer league.

Pluto TV does not offer much when it comes to living matches as it is restricted to more niche sports like surfing, kickboxing, and wrestling. All of these sports have their dedicated channels on the platform.

Free Sports Streaming Sites

Frequently asked questions about streaming free sports

What internet speed do I need to stream live sports?

An internet download speed of about 5 Mbps is recommended to stream live sports in high definition. Although it might not be extra clear as some persons might want it. If you want a clearer version, you might want to consider streaming at a speed of about 120 Mbps, but you need to know that you will need higher speeds if there are numerous devices connected to your router at once.

Can I get in trouble for streaming sports?

Over the years, there have been arguments over this particular question, and it seems that there might be no prosecution against anyone streaming illegally. But that is not a go-ahead for you to start streaming. There might be no prosecution for streaming, but then there are chances that your device can get exposed to viruses while streaming. According to research, about one-third of illegal streaming sites expose users to malware.


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